MASN blasts Time Warner for adding the Big 10 Network

In case you haven’t noticed, Time Warner Cable recently added the Big Ten Network.

The folks at MASN noticed and fired off this press release.

Last week your cable company, Time Warner, did something they have refused to do for months:
They added a sports network to their cable lineup.
But did they turn on the local network for Major League Baseball, local college football and basketball, and other North Carolina sports programming?
Time Warner cut a deal with the Big 10 Network, home of Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin collegiate sports.  
But while Time Warner is now televising Big Ten volleyball, they continue to black out MASN, home of 320 Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles baseball games, as well as dozens of North Carolina football and basketball games, featuring Davidson, UNC Charlotte, UNC Wilmington, Appalachian State and NC State.
Your neighbors with DirecTV or Dish already get to watch MASN and more than 500 live, local sporting events annually. In fact, 5 other cable and satellite operators in North Carolina carry MASN to more than 800,000 fellow Tarheels.
But Time Warner refuses to carry MASN, despite the fact that not one but two federal arbitrators have ordered Time Warner to carry MASN.

So if you’d rather watch the Davidson Wildcats than the Minnesota Golden Gophers, then click here to send a message to Time Warner and your local elected officials to get MASN.
Time Warner has taken away the national pastime for another season, but with your help and your voice, they will get the message.

Good for MASN. Time Warner has lost every ruling that has come down the pipe and they continue to deny us not one but two of our home teams. I switched to DirecTV a couple of years ago to get MASN and have helped other Orioles fans do the same.