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More from last night’s Ragsdale-SEG game

Here’s a little piece from one of the blogs below, so just in case you missed it, here it is up at the top of the front page, and you get to enjoy another AD blast from the past classic…..

+++++The numbers coming out of the Southeast Guilford press box on the players that got ejected were #5 Alex Harrison and #51 Patrick Grimm for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and #21 Darius McQueen from Ragsdale. Normally with this type of Ejection the players will have to sit out their next two ball games but the suspensions can be appealed.

I can identify with this situation to some extent. I(Andy Durham), was kicked out of the Southeast Guilford-Western Guilford game my senior in HS. I was playing defense for WG and the SEG players were using a double-team blocking technique and I threw them both to the ground and they didn’t like it, so I just started kicking them both in the head. The ref threw all three of us out of the game, but it was late in the game.

Needless to say the WG coach at the time, Doug Henderson, wasn’t too happy and it was our homecoming game, but we did win it 17-14 over those SEG Falcons. I just told the coach it was a good move on my part, I took out two of their guys and we only lost one. Back in those days you didn’t receive a two-game suspension you received another tomahawk sticker for your helmet and were given defensive player-of-the-week honors.

Boy the times have changed. Next thing you know they’ll be putting skirts on those quarterbacks(an old saying from the glory daze).+++++

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  1. Hi, I have just discovered your site.

    I was curious as to how someone may get an artile posted on here? I have an interst in area lacrosse and now that the NCHSAA may scantion the sport in 2010 I thought it may get some mentions on here?


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