What a game it was with Ragsdale over SEG in the Tuesday morning rewind

The games with Ragsdale and Southeast Guilford are some of the best around and the best-ever in football and baseball and last night’s battle at Southeast was no exception. Lee has the run-down and I also want to include some of the report on the game from the News and Record.

With last night’s game and with the new conference set-ups coming next season with conference realignment, will this be the LAST Southeast-Ragsdale football game that we will see for awhile? Ragsdale/SEG in football and in baseball has become one of the best rivalries in the state of North Carolina. SEG is going 4-A next year and so is Ragsdale but they look to be heading into different conferences…..SEG with Grimsley, Page, Dudley, Smith and Southern Alamance and Ragsdale with SWG, HPC, Glenn and others.

Maybe a non-conference game?????

Here’s Lee’s report and then the N&R update and what do you think was there holding on the 4th and goal pass play from the SEG 11-yard line that tied the game at 6-6?

Lee said:
The hype leading up to this game met expectations as Ragsdale won a tight game over SE Guilford, 7-6.

I missed part of the 1st half but it was a defensive struggle. Ragsdale struggled to move the ball as Romer did not have his best half plus he spent a good part of it on his back as he did not have a lot of time back there. SE Guilford could not move the ball either but what they could do was block punts. SEG blocked 2 punts in the first half. The 1st led to no points as the Ragsdale D stiffened however the 2nd block was recovered in the end zone and led to a 6-0 lead for SEG at the half. I’m not positive but I think Brian Webb blocked both punts. Ragsdale was just not able to get the punt off. The timing may have been a little off as Redfern had to be at a soccer game, so DeSean Anderson returned to action as a punter.

Ragsdale kicked off in the 2nd half and held SEG after a 1st down or 2. However that was not before back up kicker Ryan Wall made a tackle on the SEG return man just over mid-field. Big play by Wall as he was the last man and prevented a possible TD by SEG. Ragsdale took over on their 20 and drove right down the field but the drive stalled around the SEG 20. Strong running combined with 2 completions and two 5 yard penalties helped Ragsdale. On 3rd down and 7 near the SEG 20 Romer had a wide open Nick Mearite on an out and up however a SEG made a good play and hit Romer’s arm. On 4th down Romer and Mearite were unable to hook up and Ragsdale turned the ball over on downs.

SEG took over and moved the ball for a couple of 1st downs but more than anything they ran the clock. After an exchange of punts and following a wide right field goal attempt by Topps from 35 yards out Ragsdale took over 80 yards from pay dirt with 5:02 remaining. Romer started with 2 completions to TE Jenkins. Sonricker caught 2 passes as well as Mearite. Ragsdale moved the ball down to the SEG 9 yard line for a 1st and goal with just over 2 minutes. A running play netted 2 yards but burned some clock. Romer was sacked on 2nd for a loss of 4 yards due to excellent coverage by the SEG D. On 3rd down Romer over threw Anderson in the back of the end zone. After a TO Romer took the snap and rolled right and found Mearite for the TD. PAT was good.

Ragsdale kicked off and Redfern was able to get away from the soccer game just in time for 1 significant play. He kicked the ball on the kickoff out of the end zone to put SEG on the 20 yard line. Topps ran a couple of times for 8 yards as everyone was covered. With 34 seconds Topps was able to pick up a 1st down to the SEG 36. However from there SEG had 2 incompletions. On 3rd down Ragsdale had a big sack by Ashworth and an intentional grounding on Topps. On 4th and about 30 Topps was sacked again, this time by Dan McNeill and Neal Jones. However Topps came up frustrated and several SEG players left the bench. 2 SEG boys were disqualified as well as 1 Ragsdale player. The players were separated and the ball was turned over with 8 seconds and Ragsdale let the clock run out.

Keys to the game. SEG made good use of two blocked punts. SEG blocked well getting a good push all night. Ragsdale O struggled in the 1st half however the O-line gave Romer time and created a few lanes in the 2nd half. Topps was as quick as advertised but was contained all night. Ragsdale D played very well but the DT’s played very well and the EE’s were able to get pressure all night on Topps, especially late and that was with rushing only 3. Ragsdale played 4 LB’s a lot to utilize speed and it paid off containing Topps.

It should be noted that the gifted Tivon Clark did not dress for SEG. He was on the sidelines but not in uniform. That’s a tough dimension to lose. Ragsdale continued to struggle with depth as fullback Ed (Rat) Ross came in to play DE for the 1st time ever. He promptly batted down a pass on 3rd down on the final drive by SEG. Back up kicker Ryan Wall made a big play for Ragsdale as was the last man back to make a tackle on a KO return. Same old story for Ragsdale. No superstars, no heros, just a bunch of kids playing hard together to defeat a talented SEG.

from Tom Keller at the N&R:
As Ragsdale celebrated, Southeast head coach Fritz Hessenthaler and his staff erupted from the sideline in search of a holding call after a Falcons lineman finished the play on the turf. After the game, Hessenthaler chased after the officiating crew as it ran off the field.

“I saw their quarterback, for some reason – and I’ve got a good defensive line – he had all day to throw the ball. Very questionable,” said Hessenthaler, whose team fell to 3-2. “It’s hard to take, especially when (the official) was standing right there.”

“It’s hard when you play so well for so long,” Hessenthaler said, “and you have it taken away from you.”

*****Toughest week of the season for our picks. Went (4-4) with four teams(Grimsley, Page, Northern, SWG) having open dates. The overall record now stands at (43-12) for the year.*****

In other action from last night:
Dudley 55, Rockingham County 6
Eastern Guilford 34, Cedar Ridge 21
Mount Tabor 29, Northwest Guilford 22(Paul Lambeth has the write-up)
Northeast Guilford 28, Western Guilford 14
West Montgomery 19, Southern Guilford 13
Burlington Williams 14, Burlington Cummings 11(Ogi Overman City Championship)
High Point Central 27, North Davidson 16

+++++The numbers coming out of the Southeast Guilford press box on the players that got ejected were #5 Alex Harrison and #51 Patrick Grimm for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and #21 Darius McQueen for Ragsdale. Normally with this type of Ejection the players will have to sit out their next ball games but the suspensions can be appealed. I can identify with this situation to some extent. I(Andy Durham) was kicked out of the Southeast Guilford-Western Guilford game my senior in HS. I was playing defense for WG and the SEG players were using a double-team blocking technique and I threw them both to the ground and they didn’t like it, so I just started kicking them both in the head. The ref threw all three of us out of the game, but it was late in the game. Needless to say the WG coach at the time, Doug Henderson, wasn’t too happy and it was our homecoming game but we did win it 17-14 over those SEG Falcons. I just told the coach it was a good move on my part, I took out two of their guys and we only lost one. Back in those days you didn’t receive a two-game suspension you received another tomahawk sticker for your helmet and were given defensive player-of-the-week honors. Boy the times have changed. Next thing you know they’ll be putting skirts on those quarterbacks(an old saying from the glory daze).+++++