Beat the Jock:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest

Week No. 5 rolls around and a couple of coaches have rolled out. We know more dismissals; a.k.a.-firings- will take place, but who and when. Usually the problem is that after the coach leaves, you still have the same sorry talent as before. Now every now and then a coaching change does get the players attention and they respond better, as in winning. Detroit will still lose this week. They haven’t fired their coach yet! That takes us to our first pick:

Chicago to win over the Matt Millenless Lions-same sorry talent here.

San Diego is playing like I thought they would. Miami can’t beat two playoff teams in succession can they? San Diego to win in sunny south Florida.

Green Bay’s QB is nicked up, but the Packers should still be good enough to win over Atlanta in Green Bay-back to back road games for the rookie QB Matt Ryan. Back to back losses.

The up and mostly down Seahawks head east to play the Giants. NY stays undefeated and wins over Seattle.

Tennessee is undefeated. Not after playing Baltimore, who hopefully can bounce back at home after the tough loss to Pittsburgh on Monday night. Baltimore to win.

Indy is struggling, but Houston is winless. Not after week 5- The Texans win over The Colts in Houston.

KC got their first win of the season last week, They get their 4th. loss this week to Carolina in Charlotte.

Washington surprised Dallas and the rest of the NFC last week. No surprises here-Philly wins at home.

Tampa Bay goes Rocky Mountain hiking….and loses to Denver in the city by the peaks.

How can you not pick Dallas over Cincinnati? It is so obvious it scares me, but Dallas is the pick.

OK, upset special of the week! Arizona to hand Buffalo it’s first loss. Let ’em fly Kurt!

Does New England have a team with heart? Yes, they go west and win over San Fran. It won’t be easy but a W on the road.

Pittsburgh won on Monday night in overtime. They lose in regulation to the Jags in Florida.

Minnesota is used to playing in a dome. They go road doming and win on the road over New Orleans in The Super Dome-and it still is SUPER after all these years and hurricanes.

The Picks Contest box is open and the winner will receive TWO FREE PIZZA BUFFETS PLUS DRINKS at CiCi’s Pizza and in this week’s tie-breaker we will stay with the Carolina Panthers in their home game with the Kansas City Chiefs. We need to know the Total Points scored in the Panthers-Chiefs game and last week with the Falcons in town the total was 33 in Carolina’s 24-9 win over Atlanta. This week we’re talking Panthers-Chiefs.