Names we need to remember from the Page-Grimsley series

The big game comes up again this Friday night and we will have Joe Barile writing this one up for us at the site from the Page camp and Paul Lambeth II will probably have plenty of Grimsley smack talk moving in for us from over on Westover Terrace up in a tall pine tree across from the campus. I’m sure Joe might have some bonus coverage for us on this contest throughout the cming week. If the truth be know Paul might be up in a Elm or Sycamore tree across from the Page campus trying to sneak in some practice peeks this week.

Many names from past games come up when they get ready to play this game each year and I feel cetain we will see many of the greats from the past over at Grimsley this Friday night. Some of the former greats won’t be able to make a showing, but just think what type of list you could come up with if you start compiling the names of those who slugged it out in this game over the years.

From Page you would have:Haywood Jeffries, Tripp Welborne, Keith Welborne, Todd Ellis, Todd Ellis’ brother whose name escapes me(It came to me last night on the jogging trail at Guilford College:Mark Ellis), Stafford Moser, Michael Brooks, Mack Jones, Remene Alston(RB #5 with the Oregon Ducks), DJ McNeil(RB now with Coastal Carolina), Larry Johnson(RB now with Greensboro College) Donald Moore Sr., Donald Moore Jr., Bob Via, Michael Via, Joe Barile(PagePirate44), Mike Sheley, Stefan Shepherd, Scotty the Wake Forest fan from the Lawndale Drive-In, Lee Rouson and many more……

From Grimsley you get Ethan Albright(long snapper for the Washington Redskins), Zach Maynard(QB at at Buffalo University), Jamaral Rease(LB at UNC-Pembroke), Matt Douglas(OL at Greensboro College), Lionel Shoffner(LB at Elon), Kelsey Stevens(TE out in California) Stuart Albright, Delton Hall, Reuben Davis, Mark Sugg, Mike Elkins, Rod Elkins, Jack Elkins, Jeff Smouse Jr.(Brian Smouse), Greg Franklin, Bernard Farrington, Brandon Anderson, Stefan Shepherd and many more……

Stefan Shepherd is still the only kid I can think of or have heard of that played for both teams, Page and Grimsley in the series, although I’m not sure about James Hinson Jr.

There’s bound to be plenty of more names that you can think of that we can add to this list….Current players excluded, they’ll be on next year’s compliation…..

I added Mark Ellis; the first name, it came to me late yesterday, Mark Sugg(BIG lineman who played at UNC), plus I got the Brian Smouse in place for Jeff Jr. and that one came to me late yesterday too. We had to get the Smouse’s in there somewhere. Remember the great N&R headline the year Grimsley won the playoff game versus Page back in the 80’s and it read, “The Smouse that Roared”. Grimsley won a field goal by either Kirk or Matt McGuinn and it might have come in OT.

We saw Jeff Dunn’s name come up in the comment box, what about Bobby Dunn, wasn’t he a Pirate QB too that later played at Appalachian? He now runs the Ford store over off of Bessemer Avenue….

We saw the name Chad Wright shining through with Carlos Doggett(RB at N.C. State) and wasn’t Wright also a pretty good basketball player at Page and didn’t he later line up at tight end at N.C. State?

The name of Phil Wise carries much history in Greensboro as he was that bruising back for Page and later lined up in starting backfield for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, until he blew his knee out. Wise later lined up outside and inside of many local nightclubs as the key Gate City bouncer, and then died just few years ago, and some say the hard life might have caught up with Phil Wise and maybe a few muscle enhancers could have contributed to the demise of Wise.

To me this is an interesting topic for blog conversation and who can we add to our list? Robert Lane(Grimsley RB/QB/LB) did go on to play at Georgetown, after being courted heavily by Wake Forest.