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Southeast Guilford finds the going rough in more ways than one in loss to Asheboro

special to GREENSBOROSports.com from Damon King:
It was a tough night for the Southeast Guilford Falcons. Southern Guilford Football and Southeast Football are linked in too many ways to put in this blog. Since Scotty Wayne’s death, it’s been anything but football as usual at Southeast. Scotty and Darren are friends and family to many of the Southeast Falcons. There’s been a huge Falcon presence at Scotty’s house this past week and a number of Falcon coaches and players were at Mount Zion for the funeral.

Things started out promising for the Falcons on Friday night. On the first Blue Comet possession. Tyrell Anderson, wearing number 23, in honor of his cousin Scotty Wayne, landed a big time hit on a Blue Comet receiver. Smallwood, Falcon Linebacker, returned the ball for about an 80 yard touchdown to put the Falcons on the board first.

On offense, the Falcon passing game was out of sync. Topps appeared to be trying too hard, but at least the Falcons made an effort to mix things up. This helped to open up holes for Alex Harrison, who could not be stopped in the first half. The Falcons and Blue Comets traded scores in what appeared to be a track meet in the first half. At half time the score was 24- 21 Blue Comets over Falcons.

The Falcons solved the penalty problems that plagued them the last two games. The problem was the Falcon defense was missing in action. The Blue Comets didn’t punt the ball in the first half. A Brian Webb interception in the end zone and the fumble caused by Tyrell Anderson stopped Blue Comet drives. The question at half time was could the Falcon offense match the Blue Comets touchdown for touchdown?

During the second half. The Falcon defense forced one Blue Comet punt and Brian Webb stopped another drive with an interception. Faglier, #5, for the Blue Comets, broke the game open after Falcon offense stalled in the 2nd half. I would have to run back the tape, but this kid had at least 200 plus yards and 4 touchdowns on the night. This Blue Comet team is the best team that Southeast has faced all year.

The Falcons only score of the 2nd half came on a Topps touchdown pass to Tyrell Anderson with less than 5 seconds on the clock. It was an emotional night for Anderson and the Falcons. He played most of the game favoring his right shoulder and he played both both ways. Each time he came to sideline, it was obvious he was in pain and could barely move his left arm. But on this night, he wasn’t leaving field. The kid just wanted to play for his cousin and friend.

When Anderon got into the endzone, he immediately dropped to a knee, pointed to sky, and then dropped his head in prayer. His teammates joined him in the endzone, not to celebrate, but to pay tribute to Scotty Wayne. Anderson was physically and emotionally spent. His teammates helped him to his feet and to the sidelines. As Topps kicked the extra point, many of the Falcon players were in tears. Coaches were hugging and holding players. Players were hugging and holding each other. They were grieving for there friend.

I will say this….I am more proud of what I saw out there on the football field and sideline in this loss than any victory this season.

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