Page @ Grimsley, 50th Anniversary of THE Greensboro Rivalry

This is the 50th year of this rivalry. W.H. Page High School was built in 1958.

–Last 5 years–

Last year, Page won the match up 24-23 with a touchdown in the last 2 minutes of the game with a pass from Will Newman to Eric Barnard.

In 2006, Grimsley won 21-10. Page was leading 10-7 going into the 4th quarter. Grimsley’s FB/LB Lionel Schoffner(now at Elon) scored 2 rushing TD’s in the 4th to pull out the win.

In 2005, State-title-game-bound Grimsley won 41-14. The Whirlie’s were huge favorites in this game, but once again it was very close in the 3rd quarter. Grimsley was up 20-14 before a Page interception in the end zone, which sparked the Grimsley assault, scoring 21 after that.

2004, This is the year the Pirates went 0-10. This was also the year that Grimsley really started to see their rebuilding work pay off. Page led for 47:57 of the 48:00 in the game. It was a very controversial officiating call at the end of the game that gave Grimsley a second chance at a FG. Grimsley missed the first one wide right and was flagged for a illegal procedure as time went out. But, they put 3 seconds back on the clock and Grimsley got another try and nailed it to win by 2, 23-21.

In 03, Page won 18-10. Page was the favorite going into this one with a pretty powerful team rolling into Jamieson Stadium, with QB Kevin Marshall, WR Brandon Copeland, and PR/KR Jermaine Pulliam. Page came into the game 5-1 and Grimsley 2-5.

These last 5 years have really showed that no matter what these teams records are going into the game, they both make sure they play their hardest football they have played all year.


Page (8-4) 24
Grimsley (5-7) 21

Page (7-4) 21
Grimsley (1-10) 0

Page (11-1) 35
Grimsley (2-8) 6

This years match up:

Grimsley started off the year looking very strong as they have normally looked the past 3-4 years. Beating Martinsville, Va. and Northern Durham with a combined total of 84-21. Since then the Whirlies have looked really nothing close to that rolling up 5 straight losses with a combined total of 23-167, but do keep in mind that three of those losses were without the starting QB. Grimsley’s game plan has been to play hard-nosed defense and keep the opposing teams offense off the field with their wing-t triple option formation that has been known to play ball control and eat up the clock. In the past couple of years they would have 7 to 8 almost 9 minute drives sometimes converting on multiple 3rd and 4th down and shorts. I haven’t seen the Whirlies play this year, but from what I’ve read about them, it seems that they are having trouble sustaining drives and they have been turning the ball over more then usual. Even though the Whirlies are 2-5, you can count on it that Coach Saunders will have the boys play one of there best games of the season so far against the Pirates. Last year they had somewhat of a passing threat with QB Zach Maynard. But another thing that I’ve noticed is that they only pass about 5 times a game on average, this year. I feel that they will need to open up the playbook a bit with the pass to contend with the pirates down the stretch. Key players for Grimsley will be, QB Josh Patterson, RB Layshawn Brown, DB James Scales, and LB Andre Oliver.

Page comes into the match up winning four of their seven by a combined total of 133-34, and losing three games to teams with a combined total record of 21-2, by a combined total of 84-99. The Pirate offensive attack features a dual threat QB in Will Newman in the shotgun spread formation. They like to play little dink and dunk passes and screens to open the run game. Just when you think they are going to run it, boom a 40 yard gainer through the air. The Page offense is pretty explosive when playing to there full potential. RB Perry Fryar has come to life and has looked very explosive these past couple of games out of the backfield and also in the flats, as well as bruiser Lenny Gordon getting some touches last week and scoring two touchdowns, these 2 guys are like thunder and lightning. The Page defensive front will be key on Friday, as Grimsley runs the ball close to 95% of a game. DE Gabe King (6’5 245), DT Tony Rustin, LB’s Chris Knight, John Spain, and Chase Johnson will need to have a good game to contribute to a Pirate victory. The Page Offensive line will also be very important too, opening up running lanes/holes for Fryar, Gordon, and Newman. But, also for the passing game, giving Newman time to find the open receivers. The Oline consists of, Chris Jasperse 6’4 270lbs, Russell Sineni 5’10 200lbs, Josh Johnson 6’2 210lbs, Will Fox 6’2 270lbs, and Aaron Ganoe 6’1 245lbs.

The Pirates are picked to win by a 14 point spread in Drew Pasteur’s Fantastic 50 power ratings. But, the game will be played tough by both teams, and the winner of this game would definitely have earned it the hard way.

Last year close to 12,000 people were in attendance at this game. The all time attendance record was 13,452 back in 1997.

7 thoughts on “Page @ Grimsley, 50th Anniversary of THE Greensboro Rivalry

  1. Does Lewis Newman, the Grimsley AD root for Grimsley or Page? Does he wear Red or Navy? Does he watch from the Grimsley side or the Page side? Talk about a conflict of intrest!

  2. Its kind of weird for him, I know he definetly roots for his son, but he doesn’t necessarily want Grimsley to lose either. I think he is actually neutral for this game. Just like all parents, you want to see your child excel in what they do on any playing field, so it puts him in a crazy situation, that I’m sure he handles with class.

  3. Coach Newman, Lewis Newman, used to be his son’s coach at Mendenhall and maybe in the Eastern Guilford area Rec Leagues so I know he has to be pulling for his son.

    Grimsley will still be there when Will is long gone on to college and I would think you’d have to pull for your blood and also wish the school you work for the best on all the other nights. In a way you are not workig for Grimsley you are working for the County and this is only one game out of the year.

    Lewis Newman ought to be able to pull for his son this Friday night and he probably will pulling more for his son to have a good and safe game than he will be pulling for Page. You got to go with the kid on this one night and it’s the senior season for Will too so you hope he has a huge game.

    Will Newman will be a major obstacle for the Whirlies but they have other problems too that are out of the AD’s control like getting the Whirlie offense into the end zone. The Whirlie offense has to come alive for them to have a chance and they can’t force their defense to be on the field all night again like it has been lately.

    Grimsley must get motivated but they can’t let their emotions get the best of them or penalties will contol the flow of this game and it won’t be pretty for the Whirlies. Page has the balance on offense and Grimsley has to get their offense rolling on a consitant basis.

  4. The real questions is what high school is Will Newman suppost to be going too? His father says he stands in the middle of the end zone. He never goes to football practices unless it is page week. Who knows who he really wants to win. He needs to move to the college level with his son so he can play at the next level.

  5. Originally posted by 5players:The real questions is what high school is Will Newman suppost to be going too?


  6. Nevermind the whirlie offense, the defense has only played well in only six quaters all year. This team needs alot of work. If I were Newman I would pull for my son.

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