Tony Romo Show a NO GO:He’s GONE for a month

IRVING, Texas – Losing two of the last three games is bad enough for the Dallas Cowboys.

Now things just got worse.

The beating quarterback Tony Romo took in Sunday’s 30-24 overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals will cost the Cowboys his services for likely a month, the sprained right fifth metacarpal he suffered on the first play of overtime turning out to be a broken finger.

For now, the Cowboys will go as is at the quarterback position, turning the 4-2 Cowboys over to veteran backup Brad Johnson, with third quarterback Brooks Bollinger serving as the No. 2 guy in Romo’s absence. Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips will update the situation at his 1:00 (CDT) Monday press conference carried live on

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, and certainly the Cowboys will canvass the league for any available candidates, but sensed desperation certainly would drive up the price if the Cowboys are even thinking about bringing in another quarterback for the time being.

*****Kind of makes you wonder if the Cowboys wish they still had the Carolina Panthers’ #2 QB Matt Moore? info from*****

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  1. I feel so bad for the Cowboys, and Cowboys fans everywhere.

    LOL _ Man, I didn’t think I could actually type that entire sentence! LOL

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