Football in Focus TONIGHT at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

We will be up and running again TONIGHT with our Football in Focus Show at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace and we will get it all started at 6pm……

It’s the big week of the Page-Grimsley Football Game and we will hit it hard and we will also focus on the unbeaten Eastern Guilford Wildcats and their HUGE game this Friday with unbeaten and #1 ranked Reidsville.

We will have Coach Scott Loosemore from Eastern and a couple of his players as well as Page Pirate players Will Newman and Chris Jasperse. Page Athletic Director Rusty Lee is set to join us and hopefully we will hear from Page PA man Rick Mosley.

We plan on having Coach Mark Saunders of Grimsley at Shane’s Rib Shack along with Whirlie Defensive Coordinator Brandon Anderson. Coach Saunders has been away from the team for a few days and Coach Anderson has been working the kids hard this week in anticipation of the big game with Page. We are also working to bring in Grimsley Athletic Director Lewis Newman and we hope to get his thoughts on the big game as the host AD and the father of the opposing QB Will Newman.

Paul Lambeth II will be in for Doug Cockman to talk ACC Football while Bruce Bullington and Doug take in the N.C. State-Florida State game in Raleigh. Big Jim Modlin will be on hand as always to talk about the NFL and he will have his picks as we break down the National Football League for another week.

That’s tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace near the Grimsley campus where we hope to light a fire as we get set for the BIG Grimsley-Page game coming up on Friday night. We may have some BIG announcements about about the game so be sure to tune in and check us out with video and audio LIVE here at the site……

*****Our Question of the Week:”What did you learn about Football from your mother”?????*****

4 thoughts on “Football in Focus TONIGHT at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

  1. I would like to know why Coach Sauders has been away a few days, and I would like AD Newmans thoughts on that subject.

  2. James what difference does it make if Coach Saunders was suspended or away to be with his wife? That should not be a focus, our focus should be on the football players and the remaining of the season. Coach Saunders was hired to do a job as head football coach, parents, the community and news reporters should allow him to do so! Somewhere down the line the focus has been lost and we are not looking at the fact the team is young, (4freshman,19sophmores) and not very experienced.

  3. Why Eric, are you using the excuse of them being young with ? Northern and Northeast are both young but they dont use that as an excuse. Saunders has gotten away for two years at cussing and degrading his players and they are not responding to him. That is why so many kids and parents are upset with him. I am a concerned parent, that wants my son to have a great education an also have fun playing football, that is not happening. Right now Grimsley High School is in disarray. You have an AD that really doesnt want to be at Grimsley or doesn’t have the school best interest in mind. I think CLEAN HOUSE AND START OVER OUR KIDS DESEVERE THAT MUCH, the AD, and Head Coach!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TARHEELS, If you’re a concerned parent why dont you man up and just say your name, dont hide behind a fake name. If you’re not pleased with the Coachs and AD look them in their face and tell them.

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