Trying to get ready for the Page-Grimsley football game

The big game is tomorrow night at Grimsley with the kickoff set for 7:30 and you just hope both teams will be ready to come in and have some fun and play some football. It is a certainty that the emotions will be running high for both squads and after last year’s 24-23 Page victory who knows what we can really expect to see this season.

You can be guaranteed that the crowd will be large to watch these two inter-city rivals go at it and as Joe Barile mentioned earlier this week in his blog, this will be the 50th edition of the Page-Grimsley football series.

There’s a ton of talk swirling around this morning about Grimsley and their program with Coach Saunders making the headlines of today’s N&R, but again you just hope for kids sake that they can have the chance to focus on football and enjoy the time of their life as they get set to play Page on Friday.

We plan to have Coach Saunders on our Football in Focus Show tonight and we will give him a chance to clear the air as the Whirlies prepare to play Page tomorrow night at Jamieson Stadium. Football in Focus should be busy with Eastern Guilford, Grimsley, Page and others on the program for tonight.

7 thoughts on “Trying to get ready for the Page-Grimsley football game

  1. Saunders is suspended for a week. He misses the game against HPC but he also misses Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday right before the BIG Page game. Interesting timing Newman. Does this have anything to do with the drunk parent that went after Coach Saunders and you (Newman) did nothing about!! Or is it that you want your son to win so bad that you will do anything to help? Bad timing my Dear Newman.

  2. Newman, Newman,Newman have you ever heard of KARMA! You allow a parent to assault your Coach (Saunders) many, many weeks ago that you do nothing about, it should have been you. Then it takes you 1mnth and 1/2 of whimpering to Anna Brady (former asst principle from Page) to suspend Saunders for the incident, which should never have happened. Are you and Brady just there for a placement and a check? Last year you where never once at a Grimsley football practice then the week of the Page game you show up for every practice. Then this year you go and have Saunders fired? Have you ever once thought about was goes around comes around? Chief you may want to remember that MO’Greene Superintendent for GCS just appointed Leigh Hebbard as the AD for the entire GCS School System and calls have been coming in like wildcats about you at Grimsley think about what you are doing. You have Coach “A” fired (baseball) and now Coach Saunders suspended, if you are not for the Whirlie Coaches go over to Page where your son is……Oh they wouldn’t have you! It’s been said that you do not live in the Page district, again you may want to think about what goes around comes around.

  3. Keith…

    Shut it!!! We are talking one swing pass from a backup quarterback…You act like there were 10 passes thrown in the 4th quarter…Hell, 10 passes weren’t thrown all game, so you can stop with the sportsmanship deal…

  4. No matter how each team is doing in the season both teams always show up for the Grimsley Page game. Even when Grimsley was awful in the early 2000’s the games were always close and competitive. I hope Grimsley gives Page a good game and that the Whirlies come out on top. Beating Page makes any season a successful one.

    Page Sucks

  5. GHSUNC, in the early 2000’s the games weren’t that competitive, like you said in your comment.

    Page (7-4) 21
    Grimsley (1-10) 0

    Page (11-1) 35
    Grimsley (2-8) 6

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