Trying to get ready for the Page-Grimsley football game

The big game is tomorrow night at Grimsley with the kickoff set for 7:30 and you just hope both teams will be ready to come in and have some fun and play some football. It is a certainty that the emotions will be running high for both squads and after last year’s 24-23 Page victory who knows what we can really expect to see this season.

You can be guaranteed that the crowd will be large to watch these two inter-city rivals go at it and as Joe Barile mentioned earlier this week in his blog, this will be the 50th edition of the Page-Grimsley football series.

There’s a ton of talk swirling around this morning about Grimsley and their program with Coach Saunders making the headlines of today’s N&R, but again you just hope for kids sake that they can have the chance to focus on football and enjoy the time of their life as they get set to play Page on Friday.

We plan to have Coach Saunders on our Football in Focus Show tonight and we will give him a chance to clear the air as the Whirlies prepare to play Page tomorrow night at Jamieson Stadium. Football in Focus should be busy with Eastern Guilford, Grimsley, Page and others on the program for tonight.