How Our Teams Match-up In The Playoffs

4AA Bracket

NW Guilford @ Richmond Senior : This will be a tough game for the Vikings. But, they can win it. Richmond County features a strong run defense and a lethal passing attack. Northwest Guilford, in my opinion, has there hands full. But, Richmond hasn’t played there best football this year. They have been turning the ball over a bit more this year then they have in the past. The Vikings will need to control the game with there rushing attack and limit there mistakes to a minimum, but they will also have to play opportunistic defense to get takeaways.
Here is a video of WR Lovell Joy of Richmond Co. during this years regular season games.

4A Bracket

High Point Central @ Page : This will be the two teams second game against each other in three weeks. So both teams know what they are going to see. Page won the first match up 45-14 is convincing fashion and controlled the game from the get-go. But, I suspect this game is going to be closer in score then the last. Page will need to put a early stop to the running game and put pressure on Bison QB Drew Adams. Central will need to contain Will Newman, he had 6 total touchdowns (4 rush, 2 pass), 2 weeks ago against the Bison.

3AA Bracket

South Central @ Dudley : This should be no test for Dudley. South Central is from the 4A/3A Coastal Conference. Two of the perennial powers from that conference, J.H. Rose and New Bern are both having down years (to their standards) and both of those teams beat South Central. Dudley should be able to win this one in the 1st half and rest their starters for the 2nd round.

Western Guilford @ Erwin Triton : Triton is one of those teams that is hard to gauge when it comes to how far do you think they will go in the playoffs. They have a relatively weak conference, but they won 8 of their last 9 games. This game will be close. Triton plays the wing-t and they will try to control the ball and slowly put up points. But, Western Guilford has a pretty explosive offense and can sometimes score on the first play of a possession. If Western can play great defense and create turnovers, they have a great shot at coming back to Greensboro with a win.

Southeast Guilford @ Ragsdale : Both teams have changed drastically since the first time they met. Both teams have made a few changes on the offensive side of the ball and both of them are rolling in to the playoffs. This game will be just as close as the first one, but you can count on more points being scored for both teams. It’s going to come down to which defense can make the most stops and which offense can make the fewest mistakes. Both teams want this win, equally as bad, but I’d have to say that SE Guilford has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I guess we will see on Friday night.

Wilson Hunt @ Northeast Guilford : If you look at the beginning of both teams season this year. They look similar. Northeast lost their first 4 games and Hunt lost their first 4 out of 5. Both teams have played better toward the end of the year. I think Northeast will have too much speed for Hunt in this match up. Look for the Rams to control the game with their defense and rushing attack.

3A Bracket

Western Alamance @ HP Andrews : W. Alamance will finally get starting QB Donald Britt back and this year when they haven’t played with him, the Warriors usually lost. But, when Britt is back there in charge of the offense, they won games. Same can be said for Andrews. Andrews still is without their starting QB. they are playing a freshman at QB who has played fairly well considering the circumstances. the injured QB was a senior, 3rd yr starter for the Red Raiders.. with him at QB, they were a legit top 10 team because of his arm and legs, without him they are average. This will still be a great ball game with loads of talent on both teams.

2AA Bracket

Eastern Guilford @ Northwood : The Wildcats have somewhat fallen off in the past 4 weeks. After winning 7 straight at the beginning of the year, they have dropped the last 4 games. Northwood has had a pretty good season, but once again, just like Erwin Triton, they have played a fairly easy schedule this year. So, even though the Chargers of Northwood looks like the favorite just because of seeding and record. Eastern Guilford can very well win this game, and maybe big.

North Pitt @ Southern Guilford : Once again, Southern Guilford has a good shot to win this game as well. North Pitt lost all of there games to better opponents and beat the teams they were supposed to beat. In this match up, Southern Guilford should be one of those “better” opponents.

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  1. This is the game for the Page Pirates to make a statement. While Central is reviewing what went wrong on Halloween, Page is reviewing how High Point Central got 14 points because the Pirates played a satisfying game, not a perfect game against the Bison. The Pirates have yet to put a goose egg (0) on the other side of the scoreboard. This may be the game. The Pirates just can’t enter Kirby Stadium over-confident. They need to just look at this game, perform at their best, and make a statement for the Pirate Postseason.

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