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NW vs. Richmond County football game postponed

Northwest Guilford’s first round state NCHSAA playoff game at Richmond County has been postponed until Saturday night at 7:30pm.

John Hughes – Friday – 10:10 AM EST

4 Comments on “NW vs. Richmond County football game postponed

  1. This is actually quite shocking to me.
    9 times out of 10 a playoff game isn’t postponed due to just rain or wet weather.
    Obviously dangerous weather like lightning, wind, etc. factors in. But as for just a downpour, I recall those playoff games from two or three years ago. That was the worst rain I can ever recall seeing on a Friday night, and nearly the whole state played in it. So if it’s just rain, they should be playing.

  2. This means I can check out the NW game. I’m yahoo mapping right now. Can u you say road trip? Soon, I’ll be relocating to Norway, so I need to get my high school football fix while I can.

  3. bah – postponing games. It’s a lose, lose, lose situation. It sucks for the schools because many have to travel early and may have to postpone/re-arrange last minute travel plans. It sucks because playoffs can bring in good gates, good crowds, good concessions and now that is wiped out.

    If they play in the rain tonight – the gate will suffer. Problem is the rain is supposed to be bad all day Saturday too – so the fields will be another day saturated plus they still play in a down pour. The gate will be even worse on a Saturday night with rain. And there is no guarantee the weather will be clear on Monday.

    Another problem is there may be thunderstorms tonight. You can play in the rain but not lightning. So some games may start tonight then get suspended because of lightning – meaning some teams may have to travel twice – meaning a double hit on travel costs.


  4. Mark,

    All valid points….Also, I never liked the Monday games because that’s less time for your body to heal before you have to strap on the pads and do it again. I played my Junior High and High School football in the midwest. We played no matter what (lightning excluded). Last year, we had one bad weekend. This year, it seems like rain has been an issue 50% of the time.

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