The debate continues:Who is the best HS football player in Guilford County? (Newman, Romer, Lewis or other)


Who is the best HS fooball player in Guilford County for 2008?????

Will Newan-Page, Tim Romer-Ragsdale, Ricky Lewis-Dudley, or other?????

Should we present the award to Scotty Wayne of Southern Guilford who was killed in the car crash earlier in the season????? Does other get the nod, such as Ricky Dowdy at High Point Central, Fred Overby at Dudley, Terrance Topps at Southeast Guilford, Keenan Allen at Northern Guilford, Cory McKenna at Western Guilford, Chris Neal at Dudley?????

Newman has 30 TD’s on the year, 17 passing and 13 rushing and Romer has thrown for 21 TD’s. We don’t have specifics on Lewis Jr., but he has led his team, the Dudley Panthers, to a record of (25-3) over the past two seasons with the 3-AA title last year and he was named the championship game MVP. Panthers (13-3) 2007, (12-0) 2008.

Who is the best?????