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The debate continues:Who is the best HS football player in Guilford County? (Newman, Romer, Lewis or other)


Who is the best HS fooball player in Guilford County for 2008?????

Will Newan-Page, Tim Romer-Ragsdale, Ricky Lewis-Dudley, or other?????

Should we present the award to Scotty Wayne of Southern Guilford who was killed in the car crash earlier in the season????? Does other get the nod, such as Ricky Dowdy at High Point Central, Fred Overby at Dudley, Terrance Topps at Southeast Guilford, Keenan Allen at Northern Guilford, Cory McKenna at Western Guilford, Chris Neal at Dudley?????

Newman has 30 TD’s on the year, 17 passing and 13 rushing and Romer has thrown for 21 TD’s. We don’t have specifics on Lewis Jr., but he has led his team, the Dudley Panthers, to a record of (25-3) over the past two seasons with the 3-AA title last year and he was named the championship game MVP. Panthers (13-3) 2007, (12-0) 2008.

Who is the best?????

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  1. I think the easy choice is Will Newman. His coaches coach to his strengths. He’s the best passer out there. However, I don’t think that’s the right answer. Ricky Lewis is a great runner playing QB. He provides great leadership, but I doubt he’s the best player on that team. I think if you asked him, he would agree that the award should be given to the Dudley O-line & D-line.

    If you have to give it to one guy……maybe you give it to the Dudley coaches and let them decide which lineman gets it. Maybe they have a battle royal after the state playoffs are over. I just think the lines or a lineman over there deserves this award.

  2. I’ll go with Will. The kid can flat out throw the ball. If he had some receivers with any size on them, I think his numbers would be much higher. With his speed, he can take it to the house from anywhere on the field.

  3. Who is the coach of the year?…..I think that’s a tough one.

    Some would argue that that honor would have to go Dudley’s Coach Davis. It’s easy to get comforable on top and Dudley hasn’t. Look at Dudley’s record for the past two seasons. If they win back to back State titles, it’s a lock. Dudley’s coaching staff would have to be rewarded with that honor.

    Some would argue that Coach Norwood over at Ragsdale has done more with less. If his team gets past Western Guilford and meets Dudley in round 3, that game could very well provide the evidence needed to answer my question. Does he have to win the game to get the honor or just make it competitive? His team has the talent to do both. Dudley is by no means guaranteed to beat a well coached and talented Ragsdale team.

  4. I’m not commenting on player of the year, because I don’t want to sound bias…Coach of the year would need to go to Norwood…I don’t think he had the same type of athletes as all other teams, but he and his coaching staff had them prepared to player better ball clubs week in and week out…Of course I felt like Page had the better ball club and better athletes but made way too many mistakes against Ragsdale that caused them to lose to them, but to the coaching staff’s credit over there they had them ready to play, as I am sure it was the same for pretty much the rest of their games…The players were well coached…That was evident…

  5. Personally I think it’s a little early to discuss the player of the year but it makes for a nice conversation. I’ll hold my choice since some are still playing. It’s a tough call. Newman definitely means the most to his team but not sure he is the best. Goes to show you how talented Dudley is that they have several kids being mentioned. Topps means a lot to his team but not like Newman to Page. It will probably come down to Newman, Lewis (or about 5-6 others from Dudley), Romer, McKenna, or Allen. Mostly whose team does the best is the way it will fall. Romer has done a good job managing the game plan week to week. His intelligence shows.

    As to coach of the year, I lean more toward coaching staff of the year and I feel very strongly it’s Norwood’s staff. Page Fan’s comments above are correct. Page probably had more athletes the day the game was played but Ragsdale executed a game plan. I don’t want to short sell the Ragsdale kids but there are no superstars on the team. The coaches did a lot with what they had. And this after losing your starting RB to grades, last years’s conference defensive player of the year runner-up to grades, a starting DE to a broken leg, starting safety to a broken ankle, and a couple of transfers. Obviously Steve Davis has to be mentioned but he has some wicked talent over there, and lots of it. You could make a case that he developed it. Coach at Northern has done a good job.

    Damon, thank you for the kind words toward the Ragsdale staff. It took the team a while to win your adulation but it is appreciated.

  6. Maybe we should also include Tony Washington of High Point Andrews and Matt Millisor from Page as key players in the voting.

    Daryl Brown of Southern Guilford should get votes for Coach of the Year for the job he did keeping his team together under extreme adversity.

  7. Even though I am a Page guy, I have seen most of every team play in the area this year, and can say this without bias.

    Will Newman is the best player in the area, hands down. He averages close to 200 rush yards per game and 150 pass yards. He also averages close to 3 touchdowns a game. But stats aside, he puts the Pirate team on his back when they are down during games. For example, In a close game with NW Guilford 2 weeks ago, Page was having a tough time scoring late in the game, and was down by a touchdown. Newman busted a 40 yard run and a 70 yard run to give the Pirates the lead. He scored 6 touchdowns total against HPC 3 weeks ago, and 3 this past week. He’s a monster, and he’s hard to stop for opposing defenses, even Dudley (174 pass yards, 51 rush, 3 passing touchdowns).

  8. If it wasn’t for Will Newman we’d still be in the playoffs. Without him out there last Friday we would still be practicing and then playing this Friday night.

    He sure whipped us bad two times over.

  9. 200 yards/game rushing for Newman? THat can’t be right. That would have him over 2000 on the season and near the top of the state rushng leaders.

    Don’t get me wrong – he is a great player and is a threat to rip off a long TD run every time he touches the ball – as he showed on that 73 yard TD run he had at the first of the Ragsdale game. Considering how good he is – Ragsdale really did a great job on him defensively. THat one long run was the only serious offense he could muster that night. Still – I’m glad that’s the last time Ragsdale has to face him.

  10. player of the year – I don’t have a clue. I haven’t seen enough of them to pick one. Romer has done a tremendous job at Ragsdale. Who would have ever thought this kid who played just a few snaps last year and split time two years ago on JV would have the kind of season he has had? 21 TDs? That’s quite an accomplishment on a team that doesn’t run a spread attack all the time. Even more than his passing is the way he has lead the team. He hasn’t made a lot of mistakes. He has a knack for side stepping the rush, stepping up and making a throw instead of just taking the sack or bolting on the run. He has shown incredible composure for a first year starter.

    But no way can you even single him out as the best player at Ragsdale. They are a true team in every sense of the word. They have two running backs (Smith and Thomasson) that have split carries all year. Either could be a 1,000 yard rusher if they got more carries – instead they do the job when called upon and are always ready. Romer has thrown TD passes to six different receivers. Mearite, Anderson, Jenkins, Sonricker, Miller – all could have a ton of catches if Romer had a favorite – instead they use all their weapons. A very underated offensive line (Williamson, Gable, Cobb, Fennison, Ritter, Cates) has done the job 12 times this year.

    On defense – you have to name about 18 players. Across the line – Jenkins, Ellison, McNeil, McCoy, Handford, Jones, Stevenson, Garner, Thomasson. Linebackers Sparks, Stone, Josh and Jon Ashworth. DBs – Mearite, Gilyard, Armwood, McQueen, Benjamin (not to mention Alston who would have been a fourth year starter if not for injury). Every player listed on that defense has made big plays this year. And most of them will be back next year.

    To say that one player on this Ragsdale team was “best” would diminish the excellence and effort that everyone has made. And I even left off fullback Edward “Rat” Ross and kicker Kasey Redfern – Redfern’s endzone kickoffs are a tremendous weapon and he is more than capable on PATs and FGs too.

    all that leads to the undoubtedly coach of the year in Tommy Norwood. He and his staff have done an excellent job this year. It’s a relatively young defense. They had to replace almost the entire offense. You can tell watching them how well prepared they are every game. They have kept egos in check (not that there are many) and most importantly done it the right way. Top to bottom I can’t imagine a staff with better coaches or better people. They make it easy to be a proud Ragsdale fan.

  11. Newman’s numbers are good but I’m not sure that he is at 4200 yards for total offense. 200 per game rushing-2400 and 150 per game passing-1800 to take him to 4200 yards total offense….

    If those numbers are accurate then he has to be the Player-of-the-Year in the state.

    Antwan Thorpe of Oxford Webb has over 1300 rushing and good numbers passing but he can’t top this.

    Good conversation…..

  12. Just checked on Antwan Thorpe at maxpreps.com and he now has 2100 yds. rushing and 1261 passing. 24 TD’s rushing and 11 passing TD’s. 3361 Total yards offense and 35 TD’s responsibility….

    Rashd Parker, RB-Wilson Fike, that the Dudley Panthers will face on Friday night has 1574 yards on the ground and has scored 23 TD’s.

    QB Cory McKenna of Western Guilford is at 2,184 yards passing with 14TD’s. Tim Romer from Ragsdale is at 1237 yards and 21TD’s. RB Brandon Easter of WG is at 1067 yards rushing with 9 touchdowns and D’onovan Smith from Ragsdale is at 980 yards and also 9TD’s.

    The Player-of-the-Year should probably go the man who takes his team to the title and we still have Newman, Romer, Lewis, Washington, McKenna, and others still out there.

    When you look at Page now at (8-4), for conservation sake they could just about be that (12-0) team and they would be our top story. The way it is we have plenty to talk about with Ragsdale, Western, Dudley, Page, NEG and HPA still in the race. We need to get those WG and Dudley people talking here….

    Page drops the Ragsdale game by a TD, 21-14, Dudley is one TD game at 28-21, Davie County is a one-pointer at 50-49 and then East Forsyth pulls out a 9-7 win over the Pirates. Four losses by 17 points or this would be Page running the show and rightfully so because they are a marque program and Dudley is becoming one and Ragsdale has been there and they are back again with what Kirk had up here yesterday, the 10 wins per season over the last 11 years, that’s tradition right there at 110 wins over that time frame.

    Player-of-the-Year????? There has been a very good arguement for Will Newman and can anyone top what we have been hearing. Those 30 TD’S, rushing/passing combined look pretty good and you have to think Page can knock off Fayetteville Westover this Friday night and then it could well be Mount Tabor and Hunter Furr next at Tabor, the Spartans are the #1 seed in the 4-A West.

    Tim Romer takes out Western Guilford and then goes into Tarpley Stadium and takes out Dudley then he trumps Newman if Page falls to Mount Tabor. If Dudley goes (16-0) and Ricky Lewis has a game like he did in the 3-AA Championship Game last year then Lewis gets it.

    We will know more by 10pm Friday night, but if we had to present the award today, don’t you think Will Newman is walking up here and taking home the ham. In honor of Andy Dur-HAM…….

  13. Newman definitely means a lot to his team. But I imagine McKenna does also however I have not seen him play. Just on film.

  14. I do not think that Player of the year should be based on who wins the state championship. Just because Dudley has a better team overall does not automatically mean that Ricky Lewis Jr is a better player.

  15. I think some of you guys need to go check out Dudley very closely before you make a pick. I’m looking at who is the best athlete, best player. Not who means the most to there team. Andy is correct that Tony Washington at Andrews should be considered.

  16. There’s one thing that we are over looking. Who makes the whole team better? Also some of the others mentioned may have bigger numbers than Lewis, but you also have to consider their strength of schedule. That should be the tale of the tape. My vote is for Lewis Jr. hands down because of the teams he has faced weekly.

  17. Good point Ron. Page has some other good players but I don’t think Page is anywhere near as good without Newman. To your point, it’s hard to tell how much better Lewis makes his teammates. hard to telll that about any of the players mentioned. But a good point to discuss. I can’t make a pick. If I pick a Ragsdale guy (Romer) some will say I’m just picking our kid. If I don’t pick him some will say how could I not pick him. So I won’t make a pick.

  18. Ron,

    I disagree with your opinion where you think Dudley had a tough schedule…They may have faced some tough opponents, but their schedule didn’t compare to Page’s schedule…I realize that Dudley blew out a lot of competitors based on a purely talented team that they have, but they didn’t have that hard of a schedule…Just for the sake of argument, there were only two teams that Page faced that didn’t make the playoffs…Dudley, Ragsdale, RJ Reynolds, NEG, and East Forsyth were on the Page schedule and are still alive in the playoffs…Granted Carver, Western Guilford, Richmond County, and Page were on Dudley’s schedule and are still alive in the playoffs, but having Morehead, Smith, Rockingham County, and Bartlett-Yancy are hardly teams to consider as a tough schedule…I’m sure that Rickly and company were able to pad their stats a little during these games…

  19. The one factor you are forgetting is the biggest question. If you ask the question who means the most to their team? Will Newman! Without him not much at Page. If he had half of all the dropped passes this year his numbers would be incredible. Last game when he was out for two series they had -22 yards of offense. You see what happened when he returned while injured. He was also injured for all of the NW game (turf toe ). Second questions? Stats – Who has the most? Will Newman. He actually has 33 TDs, over 3000 total, just at 1200 yards rushing. Last question is how would each team do without there star. I think we know the answer. Dudley would survive and Page would not. By the way ask Page why they don;t report Will Newman;s stats to ncprep?

  20. Don’t get caught up in stats not being reported to NCPreps or Maxpreps. Half the time they’re not accurate and it takes the focus away from the team. Anybody that really needs to know a players stats can find out. Stats can be misleading anyway.

  21. Ron, Dudley’s strength of schedule is a joke. Carver, Richmond, and Page are the only teams that tested them this year. Very weak schedule for Dudley. I don’t know if you follow High School Football, but everyone know that teams like Rockingham County, Bartlett Yancey and Morehead are usually always pretty horrible.

    #5 Dudley (11-0) 137.3
    #3 of 98 in 3A, ADM 1603, Longitude 79.765
    Conf.: Triad 3A(6-0)
    Str-of-sched 0.567, #153 toughest overall, #54 in 3A
    Week 1: Won 20-13 H vs #9 Carver (9-2, 3A)
    Week 2: Won 19-14 A vs #29 Richmond County (7-3-1, 4A)
    Week 3: Won 40-0 A vs #151 Grimsley (3-8, 4A)
    Week 4: Won 36-0 H vs #298 Greensboro Smith (0-11, 4A)
    Week 5: Won 28-21 A vs #32 Page (7-4, 4A)
    Week 6: Won 55-6 H vs #296 Rockingham County (2-9, 3A)
    Week 7: Won 41-0 A vs #286 Bartlett Yancey (2-9, 3A)
    Week 8: Won 46-0 H vs #294 Eden Morehead (1-9, 3A)
    Week 9: Open date
    Week 10: Won 52-7 A vs #132 Northeast Guilford (5-6, 3A)
    Week 11: Won 48-0 A vs #100 Western Alamance (8-3, 3A)
    Week 12: Won 46-19 H vs #184 Western Guilford (6-5, 3A)
    Round 1: H vs #167 South Central (5-6, 3A) 99% W (30 pts)

    Compare that to Pages…

    #32 Page (7-4) 124.0
    #15 of 93 in 4A, ADM 1819, Longitude 79.786
    Conf.: Metro 4A(4-1)
    Str-of-sched 0.721, #42 toughest overall, #32 in 4A
    Week 1: Won 31-7 A vs #57 Winston-Salem Reynolds (6-5, 4A)
    Week 2: Won 36-7 A vs #132 Northeast Guilford (5-6, 3A)
    Week 3: Won 32-6 H vs #309 Southern Lee (1-9, 3A)
    Week 4: Lost 14-21 H vs #41 Ragsdale (11-0, 3A)
    Week 5: Lost 21-28 H vs #5 Dudley (11-0, 3A)
    Week 6: Open date
    Week 7: Lost 49-50 H vs #49 Davie County (7-4, 4A)
    Week 8: Won 34-14 A vs #298 Greensboro Smith (0-11, 4A)
    Week 9: Won 19-6 A vs #151 Grimsley (3-8, 4A)
    Week 10: Lost 7-9 H vs #25 East Forsyth (10-1, 4A)
    Week 11: Won 45-14 H vs #131 High Point Central (6-5, 4A)
    Week 12: Won 20-13 A vs #84 Northwest Guilford (6-5, 4A)
    Round 1: H vs #131 High Point Central (6-5, 4A) 89% W (17 pts)

  22. Joe, thanks for the update on Will Newman’s stats on the rushing. 125 yards per game is still very impressive especially for a QB. I would like to see some numbers on Ricky Lewis Jr. and see where he stands with his running totals versus Newman and where Lewis is across the board with all of his numbers for 2008. Hard to to top that (25-3) record over the past two years.

    Lewis is an excellent runner and a more than adequate passing quarterback and I do believe that Ricky and Will were both runningbacks in their earlier days of football.

    Many fans are starting to compare Newman to Armanti Edwards of Appalachian State with the running/passing package and maybe Ricky Lewis should be in that category too……..

    Are people leaning toward Newman versus Lewis Jr. for the Player-of-the-Year?????

  23. You are right you would have come and see this Dudley Team.
    Being a Dudley Graduate and also watching some of the Best Dudley teams in the 60’s
    when I was told that this might be the BEST Dudley football team ever I thought somebody was smoking something. After watching several games they might be right.
    I have not seen Ragsdale so I cant give an opinion one way or the other and Page the kid
    Newman is good but this Dudley team has several Newman’s.
    I would have to say if Dudley wins the State Championship the Player of the Year would have to be on this team.

  24. Don’t forget the Overby’s Fred and Rakeem at Dudley, one should get it and Tommy Pursley at Northeast needs consideration for Coach of the Year after the start the Rams had and with all the players they lost to graduation and transfer.

    If Northeast Guilford wins on the road this Friday then I say Pursley for the coach and still think the top player is somewhere at Dudley.

  25. KD

    Most of everyone knows that W. Alamance is down this year (to their standards) and they played Dudley without Donald Britt.

  26. Page fan and Joe all those teams you named that are still alive won’t be after this weekend. Wtih the exception of maybe East Forysth. All the teams you named from Dudley’s schedule will be alive including Western Guilford. Nuff said on that. I know you threw out the strength of schedule and that’s cute on paper. But when the rubber meets the road and you strap up, stats mean nothing. Dudley did beat all the 4a teams on their schedule. Can you say the same about Page with their 3a foes? Dudley also beat a defending state champ in WA and a very strong Carver team. What strong team has Page beaten this year? Talk about strength of schedule. Bottom line is don’t get caught up in stats. You can make stats say anything you want them to. They are just numbers. Like the reporting to NC Preps. Everyone knows it’s a joke it’s self reporting. Any good coach knows as well as i know on this level you always pad a kids stats. With that said and the strength of “actual games played against tough teams” not paper teams. My vote is still for Ricky Lewis Jr. To be the man you have to beat the man, and no one has done it thus far. 25-3 that’s sick. AS for your comment about the Britt kid at WA. I say it was perfect timing. Coach knew what he was doing by sitting him. He wanted him alive and in one piece for the playoffs. I don’t blame him. That Dudley D is fierce.

  27. Actually, that wasn’t the reason why they sat him on the bench. It was done for disciplinary reasons, and it wasn’t just against Dudley, he sat out for a couple of games. Also, most coaches don’t send in there players stats on NCPreps.com, good coaches don’t worry about that stuff. The people that send in the stats on those sites are either fans that get the stats off the newspaper, or the actual statistician that work for the schools.

    Player of the year isn’t for how well someone did last year combined with this year, its not about who won a championship last year either. Just like the heisman trophy winner, its not about who led there team to a championship this year, its the player with the best stats. period. And this year thats Will Newman, hands down.

    Oh and by the way Ron, I didn’t name any teams that are still alive in the playoffs, I don’t know what you are talking about.

  28. Joe that was for you and Page fan. Read the post up top and you will know what I’m talking about. I also know that most coaches don’t send in the stats of the players but some do. You pointed out that “stats on those sites are either fans that get the stats off the newspaper, or the actual statistician that work for the schools.” Here again like i stated you can make numbers do just about what you want them to do using different formulas. (i.e. strength of schedule) and if he is rushing for that many yards a game that tells me one thing. (this goes back to strength of schedule) It tells me that he’s playing against teams with no D. As for passing yards he must have some really good receivers. Wonder why we don’t hear much about them? They must each have at least 8 or 900 hundred yards in receptions. And if they are putting up those numbers then recruiters have to be beating down their doors. Bottom line is only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Bottom line is Lewis Jr walks the walk without the fan fare. No one disputs his numbers because everyone sees what he can do against tough comp. The Newman kid is mediocore at beast and would make a fine D-II player. In my opinion the Scarfone kid at Northern is just as good as Newman according to the stats. To Newman’s credit he did have a decent game against DHS.

  29. Ron I agree with you all the way, you know what you are talking about, Lewis Jr is the man this year and last year, if Newman were playing at Dudley they would have 3 or 4 losses just like Page, Lewis Jr will be in the title game again this year while Newman has to buy a ticket if he wants to go to the title game, LEWIS JR for MVP.

  30. This becomes in some ways similar to the debates involving Dan Marino and Joe Montana back in the 80’s when Marino would put up record-breaking numbers but Montana always had the numbers and the Super Bowl titles to go with them.

    Marino only made one Super Bowl appearance and he lost and I believe it was to Montana and the 49er’s.

    Who is remembered as the better QB? Most would say Montana because of the Super Bowl rings.

    If we removed both Newman and Lewis Jr.s from their team’s lineups how would the Pirates and Panthers fare? How much do they mean or how valuable are each of these young men to their respective teams????

    If Newman went down and he did in the Ragsdale game, then say he would have not returned at all this season, where would the Page Pirates be right now? Say the same thing happened to Lewis Jr. and Dudley? Would the Panthers still be rolling?????

    How valuable are these two men to the teams and in turn who would effect their teams the most with their absence????? Newman didn’t start the High Point Central game and it did effect the Pirates opening and early progress.

    This makes for a great debate and I for one, do like seeing the numbers at NCPreps.com and at MaxPreps because it gives us something to go by. Will’s numbers were up at NCPreps earlier in the year and I saw some Pirate defensive stats up there last week. I always see Western Guilford and Ragsdale at MaxPreps…….They may not all be exact numbers, but it’s still fun to track them.

    Is it down to Will Newman or Ricky Lewis Jr. or is it Ricky Lewis Jr. or Will Newman?

    It’s kind of crazy that in going back a few years Will used to be in the Eastern Guilford area and Lewis Jr. attended Kernodle before entering the Dudley Academy, if I’m not mistaken and then again I may be wrong and if so my apologies to all concerned.

    These seem to be the two top candidates, does everyone agree?????

  31. Ron,

    I realize that there were losses, but overall Dudley has a better team, so you can’t say that Ricky is the reason they beat everyone…As far as being cute on paper, well, your so beloved Dudley team was one team that Will did have a good game against…When I talk about the strength of schedule, I talk about the numbers that Will put over the course of the season against all of those teams…Yes, I wish they had amounted to wins, but they didn’t; however, he has still had a good season and carried the team in a lot of ways…Now, I didn’t say that Will was undefeated, but you and I know that its a team game and not an individual game, unless your mentality is that Ricky won all those games by himself…However, I know better…So, being “cute on paper” has nothing to do with anything…When you play little patsy teams like Dudley did, well, your stats tend to be inflated a little bit…Even though Page didn’t win every game, Will had to earn those stats and they weren’t just handed to him like what Ricky probably got in lets say, uh, a Bartlett-Yancy game or a Morehead game…Please…

  32. Originally posted by ron:and if he is rushing for that many yards a game that tells me one thing. It tells me that he’s playing against teams with no D. As for passing yards he must have some really good receivers. Wonder why we don’t hear much about them? They must each have at least 8 or 900 hundred yards in receptions. And if they are putting up those numbers then recruiters have to be beating down their doors. Bottom line is only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Bottom line is Lewis Jr walks the walk without the fan fare. No one disputs his numbers because everyone sees what he can do against tough comp. The Newman kid is mediocore at beast and would make a fine D-II player. In my opinion the Scarfone kid at Northern is just as good as Newman according to the stats. To Newman’s credit he did have a decent game against DHS.

    He is rushing for that many yards, because his line blocks for him, and he played RB all his life before high school. You can’t say its because its playing teams with no D, because Dudley plays teams like Morehead, Bartlet-Yancey, and Rockingham Co., talk about no D.
    As for the passing yards, Page does have some good receivers. But, they aren’t D1 skilled/sized receivers. They don’t have 800-900 yards a piece because Page spreads the ball around, in most games, Newman has receptions from 7 or 8 different receivers.. if you want me to list them all to you, I can. Colin Daly(WR/TE), Brad Workinger(WR/TE), Jeremy Collie(WR), Thuc Phan(Slot/RB), Perry Fryar(RB), Lenny Gordon(RB), DJ Caldwel(WR), Tim Clay (Slot/WR). Newman doesn’t just throw to 1 or 2 guys on the field. Which is why there isn’t just 1 or 2 receivers on the team with 800+ yards.

    Bottom line is, it seems like you are the only one disputing Newman’s stats because they seem to be better then Lewis Jr’s stats. Newman’s stats aren’t padded. He has 17 passing TDs and 13 rushing TDs.

    If Newman is mediocre at best, then Lewis Jr is mediocre too. Both are basically a RB at the QB position, Newman just throws the ball more. IMHO, both wouldn’t play QB at the next level. Both would make fine DBs though. Does Lewis Jr. even have offers from anywhere, if so, where?

    Oh yeah, and on the Scarfone note, he is maybe 5’9 160 lbs. soaking wet. Don’t get me started with Northern Guilford’s schedule either. if Dudley or Page played those teams, Newman and Lewis Jr. would both have over 50 TDs, 5000 yards. But hey, they are a first year school. We’ll see what happens next year without Allen.

  33. I would say johhny boykin is one of the reasons to ragsdales sucess he does alot of behind the scene dirty work and is a big part of ragsdales success this year

  34. Please don’t insult me or the Dudley fans talking about our schedule. Bottom line is we play whoever they put in front of us. We destroy the teams that we are supposed to and the ones we are not. And we destroy the teams that you are supposed to (i.e. Smith and that other Greesnboro team. So don’t ever try to discredit our schedule or conference. We still have still have 3 teams alive for the 2nd round and the metro have 2. After Friday they will have none and we will still have 3. So come next week you’ll eat those words about our schedule. Back to Lewis and Newman only time will tell who’s really the best. By time i mean Sch0larship offers. App has already offered Lewis as well as the Overby brothers. He has many options on the table from D-1’s and D-1aa. So we’ll see. That will be the answer to who’s the best player. Correct me if I’m wrong I think Lewis outplayed Newman when they met? Well I know that DHS walked away with the W and we’ll take that anyday. We still have a long way to go to repeat but I think i like my chances better with Lewis. How many Int’s do Newman have? Maybe that will bring clarity to who’s the best plaayer. You know what guys I don’t know how this turned into the Lewis and Newman show. Newman may not even be in the top 5 in the county. I hope Newman doesn’t read this blog. I do understand he is a kid, and kids can be fragile. No harm Will just my opinion. I do think you are a hellva player, just not the best in Guilford County. Hey guys believe me I understand stats very well. I’ve taking plenty of classes on them. They are a guide, but you still have to play the game. Cheers.

  35. There is another reason Lewis should be the MVP this has more to it than stats, there is a thing called leadership something Lewis seems to have more of than Newman because it looks like he is going to LEAD his team to another title this year, the main stat we should be talking about is 13-0 that says it all.

  36. I’ll go with johnny boykin like mike said and between Newman and Lewis i will take lewis newman. Make it a tie already they are near equal in what they do for their schools.

  37. I can not speak for East Forsyth, but for Page, our Pirates are ready for the Westover Wolverines from Fayetteville. To say that the Metro 4-A will have 0 teams after Friday is a joke. Page is a very tough team and had the potential to be 12-0. Right now, they seem to be playing like an undefeated team. And some of these people are right, Page played a tougher schedule than Dudley with losses to undefeated Dudley and Ragsdale and (10-1) East Forsyth. Davie Co. was a loss that shouldn’t have happened, but I want talk about that. Will Newman is a great QB and is one of the best QBs in the county. Don;t knock off Page because despite (8-4), Page is a very strong and competive team.

  38. Ron,

    You see, I think Ricky is an awesome talent, which you seem to have misunderstood…I’ll insult your schedule if I wish to…I realize Dudley can’t help who they have in their conference or who they had to play, the point is that it is the fact…Again, this is not the MVT (Most Valuable Team) award, so wins don’t necessary need to be the benchmark either…Ricky means a lot to Dudley, but I do not believe Ricky means everything to his team, and I feel that Dudley can insert any other quarterback that could run and throw a little and still be a good team…Dudley is as good as they are because of their defense and that awesome defensive line and not just because of Ricky…Ricky is a good player, but he is not the best player in the county…By the way, how many interceptions did Ricky throw against Page?..Again, he would have probably had more interceptions playing against better teams…Unfortuneately, we won’t get to know, since Dudley did play some weak teams…

  39. dudley may have a weak schedule but dudley is also a very scary team..If there is one team in Guilford County that I think can match up with them and give em a ride for there money it would Ragsdale and I am hoping for that match-up next friday night..If both ragsdale and dudley make it to next week does anyone no rather this game will be played at dudley or a bigger stadium?

  40. Ragsdale-Dudley would be played at Dudley in the Panther’s Tarpley Stadium and both teams would enter at (13-0).

    Would have the makings for one of the bigger games in Guilford County HS football history and the place would be packed……

  41. As I stated this Dudley Team has a lot of weapons .
    They are big ,fast ,and tough .
    They have kids that are good that are never mentioned.
    Remember this name Major Bryant this kid may be one of the best runners on offense
    and he will knock your jock off on defense.
    That is just one of the kids that have no mention this season there are several others.
    Believe me you have to see this team with your own eyes.

  42. I don’t know if that game (Ragsdale @ Dudley) would be played at Dudley. Thier stadium isn’t big enough for all those people.. you have to think that not only ragsdale and dudley fans would come out to that one, alot of people from all over the area would come out, I could see it being played at Jamieson.

  43. I think Dudley would want to keep the game at their house(Tarpley Stadium) and the County may be in line to get a cut if they were to move this game to Jamieson Stadium.

    With the playoffs the state(NCHSAA) is getting their cut, and if you have to give the County/Grimsley-Jamieson Stadium their cut, then you are cutting into your final cut off of the gate.

    That is one reason why they moved the Smith-Dudley game back on campus, so they could reap more end of the night profits and not have to pay an outside source to use their stadium. If the NCHSAA stepped in and said move the game then you would have to jump but I’m not really sure if the NCHSAA has that degree of power.

    I agree with RayGC on Major Bryant. We had him on the Football in Focus Show and he is a real good kid and a great player and only a junior. LB/TE/Kicker/Two-point conversion runner, he would be and is, a tough man to try and stop. Like a freight train headed down East Market Street.

  44. JOE,let’s go over a couple of your statements.1) Page’s S.O.S. would not be nearly as high if not for games against Dudley,Ragsdale & E.Forsyth(all loses) all wins were against teams that ended up 6-5 or worse.Average beating average.Dudley when faced with not as talented competiton took care of business wood shed style.So play Page was not a help to S.O.S.(2)Padding of stats what do you call Smith & Grimsley This year.Conference games just like BY,Rock Co,& Morehead.How many conference champions did you guys play and beat this year.Yet against common oppontents Dudley appears to be the better team even head to head Wil got his ,Ricky got his and the “W”.To be considered the best you have to be the best look at the record against the 4 best teams they played they lost. (3) Get started Allen is a junior he’ll beback at NG Scarfone is a good QB he has earned his stats just like Will and everyone else nobody wants to just lay down and get embarassed on the field.

  45. The topic is who is the best football player in the county.Not who is the most valuable or important to their team.The best players make average players look just that average.If you are a nataural runner then thats what you do(Lewis),if you are a passer you pass(Mckenna),if you are a tweener you do a little of both(newman).But how many players can play reciever,rb,db(every game) and qb if necessary.(Lala Brown & Kennan Allen)So if you saying this is not a team award these are two players who most be considered.

  46. TNEAL : on the Allen statement. I heard that when he commits to Alabama, they are going to want him to go to a Prep School down in Alabama next year for his Sr. year. Which is why I said “without Allen”. I know he is a Jr.

  47. It is a disgrace to even mention a Northern player in these discussions after the schedule they played this year, I know it was not their fault with there schedule but please do not even put a Northern player in the conversation, it is a joke that GS.com has them in their top 15 poll.

  48. For all you stat junkies. Here’s an interesting one for you.

    Corey McKenna – Western Guilford – 141 – 244 – 2,291 – 15 TDS*

    Will Newman – Page – 117 – 232 – 1,619 – 16 TDS
    Hmmmm. and you say Will is the best player in the county?
    Psssst Please!


  49. Wasn’t Keenan Allen supposed to declare to Alabama this week? That’s what I was hearing. Anybody out there know?

    In comparing Newman and McKeena we have to keep in mind Will’s ground numbers. McKeena has done a great job getting the ball to Hooks, Ridenhour, Jones and Owens but he has little if any yards rushing and Will has rushed for 13TD’s and has good yardage totals on the ground.

    Hopefully we can get the Ricky Leiws Jr. tots so we can continue the study of Will and RL II. RL II must have at least 1,200 yards rushing this year and his passing has been picking up since the NEG game.

  50. Hold up sportsfan are you saying you can’t be the best football player because of what school you attend.That also is dictated by your school district,I remember last year when K.Allen was at Grimsley he was a total terror that was on a team full of studs.So I too could say mentioning a player from Page is a joke.What have they done lately early exit for the playoffs.
    Again you miss the question “Best player”. (1)Who else in this conversation is supposed to have offers from top D-1 schools.Alabama or( App State,Delaware,ECU,Campbell) give me a break-the best school recruit the best players.No knock on any of these players but each should be judged on there ability/talent not their schedule because you have beat the man in front of you no matter who the might be.
    Its like this and let’s all be honest here :
    “IF YOUR TEAM IS NOT WINNING YOU ARE NOT EVEN BEING CONSIDERED”–because nobody cares if you are the best player on a losing team.So that being said a match between LEWIS & ROMER may be the answer.Both have already beating Newman and with a matchup between Dudley/Ragsdale both will have beaten McKenna.

    All MPO

  51. “All the teams you named from Dudley’s schedule will be alive including Western Guilford. Nuff said on that.” ron

    hey ron, I don’t think enuff was said. Come on back and say some more.

  52. “stat wise” Lewis outplayed all tonight. Sorry Will and Romer maybe next week. Not!

    Ricky Lewis ran for three scores and had 206 yards rushing to lead

  53. Linemen get no respect……..If this is the Newman vs. Lewis, Jr. debate than I think Newman is the better passer. I’ve seen Dudley play on two occasions this year. I must admit that I have only seen Newman once. You can’t just dismiss stats. That’s like calling Dan Marino an average QB. He has all the stats and no ring. Lewis, Jr. has and ring and is well on his way to another one, but that doesn’t make him the player of the year. He plays behind the best line in Guilford County!!!!Dudley’s best lineman is the Player of the Year. Now, If I could just get his name. Think about Will Newman playing behind Dudley’s line. His numbers would be better than Lewis, Jr’s.

  54. “Damon, thank you for the kind words toward the Ragsdale staff. It took the team a while to win your adulation but it is appreciated.” Posted by Kirk

    The Ragsdale staff and team have always had my respect and adulation. I thought Southeast was outcoached the 1st game….then outcoached and outplayed the second game. Your team won some close ball games this year on the road to 11-0. Standing tall in the face of adversity is the sign of a well coached and well disciplined team.


    Ragsdale’ O-line needs to bring their A game. I don’t see Ragsdale running for too many yards against Dudley, but how well the Tiger’s are able to protect Romer in the passing game could be the difference between a game for the ages and a blowout. I think the Tiger’s will protect Romer well enough to make this a game.

    Romer needs to stay calm and be sharp. If Dudley has a weakness, it’s in their secondary. The Tigers have receivers capable of exploiting the Panther secondary if Romer can get them the ball. You can’t throw TDs flat on your back.

    When the Tigers score and they will, Redfern needs to keep doing what he does. Has he failed to kick a ball into the end zone this year? Anyway, make Dudley go 80 yards to beat you.

    Ragsdale defense needs to play the game of their lives. You can bend, but don’t break. If the D-line can make plays and keep Dudley’s O-line off their linebackers, the Tiger defense has a shot at stopping the Dudley rushing attack. Tall order…Good luck with that one. The defense needs to make Lewis, Jr. beat em’ through the air.

    Ragsdale can’t afford to lose the turnover battle. Mistake free football is a must.

    Ragsdale has the coaching staff capable of implementing a successful game plan. I can guarantee you that even if they get beat, they won’t be outcoached.

  55. Damon,

    While I won’t diss on the OL from Page, I agree with your assessment that if Newman can’t get it because Page has lost four games by a combined total of 17 points (no blow outs even from Dudley), then I’d say that one of Dudley’s defensive linemen would deserve it…If anyone has seen Page on a regular basis, they would have seen tons of drops that has left lots of yards on the field including some TD’s that would have been added in for Newman…Some of these, especially the Ragsdale game, could have helped win the game…

    Question though…If I remember correctly, Tim Tebow won the Heisman race last year with about three or four losses on his record as well…So, team wins don’t need to be a criteria…Ricky benefits by a lot of talent around him…He may be a better runner than Newman, but he ain’t the better overall QB…I feel like I’m beating a dead horse on this issue with Ron…If this is about wins then forget it…If its about the best player in the area then Newman needs to be mentioned, as well as Ricky…However, Newman is the better all around QB…By the way, what is Ricky going to D-1 as? Possibly, an ATH, because it won’t be as a QB…If Newman doesn’t get it then find the best player on Dudley’s defensive line to give it too…Their DL is what makes them click and dominate anyway…

  56. After watching Newman last night, I’ll say he is the best QB in this area. He can do it all. He can throw the deep ball with accuracy and once he gets in the secondary on the ground, its to the house. His receivers have dropped way too many passes, which would increase his TD’s as well. He is the MVP.

  57. Page Fan,

    I completely agree with your statements. I in know way intended to diss the OL from Page….it’s just that the best DL and OL in Guilford County are at Dudley. It’s not even close. They are on another level. A good question would be….who on those lines is not a D-1 or D-1AA prospect? All of those kids will play on Saturday. I don’t think another program in Guilford County can say that. You are also correct about Ricky Lewis, Jr being recruited as an athlete. I have a friend that does some scouting/recruiting for a well known university who came out to see 3 kids along the line, Lewis, Jr., and another player whose name I can’t recall. He definely wasn’t the only scout out there. I counted about 5 at the Carver game.

  58. PLEASE, Will Newman is the man! And I confirmed it last night, you are wrong about his stats. He has 36 TD’s, 19 Pass and 17 on the ground after last night. There were two TD’s dropped in the game and another running TD that was called back because of a penalty. So if they counted all of them last night and he had some wideout s that didn’t drop the ball too often he would have had 6 TD’s last night. In addition, in the last 4 games he has had 12 TD’s. Last night he accounted for 261 yards of there offense and has been doing this all year. He has 6 ints.

  59. Page fan,
    your Tebow reference fails you.Tebow lost were against the better teams on theier schedeule the rest were blow out wins of lesser competition,and with the caliber of atheletes surrounding him at Florida you better have some huge numbers against lesser teams.Sounds alot like wahat you are knocking Lewis for..Except for the fact he has no loses .He also won the Heisman the year after he won the championship.Sounds like a double standard here.Hey if they cannot stop you running why pass.But the evidence is there that he can pass check out the game film from last year’s 3AA CHAMPIONSHIP GAME .Dudley also has suffered from dropped passes. Lewis stats could be far better but when you come out of the game in the 3rd qtr in a blowout its not needed.
    To be D-1 ath recruit is great that means they know you can play on that level rather being lock in a positition you will not play on the next level.Lewis started out as a rb and was moved to qb out of necessity.Newman has been groomed to play qb since his days with McLeansville peewees.Outside of last years conference titlr what has he won. I’ll give him the best Lacrosse player in the county but not FOOTBALL.
    you want to give it to Newman for all of his TDs but if he doen’t get you want to give it to the DL instead of Lewis when it was both that beat you @Page this year and last year.

    Let’s break down more of your arguements

    Passing yards are a combination of yards between a passer and receiver these stats are sometimes padded by run after the catch by receiver. So lets subtract yac yards for stat lovers

    Rushing yards are how far you run after you pass the line on scrimmage nothing added by another players ruuning(both require OL blocking)

    You also left out the fact that Lewis at one point in the season was responsible for the kicking duties at Dudley.

    We all have our opinion and they may all be biased for whatever reason.But if you are going to challenge an issue with facts research before you type.

    According to Page Fan’s statement about records not being that important.Should throw everyone back in the mix.incling Phan and Workinger from page they were catching the passes from Newman without them you take away alot of TDs from Newman.Tivon Clark @ S.E. he was their rushing attack.K.Allen @ NG he scored on S.T,Def & Off.Lashaun Brown @GHS he scored on S.T,Def & Off.All of these are considered to better players they just don’t touch the ball every offensive play.
    I love watching a good defense myself ….Give it to a defensive player but not just because Newman does not win it playing qb. because in my opinion ROMER is better than Newman as an overall qb…. Lewis/Romer..11/28/08 Tarpley Stadium

  60. tdnPHS,

    This just shows how much of a moron you are…Romer isn’t in the same class…He is a gritty QB who does a good job with Ragsdale, but he isn’t the better passer nor a better runner…So that was just a plain idiotic statement…And, I do my research there partner…I don’t give a crap if Tim Tebow won a championship the year before…He won a Heisman during a year he had several losses…So, I was comparing that losses shouldn’t be a factor if the player was playing great, so that was just stupid of you too…Lewis will be a good player in college, and I hope he does well…He benefits from a lot of great players too over there at Dudley…If you ever watch Newman, and granted his OL had done a solid job, but most of the runs he has are pretty fantastic runs where he is able to run past people or make them miss, so he does have some to do with the runs that he has…As far as Phan, Workinger, Collie, and Daly, who are all capable of doing great things after the catch, well, let me just say that someone has to get the ball to them…As far as Lewis passing, well, he threw two or three interceptions in the Page game, so you are right, why pass it when you turn it over…Is this enough research for you?..

  61. tisk tisk! with the name calling. Actually Romer has over 20 passing TD’s this year. That’s more than Newman I think? Ask yourself Page Fan which one would you rather have on your team? I’m rolling with the one that’s proven that he can win the big game.


  62. Page Fan,
    your last post shows that when faced with adversity you revert to name calling and negativity.I know more about all these players that are being discussed than you ever will. Because as your name implies you are strictly a Page fan.and not a true fan of high school athletics the only way you see others players is when they play against Page.There have been player of the year caliber players to leave Page and Will should get consideration but as a whole with all factors he does not compare to others.If you are the best player on an average team who gets the ball every down then yes you are going to shine.But when you stand out on a team full of good players then thats special.If I’m Will had 2 turnovers against Dudley and did not finish the game..Bruce McCoy the transfer from Dudley did

  63. tdnPHS,

    Well aren’t you special?..I called you a name because that is pretty much what you are…I can’t help it that you are a Will hater…Trust me, I’m a Page fan, but don’t get me confused with your average arm chair quarterback…

    As far as Will, I’ve never said that he was going to make the best college player out of all recruits in the area…Ricky no doubt may end up being one of the better players to play college ball…However, we are talking about statistics and what a player means to their team…So, if Will plays on an average team (as you say, because I think they are pretty damn good) and he makes them a good team then that should say a lot about him as well…If Ricky plays on a team with a lot of other great players, then that should only make him better…At least that contributed to a lot of other good player’s success…Look this is a debate about the best conference player…I ain’t a Ricky hater, and I like him…Its too bad that everyone seems to be a Will hater, but maybe that is just a Page thing…

  64. There does seem to be a lot of negative undertones on the comments regarding Newman. Both kids are great high school players. Lewis, Jr. is the better athlete in my opinion. Will is the better QB. I would take either kid on my team.

  65. Page Fan,
    I never said I was a Will hater .I just said he is not the BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTY.He was the best in his conference.I’ll give him that.But let’s get it straight you are in the wrong for statements made toward others.You must not understand freedom of speech is a right everyone has.Even if they demonstrate poor use of it.Its ease to call names with your fingers

  66. Will Newman’s stats as of last week.

    1,141 yards rushing – 18 touchdowns
    1,674 yards passing – 16 touchdowns

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