Arena/indoor football coming to Proehlific Park, former Greensboro Prowlers coach Clayton Banner leading the return

Robert Bell of the N&R and has the skinny on the return of Arena Football to Greensboro and it’s arena ring-leader Clayton Banner. Banner was the first-ever coach of our old and beloved Greensboro Prowlers who played indoors at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Former Greensboro Monarchs and Generals hockey coach Jeff Brubaker is now managing the soon-to-be or someday-to-be Peak Fitness Center on Church Street at East Cone Blvd. I guess all the old pro team coaches will eventually be back in town for the Christmas Holidays.

Here’s what Mr, Bell is saying about Arena Football coming to Proehlific Park:

GREENSBORO — For better or worse, Greensboro is back in the indoor football business.

Officials with something called the Indoor Independence Football Alliance, a developmental league for other arena football leagues, were in town today to announce the Texas-based league’s expansion into North Carolina.

Clayton Banner, the co-owner and commissioner of the IIFA East League, said Tuesday at least six teams will play football games at Proehlific Park, a private youth sports complex off Horse Pen Creek Road.

Banner said the IIFA was created last year to provide indoor football players who want to play at a higher level a way of staying in shape. He said the league also provides game tapes to teams from other indoor football leagues looking for replacement players.

“We’re giving players a way to keep in shape and not just sit around on the couch waiting for the phone to ring,” said Banner.

He said the IIFA sends game tapes to teams in bigger leagues such as the Arena Football League, the Indoor Football League and American Professional Football League. He said several IIFA players have been signed by teams from those leagues.

Banner said “two or three” IIFA players were signed by other indoor football teams. He directed a reporter to the league’s Web site for the players’ names, but there was no additional information.

Officials with the AFL and the APFL said they were unaware of the IIFA and that their leagues had no agreements with the group.

Banner said games will begin in February. Tickets will cost $10 for adults, $5 for fans 18 and under. Children under 12 will be admitted free. Banner said fans will be able to watch at least two games on Saturday nights — more if additional teams sign up.

Greensboro’s last foray into indoor football wasn’t exactly a hit with fans — or players.

The Greensboro Revolution of the National Indoor football League played two years at the Greensboro Coliseum. The team was plagued by low attendance while players and businesses complained about not being paid.

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