Bruce Mitchell breaks it:Hogan/Flair to be on same card in Charlotte

Ric Flair, as previously mentioned, was on the Primetime With The Packman syndicated radio show(Tuesday) to plug his appearance for at the Vance High School in Charlotte, N.C.

Flair is a semi-regular guest on host Mark Packer’s show. He announced that not only would he be in the corner of his sons David and the debuting Reid Flair against Celebrity Championship Wrestling’s Nasty Boys, managed by Jimmy Hart, but that Hulk Hogan would be the special referee for the match.

This makes this perhaps the most star-studded non-charity independent show ever held at a high school. Add the Rock’n’Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) and the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and back-from-retirement Stan Lane) to the talent list and the economics of this show, and the decisions behind it, become very interesting.

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