Friday Night Football – Playoffs

Fayetteville 71st 28 at Page 3 – Final (Newman injured/out most of game)
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 26 – Final
Northeast Guilford 7 at Northern Vance 6 – Final
Pittsboro at Reidsville (No reports)
Albermarle 13 at Thomasville 24 – Final

NEXT WEEK’S GAME : Northeast Guilford at Dudley

9:44 PM
Fayetteville 71st 28 at Page 3 – Final (Newman injured/out most of game)
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 26 – Final
Northeast Guilford 7 at Northern Vance 6 – 2:14 4th
Pittsboro at Reidsville (No reports)
Albermarle 10 AT Thomasville 3

9:34 PM
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 26 – Final

9:32 PM
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 2610 sec remaining0

9:27 PM
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 26 – 2:41 4th
NE Guilford 7 at N Vance 6 – 5:08 4th

9:25 PM
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 26 – 3:29 4th

9:15 PM
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 20 – 8:46 4th – Ragsdale fails to score from the 2 yd line

Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 20 – 2:04 3rd

8:30 PM – All Half Time Score
Ragsdale 10 at Dudley 14
Fayetteville 71st 14 at Page 3
Albermarle 10 at Thomasville 3
NE Guilford 7 at Norhern Vance 6

30 thoughts on “Friday Night Football – Playoffs

  1. If Dudley is to win the State Championship , I hope they can get a field goal kicker before the championship. If they can win it without a field goal kicker more power to them but not having one could come back to hurt them.

  2. And still the best player in Guilford County! Tricky Ricky Lewis Jr! Hopefully this will shut the pie holes of the na sayers. He’s beat Newman and Romer, so to me he is the man. I didn’t make my point spread but a W is a W. Now to that gentleman who was talking about S.O.S or strength of schedule. Eat crow bro. The triad 3a conference is still going strong. All your stats and hog wash was just that hog wash. Like i said before, the game isn’t played on paper. Take it from a former player that’s why you line up. Correct me if i’m wrong i think Carver, Richmond County and Northeast are still alive at this point in the playoffs. That’s 3 teams off that weak schedule that Dudley plays. You guys kill me! S.O.S see ya next week.


  3. Another big game between Guilford county schools.Rams at Panthers part 2.You got to love it.See you at the game.

  4. Ron if you lost money betting on a High School Football game you should be ashamed.Maybe that was just a figure of speech regarding the point spread. I do not know. I do know there’s no place for gambling on high schoolers. There’s enough presure on kids that play high school sports. They do not need the added presure of friends in school, or parents at home outlaying money based on their proformances on the field or court. What if Dad needed rent money? or Mom needed money for groceries. How many of you think that a kid in those circumstnaces wouldn’t help sway a game on way or another?

    I would encourage anyone that knows someone acting as a bookie for HS games to turn that person into law enforcement.

    As for Dudley last night they were great! Congrats to the team and good luck next week. Ragsdale – you played us tough for a long time. You had a great season.

  5. heart breaking loss for Ragsdale tonight. Dudley could have been beaten. Ragsdale had their chances but mis fired too many times.

    Dudley won the toss and elected to defer. Nick Mearite got us started with a nice return out close to the 50. Ragsdale came out running right at them and moved the ball down field. Dudley looked to have the first turnover on a half back pass interception in the end zone but was called for pass interference on a questionable call. Ragsdale couldn’t get in the end zone but got a Kasey Redfern field goal for a 3-0 lead and took six minutes off the clock.

    Dudely moved the ball on their first possession but Ragsdale’s Nick Mearite intercepted a long pass at the goal line and returned it to the 25. Drive stalled and after a Ragsdale punt, Dudley moved down field and got on the board on a Rickey Lewis run. Two point try was stuffed to make it 6-3 Dudley. Dudely would score again in the second quarter and converted the two pt try this time to go up 14-3 about 3 minutes left.

    The Dudely fans right in the middle of the Ragsdale crowd decided the game was over then but Romer made some great throws including a 46 yard completion to Luke Sonricker – then on the next play Romer took it in himself to get Ragsdale right back in the game 14-10 at the half.

    The back breaker (or at least the first one) came on the opening drive of the third as Dudley held the ball almost ten minutes – converting a 4th and one from their own 31 and then marching methodically down the field. Dudley score and no good on the PAT made it 20-10. Ragsdale drive stalled (after a drop of a beautiful pass from Romer that looked like a sure TD) and on the first play of the 4th quarter Ragsdale got a break as Dudley muffed the punt. Ragsdale drove and got a nice 19 yard completion from Desean Anderson to Nick Mearite had Ragsdale set up first and goal from the two. But Dudely stuffed two runs then sacked Romer on third and to make matters worse Ragsdale missed the FG wide left to keep the score at 20-10.

    Ragsdale got the ball back but it was too late. Ragsdale had to throw and Dudley was pinning their ears back giving Romer no time to throw. He really took a beating the last five minutes of the game. After turing the ball over on downs – Overby took a handoff right up the middle about 30 yards for the final score.

    Great – hard hitting game. Looks like all the prognosticators had the margin picked pretty good although Ragsdale left too many points on the field.

    Huge crowd – I heard they quit selling tickets and locked the gates before half time – I know many fans were turned away – hard to beleive since there is always more standing room to squeeze people in.

    (read in the paper they locked the gates mid way through the first quarter becasue they didn’t have enough security to control the crowd. That’s a shame. They weren’t expecting more than 4,000 people at the game?)

    Good luck to Dudley next week and awesome job by the Ragsdale Tigers going 13-1 and playing their hearts out to the last play. Always tough seeing some of the seniors knowing they’ve played their last game.

  6. Sad, that they started turning people down in the 1st quarter..
    Knowing how big of the game that was, and knowing how relatively small Dudley’s stadium is, they should have played it at Jamieson.

  7. No betting, get a grip! You’re taking yourself way too seriously. I save my bets for college and professional sports. I wish i could bet on H.S. sports i’d be rich by now betting on Dudley. Ragsdale had their chances yeah right! Their chances were taken away by a good stingy D. So so much for their chances. All year everyone wanted to see this match up. I get tired of the dis-respect shown to the defending champs. First it was strength of schedule, then it was a number 2 seed. Now people want to move the game away from Dudley. Which I think is really crazy. Why would you do that and loose money paying for another stadium? We already have to give the NCHAA their cut. It doesn’t make since. Sure we had to turn away a few hundred people, but it’s a playoff game with the defending champs. Get there early. It will be the same this week. Norteast will give Dudley a much better game than Ragsdale. Rams we look forward to the rematch, and be sure to get a fish plate or chicken wings they are the best.

  8. As in most football games the game is won at the line of scrimmage. We knew all week the key was stopping Dudley’s D-line. That is their strength. The DB’s are weak and it’s not hard to play LBer behind that D-line. they did a great job. Their O-line was also solid. Lewis is quick but there were several players on the field just as fast (Lewis had 85 yards in the 1st half with 43 coming on one play). The difference is Lewis has more running lanes than others. He has good field vision but he is not a threat to throw it. In fact our goal was to stop the run and force the pass. Dudley did a great job blocking on the edge against OLBers, DB’s and safeties. Ragsdale’s plan was going just as planned at half. Even though Dudley scored on the opening drive of the second half, the game turned when Ragsdale did not score after having the ball 1st and goal inside the 5, a missed opportunity on a deep ball, and Overby iced the game late. Dudley did a great job at the line of scrimmage. Other than that they’re good but not great. To beat Dudley it will take a team with a great o-line. They have good team speed and are talented on the lines. Congrats to Dudley. It was fun for theRagsdale boys to play another good team.

  9. Lewis can’t pass? You must not have seen the championship game from last year? That’s laughable! Here again dis-respect. Let’s see we are 14-0 and we’re just good, not great? Psssst Please!


  10. Ron – for someone who did not play a down in last night’s game you sure are arrogant. Dudley is not the first team to team to be undefeated this time of the year. So shut-up, place another losing bet, and try to enjoy young men playing a game. If I were a betting me like you, I’d bet you have to go to work on Monday like everyone else whether Dudley won or lost. This may be the team you pull for but it’s NOT your team. Grow-up. Go Panthers

  11. I agree with non-ron. No one likes a sore loser or an arrogant winner. Non-ron don’t feel too bad. Ron sounds like a used-to-be wanna be that is reliving a past he never had. If it makes him feel good to put down Ragsdale and others let him have his fun. Maybe it will help him get a better job. You know, he could put down on a resume that he was a former Dudley player that now spends most of his time betting on college and pro sports and his spare time looking for a bookie to take bets on Dudley so he can “get rich”.

  12. Talk about sore losers. Score board chumps. I just don’t like anyone dissing Dudley or Lewis when you have no earthly idea of what you are talking about. Here again you guys are taking this way too seriously. Arrogant, don’t mistake it for confidence, and it’s normally someone that’s getting their behinds kick that would say such a thing. And they are to be the first team to be undefeated around here in a long time. Get your facts straight. Oh by the way it is my team. It’s greensboro’s team. I’ve coached at least 80 percent of those players on that team. Where do you think they get the arrogance, excuse me confidence from?

    Cheers Boys

  13. Ron,

    Confident is what arrogant people call themselves. Just like how obnoxious people called themselves outgoing.

    I personally have not read any negative post about Dudley. Your arrogance/confidence puts YOU in a bad light NOT Dudley.

  14. Whatever makes you feel better gent. If “we” (as in Dudley) don’t believe who will. Take it for what it’s worth or don’t. See ya next week and beyond.


  15. Oh and as for your used to be wannabe comment save that for the next man, because i was that. I strapped it up many years ago for DHS. Check your news-record archives. All conference, all guilford, all area. And a Scholarship recipient. So here again save that for the next guy that post on here.

  16. Ron,

    No one is dissing Dudley or Ricky Lewis, Jr. I was at the game last night and have been to a few Dudley games the last two years. Lewis, Jr is not a QB, he’s an athlete. That doesn’t mean the kid can’t get the job done. His record shows that he can. He’s the best running back that Dudley has. He threw up a few ducks last night. It’s not a knock, it’s an observation. I would take the Newman kid at QB because he’s a better passer. The doesn’t mean I think any less of Lewis, Jr. It doesn’t mean I didn’t pull for Dudley last year and it doesn’t mean that I’m not pulling for Dudley this year.

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but they aren’t a great team. They are a good, well coached team. They are one dimensional on offense and Ragsdale exposed some problems in the secondary. Ron, if you do as much coaching as you claim…you have to recognize this. Dudley is beatable, however, I do think the only team in the state in 3AA that could pull it off got beat by them Friday night.

    I am in no way associated with Ragsdale. I have more ties to Dudley (mentoring programs in the early 90’s). Ron you appear to be disrespecting Ragsdale more than any post on here ever disrespected Dudley or Ricky Lewis, Jr. Just about everyone recognized Dudley’s dominance on both sides of the line and Lewis’ command of the offense. The guys from Ragsdale congratulated Dudley on a job well done.

    What you and a few others on here failed to recognize is that the kids from Ragsdale weren’t 13 – 0 by accident. Also, they didn’t get on the bus from Jamestown expecting to get beat by 30. They came to play ball and they weren’t intimidated. They fought hard. Football games come down to taking advantage of opportunities and limiting your mistakes. Ragsdale had opportunities to win that ball game and failed to take advantage of them. The kids from Dudley played hard and did what they needed to do on their quest for back to back titles. 26-10 is not representative of how close this game was.

    Guilford supported Dudley last year and will rally around Dudley again this year. Let’s go Panthers!!!

  17. Question? If Ricky can’t pass why not just line him up in the I and let him run the ball. As i stated before. Did you see the championship game last year? Did he not pass the ball? Ricky doesn’t pass because he doesn’t have to pass. Any armchair could figure that out. Ragsdale was good for what they were worth. They won 13 games by playing cupcakes. Wish we were in that conference. We’d be 11-0 every year. We saw what could happen once they played tougher teams from tougher conferences 11 point victory over WG and you saw what happened last night. The score is what it is don’t try to take anything away from that. As for your Newman comment. Newman may be a better passer because he has to pass. Makes since doesn’t it? All i know is Mr. Lewis has his team in the regional final. No one can argue with that. Ragsdale had their shots and Dudley shut them down. Sounds like a great team to me. You’re on my 2 yard line and we stuff you! I’m curious what makes a great team?

  18. Ron – ITS NOT ABOUT YOU! No one cares that you WASTED your scholarship opportunity and that you now live your life thru others. We can only hope that this current group of players can somehow break free from the grip that you seem to think you have on them.

  19. wasted my scholarship? dude get a grip. i just want to know what makes a great team great. what the freak does that have to do with my college career?

  20. Let me clarify this Great team thing. I think that Dudley has great lines…both sides of the ball. I think Dudley has a great player in 51….the kid is a beast. Ricky Lewis, Jr. is a great athlete and a good leader/decision maker. I think that winning back to back state championships would be a great feat especially with the whole state gunning for you.

    I just think that when we talk about greatness…it’s a preference. I like Beyonce’…You like Halle Berry. I like a little more balance on offense. You prefer to physically impose your will power through smash mouth football. I think the secondary is good, but not great. It doesn’t mean these kids will lose on ball game. It doesn’t mean I’m not routing for them every time they step onto the field. It’s just one man’s opinion.

    Did Eric just try to throw you name in for Guilford County Player of the Year?LOL. I still have that award going to the Dudley Defensive Line. QBs get all the glory.

  21. How bout that. I’m the player of the year. LOL! i’m the greatest! I think what makes a great team is that you can’t find one flaw in them. You say the secondary is weak but they haven’t given up a passing TD in the post season. Not sure if the’ve given up any all year. Wait they did give up one to Page and Richmond Co. I think. Only weakness i see is the kicking game and luckily it hasn’t come down to that.


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