Jeff jolts the jukebox, Jordan gets the jump on HPA and Bobby Cremins joins the game

Our regular reader Jeff was hitting the basketball jukebox hard yesterday and he got some real good hits to show up on the site….Here’s what he was saying about last night’s Page at High Point Andrews game(Pirates over Red Raiders 69-61) and we also have what others were saying about Jeff’s bold predictions.

Jeff:Page will jump all over High Point Andrews early and finish them off late in the game. Pirates by 10. JW with 20 to lead Page.

GSPN reader asking if Jeff was in cahoots with Ms. Cleo:
your prediction was pretty right on. Page jumped out ahead, led by double-figures 90% of the game, and finished them off when Andrews made a run to win by 8. I will call you NCAA tourney time to get some predictions.

Joe on Jeff’s jukes:
He was right about Jordan Weethee having 20 points too, except JW had 22.

Joe sent the box score to us and we will print that down below, plus the word from fans at the game and from the High Point Enterprise is that Bobby Cremins, coach from the College of Charleston was at the game to watch Julius Brooks of Page but he got an eye-full of Jordan Weethe instead and Cremins also was taking a long look at big Charles Goodwin of High Point Andrews, who had 22 points and 12 boards . Cremins got plenty of info to take back to South Carolina with him.(Many good days for BC at the University of South Carolina, Appalachian, Georgia Tech, almost back to South Carolina and then on to College of Charleston.)

Here is the box score from Joe Barile:
Page 69, Andrews 61

Page —– 22 16 16 15 — 69
Andrews 14 13 17 17 — 61

Page (4-0) — Jordan Weethee 22, Mitchell Oates 13, A.J. Finney 11, Stacey Greene 9, Julius Brooks 8, Jonathan Spain 4, De’mone Harrison 2.

Andrews (3-1) — Charles Goodwin 22, Corban Collins 11, Torian Showers 9, Mark Johnson 8, Darius Rogers 5, Gary Biles 4, Quan Steveson 1, Jamie Smith 1.

14 thoughts on “Jeff jolts the jukebox, Jordan gets the jump on HPA and Bobby Cremins joins the game

  1. Page plays Ragsdale on Friday in Jamestown. If Ragsdale wins on Thursday over SW Guilford. It will be another, “battle of the undefeated”.

    Here is a little something to think about, posted by a guy named codpiece5 on NCPreps :

    Is it just me or has Ragsdale and Page started a little rivalry over the past 2-3 years? The Tigers and Pirates play each other in almost every sport and it has been very competitive over the past few years. While I wouldn’t call it a “blood” rivalry, I wouldn’t think twice about listing Page as one of Ragsdale’s rivals.

    Can’t wait until Friday! Hopefully Ragsdale can get the job done on Thursday like they should. But it is always hard to beat a team twice, especially when you play them two weeks in a row. Friday would be a very big game if both teams entered undefeated.

  2. I saw the doubleheader at Page one year ago this Friday and it went the opposite of what the fans were thinking on the way in.

    The Ragsdale girls won big and the Page boys blew out Ragsdale.

    Has the makings for another classic this Friday night.

    Just think if Page still had Christian McCain?

  3. A lot of folks in the area did not think they would be very strong losing the players they have lost, even before McCain left. Aren’t they the #4 seed in the Little Four?

    Coaching means a lot in hs basketball and Robert Kent is one of the best in this area. He finally seems to have a group that has been together long enough and buying in enough to play the way his teams of his pre-Page career played. Great D and a good motion offense. Nobody has been robbed of more talent than Robert Kent. NOBODY! They had an incoming freshman big kid a couple years ago move to Ohio right before school started. He is signed with Indiana. Think of him, Brooks, and McCain together!!! There are also a lot more players that have either left or been recruited away from the Pirates as well.

    I have been somewhat surprised by the results so far, particularly the Tabor win. If they blow out Ragsdale like they did last year, they might need to look into reseeding the Little Four.

  4. I just wanted to let everyone know Andrews was missing 2 of their best players last night, Tony Washington(shrine bowl), Jordan Reid(football injury) I am sure the game would have been different with 2 of our best players in action, not an excuse but Pirates do not get your hopes up to high.

  5. Andrewsfan,
    Quit crying and take a loss. Page was playing with three of its best players just coming off a great football season. They have been to four practices and don’t even know the system yet. I imagine it would have been different had they been able to play. One of your players is out until January. Are you going to cry about all losses until then? The other could have played but is holding out until after the Shrine bowl. Good team player there. Don’t get your hopes too high because Page didn’t even play well and won with ease. Everybody can make excuses, winners overcome them.

  6. Excuses, excuses, excuses…

    Why won’t you just give the credit to Page. They won the game and the Pirates are now the team to beat.
    Jeff says Page beats Ragsdale on Friday.
    Coach Kent and Coach Mac Morris are men that build character in their players.
    It’s time to take down the Tigers and the Pirates are the team to do it.
    Andrews was just another bump in the road on the way to the Greesnsboro Coliseum where another title is going to the Page Pirates.

  7. Come on now. The Pirates led by double-digits almost the entire game and played their worst game of the year by far. Andrews will be good by the end of the year, no question (they always are), but don’t take away from another Pirates win because you were missing two players. Page played bad, and still won the game fairly easily aside from a brief Andrews run at the end. Andrews isn’t the first good team Page has beaten this year.

  8. Andrews fan, there is nothing Page can do about that.. that is unfortunate for Andrews though.

    Coach Abell’s wife is a teacher at Page.

  9. I just wanted to let everyone know all of you Pirate fans failed to mention that little bit of info, I wish we could play you guys in March with our whole team.

  10. Why would Page fans care who Andrews had or doesn’t have? I didn’t realize they had 2 McDonald’s All-Americans not suiting up. The honest truth is that if Page had played with the same intensity that they played with against Mt Tabor it was a 25-30 point game. Small crowd? Follow-up game after a big win? Who knows, but they didn’t play well and still won fairly easily. But that is all relative, just like Andrews and their 2 missing players. Page is still playing fairly shorthanded as well as previously posted, so Andrews didn’t play the Page of the future just as Page didn’t play Andrews’ full deck.

    They don’t play anymore this year and it was a non-conference game with no playoff implications. Page won, has beat 2 good teams in a row. Leave at that. Page has a really good team this year, and I am glad to be able to follow them like I did in the golden years, so yes we are excited. Andrews will be good and be a contender like they always are, but Page is a better team this year. No shame in that. Good luck in your season.

  11. Also, think about this one for a sec..

    Page is playing without one of the leading scorers from last season. He was only a sophomore.

    Anyone remember, Deonte Maddox?
    I knew someone was missing, but I couldn’t figure out who it was until it dawned on me last night. Not sure why he left or why he isn’t playing. I will find out more on this and let everyone know later.

  12. So, I’ve learned that Deonte Maddox, moved back to Louisville, Ky with his parents. He was a special player for only a sophomore.

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