Greensboro Christmas Parade on TV

I was searching for something to watch this afternoon and discovered that WCWG-TV20 was the new home to the Greensboro Jaycee Christmas Parade. It airs today at 4PM with an encore Christmas Day at 10 AM.

The Christmas Parade was a staple of WFMY for many years. It was a shock to see it on WCWG-TV (Cable Channel 3). I gather that all this public service crap we hear from the TV stations is nothing more than “How Much Money Can I Make From This.”

I guess I knew it all along. When I was working at another station, we “stole” from the High Point Station a Holiday Blood Drive by undercutting the cost of promoting it and doing live cut-ins.

I guess when they deregulated broadcasters, eliminating the requirement that they serve the public in return for essentially free use of the public airwaves was the beginning of the end. It’s no wonder that broadcasters are dropping like flies – they went for the cheap and easy path to profitability. It worked in the short-run; but cost them the long-term.

Enjoy the parade, it might be the last time you can watch it on FREE TELEVISION.

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    I’ve seen this coming our way for a very long time.

    Bill Kopald On the Beach at John Hook’s Beach Blast ’86

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