Ragsdale claws back to top Page in Overtime

Page controlled the tempo from the tip and surged to a early lead going on a 17-2 run. Julius Brooks had Page’s first 7 points from the floor. Ragsdale struggled early and missed close to 15 free throws in the 1st half.
Page dominated the glass on both ends of the floor in the 1st half. This game came down to Ragsdale making plays in the 2nd half that boosted their confidence. Page tried to close the game out, but the tigers forced overtime. Page had a chance to go up with 2.7 seconds left in the 4th with a 1 and 1 situation, but the free throw rimmed out and the Tigers held on to take it to overtime. Ragsdale made free throws late in overtime with 7.8 seconds remaining, Page had one last chance to tie it, but Jordan Weethee’s 3 point attempt rattled out.

Jay Canty led Ragsdale with 20 points and Jordan Weethee led Page with 19.

Ragsdale 8 – 15 – 21 – 21 – 6 – 69
Page 24 – 16 – 13 – 10 – 3 – 66

12 thoughts on “Ragsdale claws back to top Page in Overtime

  1. Love posters like “Anthony”. Never seen Ragsdale play, yet feels he knows what will happen against a team on January 19th. They might indeed get beat by Word of God, but if you have seen the Tigers play…they are much more than hype. But how would Anthony know. Not a clue.

  2. Anthony, Page is far, far from a bad team. They happened to let one slip away on the road, but they are really good. WOG just lost to Dudley, I don’t think they can say too much about Greensboro area public schools

  3. Pag has a very good basketball team. And I emphasize the word team. They play very well together. Very smart, fundamental basketball team.

    WOG may smash Ragsdale. So what? They recruit nationally. I think it’s good to play the best teams. I think it’s great that so many Guilford County public schools are good at basketball. We’re lucky to watch so many good players play and mature.

  4. You guys are proving my point! It’s all hype! Page is my alma mater and I know that they SUCK!!! If y’all think that Julius Brooks is a good player, than y’all need your heads examined. That’s the tallest and “goofiest” player that I have ever seen in my years of following Greensboro Basketball. But I hear so many people praise that kid…y’all need to raise your standards.

    And my point was that, if Ragsdale struggled with that team, then they don’t have a prayer with Word of God. I have seen Page play and I have seen Word of God play, there is NO COMPARISON. Stop the hype! Please…

    Dudley beat Word of God because IT’S DUDLEY!!!! Dudley’s basketball history was solidified before Word of God Christian Academy was conceived. Honestly, before the start of the Word of God vs. Dudley game, I made the comment that Dudley was going to mess around and win this game…and the entire section I was sitting in looked at me as if I was crazy. Needless to say, that they didn’t look at me at all after the game. LOL Dudley’s win was no surprise to me because I was in Fleming Gymnasium when Dudley upset Mt. Zion back in 2000, back when Mt. Zion had a point guard by the name of Jarrett Jack (Georgia Tech –> Indiana Pacers). Dudley consistently play well against elite competition and nationally ranked powerhouses. So please don’t compare these teams to Dudley. They are not Dudley. No disrespect to Greensboro Day and Northern Guilford, but Dudley is the only basketball program in Greensboro with a legitimate reputation.

    Now, I give Northern Guilford respect because they have a legit team and legit talent (Frye, Neal, and Lawson), but there was so much hype about their chances against Oak Hill and they got smashed by an Oak Hill team that were playing without Keith Gallon. Hype!!

    Kirk, I agree that it is good that Guilford County schools get to bring these teams to the area and play against them…and it really doesn’t matter if they lose. But, why must people take offense to an early prediction to their demise??

  5. Anthony, Julius Brooks’ best basketball is ahead of him. He will be a guy that blossoms in college. He has improvd a ton over his career and when he develops physically in the weight room, he will be a solid college player. I don’t see why you must personnally attack a kid by calling him names when he works extremely hard and will get a Division I scholarship that you didn’t. Nobody gives a crap about WOG, and there national recruits. They have 5th year guys players high schoolers. Imagine some of the talent in this area coming back for a 5th year and playinganother year of high school. I am sorry you got cut from Page but if you think “they SUCK” you simply don’t know basketball. They are a very good public school team that doesn’t recruit locally or nationally and will have a very good season with their own players, nobody elses. They beat a Mt. Tabor team with 3 Division I guards, so they are good enough to beat goot teams and were good enough to win last night but let it slip away. Again, sorry Coach Kent cut you but that isn’t a reason to rip your alma mater’s team. If you were there before Kent you should be ashamed for ripping high school kids as a grown man.

  6. Wow I usually never address posters but Anthony you are just uncalled for. The name calling is childish and immature. It really shows lack of class. I have seen Julius play and happened to catch some of his workouts over the summer. although he is not the best I have seen he is a very good player. No player is gonna “peak” in high school. That’s why they have different levels of play after high school to develop. As long as he work as hard as he does he will continue to develop and be a player that will make people like you eat crow. I have yet to see Page play this year but I wish them success. I will be pulling for the Page girls since i am very familiar with a few of the players (shout out to Chevena Pickard who put up 19 last nite in their upset win over Ragsdale) I have been around basketball for 20+yrs and have seen the best fall. Does not necessarily mean they were all “hype” just means they’re human.

  7. Anthony, I don’t have a big issue with your opinion on Ragsdale getting smashed. That’s your opinion. Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it.

    We can agree to disagree on the quality of team Page is. I think they are a good team. they move without the ball,set lots of screens, play help defense, they have speed so they can run when needed, they have a few good shooters. They may not beat Dudley, or WOG but that doesn’t make them chopped liver. 2nd, I don’t think it is proper to come on here and say negative things about kids and you should never call them by name. I did it once and regret it. You may not like Brooks but I think he’ll do fine. he’ll probably play in college. More than I can say for most. These athletes are kids. We need to keep that in mind. Imagine if that was your son. Would you want to read that? Could you say what you said to the kid’s face?

  8. Okay, to Kirk and Basketball Fan, I will respect you guy’s wishes and tone it down. If I offended anyone, I humbly apologize. Seriously.

    However, to “hmmm”, your post is pretty funny considering it’s mediocre display of an imagination, ironic hypocrisy, and it’s filled with more exaggeration. Let me show you how:

    “They beat a Mt. Tabor team with 3 Division I guards”

    Three?? Really?? Okay, let’s see here:

    1. CJ Harris – Wake Forest
    2. Mike Grace – Yale
    3. ??? Who? Josh Hicks? Where?

    Are you embellishing the truth a bit there?

    “you should be ashamed for ripping high school kids as a grown man.”

    This is an ironic comment considering that it followed a jab in which you threw at John Wall with this remark, “They have 5th year guys players high schoolers”. And they don’t have 5th year playerS, just one…no need to exaggerate. And you can use the term “5th year player” loosely considering that this is Wall’s 4th year of actually playing high school basketball. (1 year at Garner and this is his 3rd season at Word of God…he didn’t get to play at Broughton).

    “Nobody gives a crap about WOG, and there national recruits….They are a very good public school team that doesn’t recruit locally or nationally…”

    National recruits? Name one player on Word of God’s roster that isn’t from the state of North Carolina. Matter of fact, name one player on their roster that isn’t from Wake County. I guess some people can’t help themselves but to exaggerate and embellish when speaking. But I will refrain from posting my TRUTHS and let you have at it. (By the way, do you have a problem with Javan Mitchell being a Louisana native but playing for Greensboro Day School?)

    Your display of imagination in the Coach Kent story is typical…but you are going to need a sharper blade to get underneath my skin. But if you want to know where my frustration come from, I will tell you. What frustrates me is when Greensboro hosts big events like the MLK Invitational and bring in these nationally ranked programs to play against local teams that get blown out of the coliseum. Refer to High Point Central’s 108 – 74 loss to Oak Hill in the MLK invitational. For Guilford County schools, this is embarassing and it gives off a bad impression of the quality of basketball within the area. 34 point blow outs just scream out “chopped liver”.

    But, I will fall back and join the bandwagon, and hope that Ragsdale doesn’t become the next MLK Invitational embarassement. In fact, I will end this by saying GO RAGSDALE!!!! YAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

  9. Anthony you are arguing a point that is pretty cut and dry. Anytime a school has 5th year players, they have an unfair advantage. I see nothing wrong with guys re-classing and stuff like that, but when it crosses over into playing public schools it should be taken into account. GDS has a great program built with 5th year guys, but people never mention that when they win the Little 4 which I have never understood. WOG is a very talented team that to be honest should have killed Dudley, but they don’t play good basketball or play very hard and they got beat by a good public school team. I don’t know a lot about WOG other than as a private school it is a little easier to get “big time” players than just hoping one lives in your district. Now Dudley obviously has guys that probably shouldn’t be there but that is another matter in itself, along with Northern Guilford, both schools you mention have talent and are for real. Going off of the summer, which is all I can go off of, I know that Ragsdale almost beat Dudley in the State Games and that Page beat Northern Guilford. Ragsdale actually played Dudley closer than WOG. Now I know summer means nothing but until all of these teams play each other thats all I got. My point is that there isn’t much difference between the best 4 public schools in this area.

    About Mt. Tabor’s guard Josh Hicks, he is being recruited by a lot of DI schools just hasn’t committed to anyone yet, much like big Julius. That doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough to play DI. Jumping on that statement as “embellishment” is a little far fetchd. I guess in short I don’t see why you insist Page isn’t very good. I don’t know what you are basing it off, but I guess that is your opinion. I only thought to address it because of your statements about Julius. I am sorry about taking jabs at you, but I just thought I would anyway considering you don’t mind giving them out to high school kids for no apparent reason. Take care Anthony.

  10. Anthony, what type of teams would you like to see at the MLK Invitational? I personally like the diverse teams. I will be attending my first MLK Invitational this year. Unlike the Pizza Hut Invitational it gives the fans a chance to see outside schools and their talent. Although Oak Hill and WOG is getting passed around here lately. But it also gives the kids a chance to play different levels and types. I personally get tired of the same schools playing. After you play a team a few times you know what they’re gonna do and it takes the excitement out of the game. When you have these talented teams come in, it gives the kids a chance to show what they are made of. Dudley proved that to WOG. So did Northern in their scrimmage. It also gives us paying fans a reason to come and watch.

  11. I see a lot of people feel the same way I do about addressing other people’s comments but that Anthony dude seems to be getting too personal. He hates on Julius and Page so much sounds like he had some haterade from when he went to Page if he did. Dude clean it up these are kids you’re talking about and Coach Kent runs a class act and program. It won’t be long before he gets the opportunity for some of those signature wins against some of those high caliber nationals. This is the only site where we can get some good input from locals about our “pretty good local schools” so don’t go “Springer.” You can talk about them without the name calling but I personally hope Julius and Coach Kent make you eat those words with crusty bread no water and your dentures out! Get some class!!!

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