Paul’s Pro Pigskin Prognositcations week 16

Déjà vu: the feeling you have been somewhere before, to wit last week that was another 13-3 mark (3rd week in a row with that ledger) boosting the season total to 149-71-1.
This week playoff implications abound, let’s cut to the chase.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: In the preseason it appeared that this game would have playoff implications. For the surging Colts seeking their 8th in a row it is, to the Jaguars who have sputtered all season long it is a chance to play spoiler. The problem is the Jags have been terrible at home with a 2-5 mark. That is a prime example of a team that has lost confidence, One potential pratfall for the Colts is Marvin Harrison will be cruise. Colts 34 Jags 17

Baltimore @ Dallas: Since the best the Cowboys can hope for is a wildcard berth this will most likely be the final game to ever be played in Texas Stadium so Dallas will have a serious emotional advantage. Baltimore’s pass rush presents potential problems for Tony Romo but since Wade Phillips took over the defensive play calling the Cowboys have not been too shabby in the stop department either, especially in regards to stopping the run.. Cowboys 23 Ravens 14
Cincinnati @ Cleveland: Ugh, being at home should be an advantage for the Browns, but with heads about ready to roll in the mistake by the lake. The boo-birds will be out in force at the first sign of struggle. Considering how inept Cleveland has looked in recent that is likely to be sooner rather than later. The Bengals are no great shakes by any stretch, but then again they did beat my Skins last week, more about that later. Let’s give the Bengals another boost! Bengals 20 Browns 17
New Orleans @ Detroit: In 1980 the Saints AKA the Aint’s went 0-14 before avoided the dishonor of running the table in reverse with a win over the Jets. It would be ironic then if they lost to the 0-14 Lions, seeing how the Saints have won once on the road all season this is a distinct possibility. But in the end nothing is going to stop the Lions from their date with destiny. Saints 24 Lions 21

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee: Home field advantage for the playoff hang in the balance. The Titans though are missing their best defensive player in Albert Haysworth, speaking of defense the Steelers are playing on a otherworldly level. The Steelers also are playing lights out in the crunch as this team just keeps finding ways to win. Steelers 21 Titans 19

Miami @ Kansas City: The Dolphins are not flashy, they just get it done. Miami 24 KC 13

San Francisco @ Saint Louis: Yuck, just for one of my good friends and loyal listeners of the Classic Corner I am going to pick his Rams. Though there is no other reason I can come up with for this selection. Rams 21 49ers 20

Arizona @ New England: The Cards are of all things in cruise control, the Pats must have this one to keep pace with the wildcard pack. Arizona’s defense is a joke and Kurt Warner will struggle in the Foxboro freeze. Pats 31 Cards 17

San Diego @ Tampa Bay: The Chargers still have the talent to beat anyone in the league but this season just not the continuity. The Bucs are starting to struggle here at the seasons end but will find enough to win. TB 23 SD 21

NY Jets @ Seattle; It has been a rough final season for Mike Holgram, don’t expect it to end on a happy note as Brett Favre and company can smell the postseason. J-E-T-S Jets, Jets Jets 30 Seahawks 21

Houston @ Oakland: The Texans like last year are really coming on as the season winds down. The Raiders are the Raiders, once that meant a lot, now it is what it is. Texans 28 Raiders 16

Buffalo @ Denver: The Broncos still need a win to clinch the AFC west. It will come against the most snake bit team in the league the 2nd half of the season. But it will not come easy. Denver 28 Buffalo 24

Philadelphia @ Washington: Donovan McNabb may be about to go out in the city of brotherly love, but he is not going to go out without a fight. The Skins on the other hand are just stumbling along and the collection of injuries on both sides of the ball will be just too much for Washington to overcome.
Eagles 27 Skins 17

Atlanta @ Minnesota: The Vikings have found enough offensive balance to take the pressure off of Adrian Peterson and Tarvaris Jackson looks like he might have learned a little something from watching Gus Ferotte of all people! The Falcons have offensive balance of their own, and their defense has not been anything to sneeze at. But this looks to be too tall an order. Vikings 26 Falcons 20

Carolina @ NY Giants: The Panthers have played in bigger games, but none as important. A win here will sow up home field for the playoffs. This will be crucial because it is quite likely they will meet again with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, the G-men have been solid all season but looked flustered last week against the Cowboys last Sunday night. The Panthers on the other hand are playing with a confidence similar to the Super Bowl run of five years ago. Plus the Panthers are just a little bit healthier.
Carolina 21 NYG 18

Green Bay @ Chicago: By the time Monday night rolls around the Bears might not have a lot left to play for. At this point though any prediction must be predicated on the possibility they will.
Bears 23 Packers 17

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