Rob Daniels goes out

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Sportswriter Rob Daniels is mentioned in the first post of this blog because he had already beaten me to the blogging trough.

In all, he’s made a dozen appearances here, usually because he’s won an award, because he’s tried something new and interesting or because he’s made someone mad.

All of which makes it doubly sad to announce that he’s taking the buyout and leaving at the end of the year after, appropriately, he covers Carolina, Wake and State in their bowl games.

Rob is our version of Tyler Hansbrough; he works as long as the lights are on, dives for every ball, loose or not, and covers all of the court. Though his beat is college sports, he goes wherever we need him or wherever he sees a story.

Of course, his true claim to fame is being able to drop an obscure rock band reference into any story he writes.

We will fill his position, but it’ll be tough to replace him.

*****Best of luck to Rob Daniels, as he goes out and heads down the road.*****

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