2009 East Regional matchups Friday at ECU

Here it is from nchsaa.org site and we were right, they have split Dudley and Northern Guilford and here are the pairings for this Friday night March 6, at the Minges Coliseum on the East Carolina campus.

Northern Guilford(27-3) vs. Bertie(22-4) 7PM

Dudley(26-3) vs. Kinston(26-3) 8:30PM


  1. After the Dudley vs. Oxford Webb game on Friday night the Dudley fans got the word that Northern Gulford had won. We knew then that the teams would be reseeded for the regional and that Dudley would probably end up playing Kinston. Well in order to win a championship you have to beat the best.

  2. anybody seen reggie bullock of k-town play? somebody from dudley need to lock him up. too bad these games are so far away.

  3. Reggie Bullock will not be the problem in the Regional game. The problem will be the physical play of Kinston as a whole and the referees foul calling. Dudley has made it to the Eastern Regional 10 straight years (a record in which no one has commented on) and they have lost to Kinston 4. Watching Dudley play Kinston is like watching GDS play Dudley, they get all the calls.

  4. Zac, u saying the the only reason dudley to lose is refs?

    acc teams used to play finesse ball in regular season and come tourney time, players always looking for foul. nooone called. if k-town plays physical, dudley better be more physical. I dont want hear that referee no calls is the reason for a loss. that sounds like whining to me. man up.

    congrats to D for 10 striaght regionals!

  5. I think it’s time Coach Price turned the boys loose and start getting physical back considering how Northern played in the conf. title game. Do that early on so when things really get out of hand and a near-riot erupts, it will be justified………

  6. Loooool the kids have to maintain their composure. Dudley’s team this year is just not physical. In years past with Hicks, Swinton etc, they could bang with anybody. They just dont have the size to do that. I think you have to play your game and not loose focus. The refs in the regionals are a lot better than the triad officials in my opinion. Refs never catch the first guy, they always get the second guy. So if one of our players react to an elbow or physical play, that puts us in a bind. Just play ball

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