Saturday morning rewind Part II: Dudley-Northern Guilford get ready for the Fourth Stanza

Will Dudley and Northern Guilford meet again for a fourth time this season in Greenville at East Carolina University?(I am starting to lose count after that conference tournament final.)

If they don’t re-seed the teams they will play in the first round of the East Regionals next week at ECU. If they do re-seed and they have done this before with two teams in the Regionals from the same conference(Dudley and Northeast Guilford in Greenville both from the Triad 3-A three years ago), we might not see the Dudley-Northern re-match.

If the committee re-seeds, then either Dudley or Northern will have to face Kinston in Round One and Kinston is probably the odds-on favorite to win the whole thing with North Carolina-signee Reggie Bullock. Bullock and Kinston(26-3) appear to be the team to beat. Kinston won the State 3-A Championship last year with Bullock and they finished second to Concord in 2007.

Dudley(26-3) won their semifinal game 90-66, while Northern Guilford(27-3) pulled out a 61-59 victory. Kinston picked up a 76-72 win over Central Nash in their sectional final. The fourth team in the regional at ECU, Bertie(22-4), won 72-61 in overtime.


  1. I am confused. The Western Regionals are being held no less than 3 miles from Dudley High School and they have to make a 2.5 hour drive to Greenville, that is ridiculous. In 2005, they held the Western Regionals in Winston Salem and they moved Carver into the Western bracket (from the Eastern Regional bracket) and placed another team in their place. I think the NCHSAA is a crooked organization whom exploits athletes and use favoritism in bracketology.

  2. NCHSAA, or others that are in the know. Just why is it that Dudley boys and girls are required to go to Greenville, the dead zone, when they pay taxes in Greensboro?
    These kids should have the opportunity to play in their own coliseum.

    Greenville offers no hospitality at all, their fans are just down right nasty and mean tempered. I’ve gone for years and nothing has changed. Interesting to know just how the finals are marketed within their community (positive and welcoming host) or a community wide beat down and attack for any team that enters? Negative Marketing breeds a negative reception. Their attitude taints the playoffs. But it’s obvious Greenville hasn’t a clue, Go figure!

    People are you listening? Let’s see how they respond if we move it to a more deserving community with an appreciation of the sport and an extreme respect for the kids that play the sport.

    This Greenville path to the finals is O-L-D and not the way to go. How do we go about changing it? Any better suited cities out there bidding, Please-Please- Please step-up to the table and let NCHSAA know we fans have had it with Greenville!!!

    P. S.
    Just in case you’re wondering… I support ALL athletes and All schools,no matter the location. Fair is Fair NCHSAA

  3. John P, due to realignment, next year, Dudley will be in the Western Regional games played in Greensboro. We are moving up to 4A competition. In 2004-05, the NCHSAA moved two teams around and it was so conspicuous. No one spoke on the matter because the NCHSAA is like the mafia. If you would, please observe the conference that Northern Guilford is in next year…they have no competition.

  4. With Northern it’s Eastern Guilford, Burlington Williams, Morehead, Bartlett Yancey, Rockingham County, and I believe Eastern Alamance.

  5. For the re-alignment the 4-A conference (not sure of name) will consist of :
    Southeast Guilford
    Western Guilford
    Southern Alamance

    The other 4-A conference will be:
    Northwest Guilford
    Southwest Guilford
    East Forysth

    3-A conference will be:
    Rockingham County
    Western Alamance
    Eastern Alamance
    Northern Guilford
    Eastern Guilford

    The other 3-A conference will be:
    Southern Guilford
    Northeast Guilford
    Southwestern Randolph
    North Forsyth

    Next year will be very interesting. I did not know Northeast will not be included in the alignment. Bartlett Yancey will be a 2-A school next year.

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