HS Baseball Today

Northwest Guilford at Smith 5PM(Someone said when Smith beat High Point Central recently that it was the first conference win for the Golden Eagles in 10 years. Anybody know for sure????? NWG went 2-2 down in Hartsville, South Carolina last week and they now stand at 13-2 overall.)

Northern Guilford at Dudley 7PM(Last time up at Northern it was 8-3 NG, and today’s rematch at Dudley should be a good one. I’m not sure of the status of Tevin Neal’s arm after last week’s marathon, but maybe Dudley goes with Jibril Shabazz today and Northern counters with George Carter. I saw George yesterday and he looks rested and ready and he likes the comp with Dudley. George said they have some very good talent on the Panthers team and they are not to ever be taken lightly.)

Grimsley at East Forsyth 6PM(12-2 EF, last time at Grimsley and not sure who goes today for Grimsley. Might be saving Kevin Rose for Saturday against Page, then again maybe not.)

Southeast Guilford at Randleman 7PM(Would love to see my old summer baseball teammate Josh Tobias get the call for SEG and face-off with Daniel Tuttle of Randleman, but it’s anybody’s guess what the pitching matchups/rotations will be. If Tobias goes and with senior Garreth Bigham behind the plate, SEG can play with just about anybody around. Webb, Gilmore, and Miller will have to get their bats moving and would one run be enough? You’ll have to go down there and find out. Haven’t heard much from Tivon(Tivo) Clark lately, hope he’s doing OK.)

Trinity at Ragsdale 7 PM(The Tigers offense was very evident last week in the Impact Baseball Tournament in Cary and it shouldn’t be any different today in Jamestown. Ragsdale has so many weapons to choose from, it’s like pick your poison. We hear a lot about all of the guys;McBride, Anderson, Stone, Sparks, Coffey, Hixon, Fultz, Andreco and guys of late that have really been picking it up are Kyle Brandenburg and Mike Whited.)

Good luck to all the teams today and we thought if we went back and added a little commentary that it might help set the tone for today’s games.

*****We need some word on how Southern Guilford and Eastern Guilford are doing. We have heard pretty much from everyone else at one time or another this season, but not much from SG or EG. Anything going on down there besides the new school and the upcoming rodeo?*****

*****Do you have others for us? Also if we have any girl’s softball/ladies fast-pitch softball games due up today we can start a seperate post for them. We need to get these kids some credit too….*****


  1. That is not true at all. Alan ashkinzy was there from 94-00 and they won plenty of conference games. they also have won some since him when derrick johnson was there. They beat glenn,dudley, and several other conference wins. So whomever said that has no clue and can shut up!!!!

  2. When Alan left that is probaby when the streak started.

    It is still amazing and I tell people this often, believe or not, Alan Ashkinazy had a winning record at Smith!

  3. It is sad to see that the hard work that those kids put in during the area that I was head coach nobody will ever no. We had winning records in 2002 & 2003. 13-10/02,
    12-113 losing 7 one run games that year. 10-12/04. During my area we had big time badeball wins. We had wins in summer and school play. Should I name some Page , Grimsley, Dudley. Morehead. Rockingham County, Ragsdale, Northeast, Parkland, North Forsyth,Glenn when they were ranked #1 in the state 23rd in the nation. Players like Jeremy Barton, Jeremy Rankin. Harrisin Simpson, Nick johnson, Rod Humphreys, Chris Johnson,Seth White, Chris Ruiz, Jeremy Hines, Quentin Anderson. Lets get the record stright no it has not been ten years not even 2 years. We had a great coaching staff Marcelle Millner, Pat Neal, DaJuan Harris, Anthony Tangredi, Mike Farrington& Shane Dickerson. Talk to the coaches out there who we played and they will tell you we play good baseball.

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