Guiford County Sports Hall of Fame nominations


The Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame is currently accepting nominations for potential inductees to the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms can be found online at or by contacting the Greensboro Sports Commission at 336-378-4499 or

The deadline for nominations for consideration for the Class of 2009 is Friday, May 22, 2009 at 5:00 pm.

Previous inductees include:

Class of 2005- Coach Bob Jamieson, Coach Tony Simeon, Rick Ferrell, Wes Ferrell, Lou Hudson, Coach Cal Irvin, Coach Kay Yow, Bob McAdoo, Coach Jerry Steele, Marge Burns, Charlie Sanders, Coach James Atkinson, and John Russell.

Class of 2006- Smith Barrier, Charlie Harville, Dale Morey, Jim Paschal, Jim Staton, Maxine Allen, Coach Jack Jensen, Gerald Austin, Coach Marion Kirby, Curly Neal, and Gene Littles

Class of 2007- Hal “Skinny” Brown, Vince Evans, Coach George Foree, Coach Bill Furcron, Page Marsh, Coach Mac Morris, Coach Michael Parker, Coach Mike Raybon, Coach Bob Sawyer, Emo Showfety and Debbie Yow

Class of 2008- Dr. Herb Appenzeller, Coach Lynne Agee, Jeff Bostic, Joe Bostic, Coach Dick Kemp, Danny Manning, Bodie McDowell, Ken Rush, and Pep Young

Demp Bradford
Director of Sports Events
Greensboro Sports Commission/Greensboro Area Convention & Visitors Bureau


  1. Why not nominate Andy Durham – he’s reports on Guilford County Sports for over 30 years and when there wasn’t somebody paying the bills and his salary – he goes independent.

    He won’t go to some fancy place cause of that Shorts Thing he has going on – may be the ceremony could be held at Golden Corral – far better food than the Coliseum, plus, they don’t charge for the room.

  2. Al Thomy is the man that needs to be in the Guilford County Hall of Fame and the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame too.

    Let’s start a drive to get Al Thomy in the Halls.

    Anybody with me on this one.

    I’ll work with Homer if he and the Simpsons will work with us. A couple of those men that Homer mentioned might end up in the Hall of Fame one day……

    Let’s push it! Al Thomy into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame.

    Al’s a Grimsley and Guilford College grad and he was a writer for the Greensboro News and Record(Greensboro Daily News and The Record) and he also wrote for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution and the Houston Chronicle and The Sporting News and ESP Magazine and many NASCAR publications. He was a pall bearer at Ty Cobbs funeral and did rare interviews at boxer Rocky Marciano’s log cabin up in the Georgia mountains.

    Hollar if you hear me!!!!! Al Thomy to the Hall of Fame……

  3. The Bob Doss call for the Hall is a great idea. I was thinking about him this morning in regards to all the baseball going on now at Stoner-White this week with Tom Veal, Johnny Smith, and Bob Sublett all out there you think you should Bob Doss out there too.

    Let’s get behind Bob and let’s keep the push going for Al Thomy.

    A guy by the last name of Turner has come up and he was a star at Dudley and at N.C. A&T back around the Curly Neal days. Not sure if it’s Elsworth Turner, but we are looking for this fellow too.

    Without a doubt Thomy, and we need to hear from Ogi Overman on Al’s behalf, and Bob Doss needs to be on the road to the Hall.

  4. We also need to take a look at Bill Slayton, the former Southeast Guilford football coach that won a State Baseball title and also played for or won a State football championship at SEG. Coach Slayton might be a name we need to toss around.

    I also think if you want to sell tickets and pack the house and maybe raise huge money, why not induct former Greensboro baseball player Derek Jeter. you hold the ceremonies after the major league season is complete, then you have a chance to get him and that would create a sell-out and a huge demand for tickets.

    Jeter must know that he must be present to enter. No show, No go into the Hall and you think he would appreciate this honor and help us raise a million or two by showing up and being inducted into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame.

    Jeter for the Hall………

  5. Jeter is a bad idea. What about some of the N&R’s old sportswriters from back in the day? Wilt, Smith Barrier or Meyer Anthony? All of these men deserve HOF status for the contributions to sports journalism in the Gate City! AD will be in the HOF one day Don, trust me on this one.

  6. Bob Doss was a mentor to me as well as a role model. I go back to the 70s having coached against him. More importantly, he was a friend. If anyone ever deserved this honor it is Bob Doss.

  7. Ronnie Smith! To quote manager Lou Brown from the movie Major League “Now that’s a hell of an idea”.
    Ronnie Smith would be great for the Hall of Fame. He cared about his school, his athletes,his sport, those opposing coaches of his sport, and their athletes as well.

  8. How about Caroline Lind, the Greensboro native who last year won gold in the USA women’s rowing crew at the Bejing Olympics???

  9. FYI:
    In the list of 2005 Hall of Fame inductees above, the names for Rick and Wes Ferrell are misspelled.
    The surname is spelled FERRELL (with an “E”) rather than FARRELL (“A”) for your records.

    Thank you!

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