Kids we know, on the GO!

I was in conservation with my good friend Jenk Jenkins yesterday and he asked if I had seen the news about all of local kids that were taking off to college for next year.

I have been hearing it, but had not yet seen the news and then I took a peek at the N&R on-line and saw where Mr. Bell and Mr. Keller had news on some of the recent signings.

Among those names mentioned were several that we have been reading about and watching over the past several years and here are a few of the names that all of you know also, and again, a good job by the kids and good job by Robert and Tom for bringing the news to the front of the N&R.

Bo Rein, (the nephew of the former N.C. State football coach of the same name that died in that tragic plane crash on his way to LSU back in 1979) is heading to N.C. A&T to join Coach Shumate and the Aggies’ baseball squad.

Wally Jones from the Ragsdale Tigers basketball team is on his way to Lincoln Memorial.(Not the Lincoln Memorial in DC, but the University in Tennessee.)

Ross Diachenko is on his way to Methodist by way of the 1-A State Champions in basketball, the Bishop McGuinness Villans. Diachenko is the son of Chuck Diachenko who played his high school ball at either Dudley for Jack Chatham or at Grimsley for Phil Weaver. I am leaning toward Chatham.

Keith Manley is on his way to play for the Gardner Webb Bulldogs. Keith has been a mainstay on the Grimsley boy’s basketball team since his freshman year with the Whirlies. Gardner Webb is the former home of Artis Gilmore when GW was a JUCO back in the 70’s and then AG took off for Jacksonville University, before heading to the ABA and the NBA. Gardner Webb also produced former NBA star John Drew.

Jasmine Alston former Grimsley girls hoops star is on the way to Johnson C. Smith in Charlotte after starting out her career at UNCW. Gill will begin her sophomore year at J.C. Smith in the fall of 2009 and she should be able to play right away since she is going from DI and moving down to a lower level.


  1. I believe that’s Jasmine Alston not Gill who is tranferring. Jasmine Gill went to Page

  2. What ever happened to the former Bishop Girls basketball star Kat Lyons I believe her name is? Where did she go after leaving Maryland? Does anyone know?

  3. Basketball Fan is correct. Jasmine Alston is the young woman who went to UNCW via Grimsley. Jasmine Gill is at Boston College and as far as we can tell, will be back there next year as well.

  4. To answer the Kat Lyons question….after leaving Maryland, she went to Marist College. Here’s where the story really gets interesting…..from the Poughkeepsie Journal: A former member of the Marist College women’s basketball team has filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was unfairly suspended from the college in January after she disclosed she was suffering from psychological problems.

    The suit was filed last week by Katheryn “Kat” Lyons. In court documents, Lyons’ attorney, Stephen H. Kahn, accused Marist officials of “extreme and outrageous conduct” by withdrawing his client’s athletic scholarship and suspending her from the college for two semesters. Kahn contends the college violated provisions of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, calling Marist’s actions “unlawful discrimination against (Lyons) based upon her disability or perceived disability.”

  5. Too many Jasmines and quite a few Alstons around here too.

    Jasmine Alston and Jasmine Gill and there’s the Alston young lady at Southeast Guilford that is headed to South Carolina State. I think it might be Paris Alston. Someone will let us know.

    We show love to all the Jasmines and the Alstons and thanks to everybody for chipping in.

  6. wally jones to tennessee is this the VOLS that play in the SEC conference? or a smaller school? please help?

  7. Wallly Jones is headed to Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee.

    I will get you the exact city in Tenn. so you can follow him.

    Lincoln Memorial University is a private four-year co-educational liberal arts college located in Harrogate, Tennessee.

    LMU sports teams, called the “Railsplitters”, compete in NCAA Division II in the South Atlantic Conference. The Chairman of the LMU Board of Trustees recently announced during a speech that the school is looking to move to Division I in 2011.

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