Northern Guilford Basketball Awards Banquet

The Northern Guilford High School Boys Basketball Team held their Annual Awards Banquet tonight at the Airport Marriott. Andy Durham was there for the pictures below. So were some other media, apparently for another purpose. We cover these banquets when invited.

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Greensboro Sports' 2009-05-27 Northern Guilford photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2009-05-27 Northern Guilford photoset


  1. I’m glad they decided to go ahead and get the rings because 10 years from now when they are showing them off, no one will remember that they are one of only 2 schools in NC history to have their championship stripped.

    Will the t-shirts have an (*) by 2009 state champions?
    Will there be a banner and picture hanging in the gym?
    Will they have a parade in Summerfield or Burlington or Yanceyville or Jamestown or Mcleansville?
    Who will they give their petitions to and what will they do with them?
    Will Coach K next job be a college job since all the college know how good he is?

  2. Was Mo Green Invited?
    Were there cookies and lemonade served at the banquet?
    Was the NAACP invited?
    Was this banquet sanctioned by Northern Guilford hs and GCS?
    Who payed for the rings?
    Who payed for the banquet?
    Was Derrell Force in attendance?
    Was Joe Yeager in attendance?
    Who spoke at the banquet?

  3. I know some of these boys and they seem like very nice kids. I am happy for them that they can get some recognition. They have been through a lot. I can only imagine the hatred that is going to spew from a lot of the responders to this post. Please try to limit the hate because I think we have heard it all. Whatever you think about the NG situation, there is nothing that could possibly be done to punish them any further. The state title is gone, the coach is gone and some of their teammates won’t return.

  4. You’re right Tom. They do have their recognition. The recognition that they were part of a team that did not play by the rules. They will be known for this FOREVER.

    Agreed, the boys have been through a lot. Maybe if the coach and parents would stop doing things that continue to raise the issue the punishment might stop.

    I’m amazed at what all this teaches the kids.

  5. Joe, you still don’t know the facts yet. This is a Green thing….not the state( call them and ask them)..they just acted on his recommendations(opinion)…the NAACP is involved and there are other attorneys working on this…let’s just wait for the real facts to come will know soon enough

  6. What are all of you haters going to say when Northern wins the championship again next year? Word is most of the team is returning and the two ineligible players didn’t have big roles on the team.

  7. Andy, Northern Guilford is having it’s athletic awards ceremony tonight at 6:30 pm

  8. Once again the adults miss the BIG PICTURE. So years from now when one of these players get caught for stealing from his employer or sells national security secrets to the enemy, he can always refer to his 2009 Stat Championship team and tell the authorities; Hey we cheated , lied, stole then so why are you trying to punish me for what you taught me to do? So now it’s OK to cheat as long as you have a coach with money and a ego the size of the universe to defy the rules and the hell with authority. We all know what is going to happen with the kids without the me financial means to hire a good lawyer don’t we. Northern Guilford and it’s parents should be a barred from competition for the next five years if they continue to make a fuss. HEY CHEATED AND THEY GOT CAUGHT, END OF STORY! you can call it haters, you can call it what ever you want. But if some one cheats you out of your money or if they steal something from you are you going to give them a ring and an banquet to celebrate their accomplishments. Only, and only because this happened at a so called elite school were they feel they are above the rest of the schools of Guilford county, they think they can get away with anything they want. NEWS FLASH! IT IT WHAT IT IS! YOU GOT CAUGHT! ACCEPT IT! MOVE ON!

  9. I have heard the coach from Page is heading over to NG because they know he won’t cheat. Oh, the irony! It could be the assistant though, not sure. That is all rumblings. I am sure many have applied. No one probably knows anything unless they have started interviewing.

  10. If the Northern team wins it next year I would hope everyone congratulates them. I know I will. Most people don’t care who wins. I don’t care who wins. Just that it’s reasonably fair.

  11. The problem with the jealous coaches is that at the end of the day, most of them have little regards for the future of their players. It is plain to see if you as a coach are doing what you are suppose to be doing for astudent athelete, they wont have any reason to leave. Most of the coaches that i see in this area are concerned about one thing. they pad their record year in and year out. stan’s ultimate goal is to get kids in college. I see so much daddy ball in this county and it is just a matter of time before children have to stand on their own.People should appreciate a coach is willing to go the extra mile to help children.Why didn’t anyone complain about the program last year. The bottom line is if a coach can develop talent and teach kids how to get better, we would not have anyone trying to break rules.

  12. Ever heard of Nathan Ball? Probably not, but he got a D-I scholarship because of Coach Kent. Shelton Carter? Probably not a D-I player, but guess what? He gets a D-I scholarship. Marsharee Neely was a 6’1 post player when he started playing for Kent and now he is a starting D-I guard. Julius Brooks couldn’t walk and talk at the same time when he got to Page, but he became a D-I player and probably could have went a lot higher than Loyola if that is not where he wanted to go. There are plenty more that played at the next level that wouldn’t have without the help of a coach that has PROVEN he cares about his players not just talked about it.

    ok, thats just a few. So who has your boy DEVELOPED into a college player and actually got them there?

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