Two new on the Positive people and places: Uplifting Faces among the Crowd

We have two new members for induction into this week’s edition of our new, Positive people and places:Uplifting Faces among the Crowd.

Charter members are:
Jason Roberts(Southwest Guilford/Charlotte
Liana Blue(Northeast Guilford/Charlotte
Tony Ferrante(High Point Wesleyan)
Trey Godette(Dudley)

They are joined today by Brennan Wyatt(Dudley HS) and Corban Collins(High Point Andrews).

Reader says: I hear that Brennan Wyatt, Junior Point Guard (Dudley) has 4.8 GPA. Go Brennan…

Majority of students in sports at Dudley have 3.0 or better and rank among the highest GPA’ s in their class. Don’t fool yourselves about Dudley. Most students from there can attend college on academics alone. says:(Wyatt has heard from Harvard and other Ivy League schools and he is the real deal in the books. His dad has the background from up there in the League and Brendan can choose where he wants to attend.

We can’t nominate him because we work here, but Josh Jones from Dudley has an appointment to the Naval Academy and he ranks third in the senior class at Dudley. Very intelligent and likeable young man. Good kid and one of the players of the year in the State 3-A Football Championship season.)

Reader says: Once again the so called experts have missed one of the best players on the floor. Only 14 years old and a rising sophmore at TW Andrews/Carolina Raptors Corban Collins, he gets no love. Possibly one of the best point guards to come along in years and light years past his age in ability. YOU ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE SO CALLED EXPERTS HAVE MISSED HIS PLAY. I see all the people talking about players from NC, but it seems that a team player and a floor leader can’t get any publicity. This kid is not a selfish player but stills put up numbers aganist much older competition constantly. If you are looking to promote selfish me first players then I can see why you have over looked him. Like the old saying,”you wouldn’t know real talent if it snuck up behind you and bit you”. says:We have mentioned him on the site previoulsy, and we know his coach James Abell very well. Corban is in the spotlight now and he will remain there for awhile. You have to read us 365 to get all of our sports news and the player name mentions and we do get it right 364……


  1. Brennan Wyatt is a good kid, but the recommendation would be more impressive if the nominator really knew his name!

  2. There’s a little confusion about Tony Ferrante. The player is actually Chris Ferrante of Wesleyan Christian Academy. Tony is his father.

    Chris did have a good season acheiving all-conference, all-state as a sophomore.

  3. Liana Blue———–former student of mine———-great kid——-strong work ethic in both the classroom and as a runner

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