The Best of the Best on the last day of school, time to hit the Pool

We look at the Best coaches and AD’s and it’s the last day of school and time to hit the pool.

Where is the Best swimming pool these days????? Is it at the Bur-Mil Park, at Hamilton Lakes, Hagan Stone Park, Lakewood Pool off of Lindley Road, Warnersville Center, Lindley Park Pool(you can see it from West Wendover Avenue), the Elks Lodge Pool over off of Cornwalis, at the YMCA’s or the YWCA, at Rush Fitness Centers, or the local apartment complex or the Howard Johnson’s Hotel/Holiday Inn if one still exists??????

Who has the best pool in town??????

Best of the Best in Guilford County at the end of 2009????? Here’s what people have been telling me…….

Football-Steven Davis at Dudley…..The football officials tell me even they can’t believe it. This guy does it all and he doesn’t even use a headset. #2:They are talking Scott Loosemore at Eastern Guilford…..After all of the transfers to other schools he is still winning games he shouldn’t even be in.

Basketball-They tell me Robert Kent. He has lost numerous players, but his Page Pirates still beat Mount Tabor and gave the State 4-A Champs their only loss of the year. #2:If we go private Freddy Johnson would be #1, but since we are looking at end-of-the-year public schools, then Freddy will have to settle for number two…..

Girl’s Basketball-Kris Britton from Dudley. 3-A State Champs in 2009 says it all…….#2:Kim Furlough of Northern Guilford. The girl’s basketball team has never been mentioned during the Guilford County athletics investigations that have been on-going at Northern Guilford……..

Baseball-Chris Causey at Western Guilford….The sources I talked to said he is the best pure baseball mind right now in Guilford County and if he gave up football coaching and focused just on baseball, then Western Guilford would win the State Title next year, even though they are moving up and going 4-A.

Athletic Director-Rusty Lee at Page……The sources I talk to say he has always been the best. With Guilford County funds available Page looks just like Smith when you look at their gymnasiums. But you have to look on the outside at Page and see all that Lee has done with the new improvements around the campus down around the football practice field and in and around the Marion Kirby Stadium. You have the softball fields, the soccer fields, the lacrosse practice areas, they are doing work all over the place outside at Page. They have the brand new building down by the football field that will eventually serve as a visitor’s side entrance for the football games…..There’s a lot going on at Page.

#2:Jim Clontz is the quietest guy in the county and he does a bang-up job at Western Guilford. The former Southeast Guilford Falcon always has a big grin on his face and he will be working up a sweat even in the dead of winter. Clontz has been there and done that and he probably has more time on his belt than any other teacher/coach in Guilford County. I can’t even tell you who the AD was when I was out at Western Guilford way back in the 70’s, maybe Ed Carroll would know, but everyone in that community knows who Jim Clontz is today………….

Just a look back, as we close out the 2008/2009 School Year and it was a wild one!


  1. You have to mention Coach Britton @ Dudley for women’s basketball hands down. She works so hard for those girls on and off the court. There’s not a better all-round coach in the area. Dudley has truely been blessed with GREAT coaches!

  2. Coach Britton is a great coach, but Coach Furlough at Northern is just as good. We are lucky to have several very good women’s bball coaches in this area. If the colleges don’t get either one of these coaches, there will be some great basketball in this area for years to come.

  3. This discussion is still wide-open……We are going to place Coach Britton #1 and Coach Furlough #2 for the girl’s basketball slots and other spots are still open….

    If you are looking to hire a Guilford County coach and there is enough money left in the budget then who gets the loot instead of the boot? FB, BskB, BB, X-Country, Track, Lax, VB, Soccer, Wrestling, Softball, AD, etc……

    We have seen Charlie Brown’s name before as the best Track and X-Country man around, does he get the call and who else??????

    Coach Furlough at Northern had no marks against her and from what we know, NO investigations into her program during the NG ordeal. Must be doing something right…..

  4. For both longevity and passion for the sport of cross country and the fact that these guys are also on the faculty at their schools, I have to go with both Mick Gallant at Southeast and David Blue at Northeast. Both of them have been coaching since the early 1980’s and both have coached girl’s teams that have placed in the top 3 in the state. As of late, Mick has seemed to get good results out of his girls while Dave seems to do a little better with the guys. I did not mention Charlie Brown since he does not actually coach cross country at Southwest. He does so much for the sport with his outstanding invitationals at Hagan-Stone Park even though he is not coaching during that season.
    There are other coaches that win a bit more than Mick and Dave but they seem to be blessed with a school poulation demographic more condusive to cross country success. These two seem to get results out of less than ideal situations.

  5. Both Davis and Loosemore are excellent football coaches. Davis does a lot for his kids and Loosemore does more with less. But you can easily mention Tommy Norwood at Ragsdale in the same breath. Who else out there has averaged 10 wins a season? And he and his staff do tons for the kids. Kids are very fortunate to get to play for those guys.

  6. Lots of good choices by the staff, but Causey as the best baseball mind is a total joke. His teams have underachieved the last two years. The conference they play in is a joke, 2 games a year against Morehead, BY, and NE. How about Sonny Gann at NW or Lynn Coble at SE? Both men win more year in and year out playing against much better competition, and Western lost to both teams this year.

  7. I agree totally that Chris Causey is the baseball guru. He only had 2 seniors this year and neither of them started every game. “baseball fan” has no clue since he wasn’t even there. Western played there non-conference games after the conference had already started and didn’t use their regular pitchers for SE and NW. They went to the 3rd round of the state just like NW and further than SE. The triad 3A sent 6 teams to the playoffs. I don’t think that’s too weak of a conference.

  8. Who is coaching the Western Guilford summer Colt League team? The people we talked to, and they no longer even have kids playing baseball, say Causey is their man if they had to start a team from scratch.

    Many of the observers say they would again like to see what Causey would do if he focused strictly on baseball.

    We had some solid props for Coaches Gann and Coble recently and I had someone tell me the other day that John Hughes at NWG, now the Viking AD, used to be a very solid baseball coach. Played at Duke, coached at Northwest and coached the Asheboro Copperheads CPL team.

  9. The last 2 games in Colt ball, Causey filled in for vacationing coach Wood who coaches the JV team.

  10. I saw the post also here about Blue and Gallant coaching cross country.They were also at ASU with me in the late 70’s like Dave Beasley. Guilford County is fortunate that all 3 of those guys are still coaching.

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