You make the call: Will K coach again in Guilford County or is he finished here?

There was an article on Coach Stan Kowalewski in the Sunday News and Record and it talked about Coach K possibly going out to the Oak Ridge Military Academy as the new head basketball coach.

Do you think Coach K will end with ORMA or is he done in Guilford County????? There are several private schools that could be possibilities such as Oak Ridge, High Point Christian, Caldwell Academy(if the current coach chose to step down), Vandalia Christian, Wesleyan Academy, Westchester Country Day, or even Greensboro Day School when Coach Johnson decides to take a break and work full-time behind the desk as the Bengals’ AD. Coach K to Greensboro Day to replace Coach J, what do you say?????

These are all just hypothetical situations and in most cases things would have to happen with the teams’ current coaches’ status to make it possible for Coach K to move in and take over.

The Oak Ridge job sounds like it is looming and what do you think? Will Coach K go the big “O”, as in Oak Ridge Cadets or is his work done here in this county?????

Here’s a link that should take you to Sunday’s story in the N&R and if not just go and go to Sports and connect with the High School area and it should be the first story/article you see by Robert Bell……….


  1. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far(from Wikipedia) and I’m sure we’ll see/hear more:

    Dr. Roy Berwick, a retired officer of the United States Army, is currently the Academy’s President.

    Notable Alumni
    Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (1974 – ), popular race-car driver for NASCAR, has 18 NASCAR wins and 137 Top-10 finishes.
    Dee Snider (1955 – ), lead singer of the 1980s glam heavy metal band Twisted Sister.

    You make the call………

  2. If I my son were still in high school and I found out where Coach K was going to be next year I would be in the process of transferring to that district right now!

    He is a superb coach and his program is unparalleled. For him basketball season is 24/7 12 months a year. If round-ball is what your son eats and breaths…Coach K is the man to keep him focused on his goals on the court and will not tolerate anything but 100% commitment to his academics as well.

    You can say all the negative things you want about Coach but those of us who have been involved in his program know there is no better in this area!!

    It would be a total waste if he didn’t coach somewhere else immediately. I am thrilled to hear that it is a probability!!!

    To all of you haters who incisively post over @ N&R…please keep your disparaging comments to yourselves for once!!!

  3. Oak Ridge Military Academy Boy’s Basketball 2008-2009

    Head Coach: Bob Lipke
    Assistant Head Coach: Earnest Washington

    ORMA AD:
    Dan Carpinetti
    Athletic Director

  4. First, Oak Ridge Military is on the verge of closing. They owe employees total of a few hundred thousand dollars before they can even operate in the fall in addition to other debt, and their enrollment was too low to pay their bills apparently. Now they have to replace the kids who graduated and all of the other students who are likely leaving due to natural turnover in addition to those leaving because of the financial situation. The majority of their employees left and will probably file a lawsuit to get paid if the school tries to open in the fall without paying what they owe the employees. Even if Coach K were hired and brought in 30 basketball players, they still probably can’t stay open. Also, the newspaper said that they won’t consider him until he gets everything cleared up with Guilford County, and I heard even then they may not hire him. Again, it probably won’t stay open so moot point. I do think Coach K will likely end up somewhere, but I don’t think it will be in Guilford County. Perhaps another county though, especially at a private school in another county.

  5. Craig Dawson is the new FCDS coach. It is Oak Ridge or bust I think, I don’t see anyone else hiring him in this area. HPCA I gues could be a possibility, but from what I have heard I doubt it seriously.

  6. Never, ever again folks. Maybe AAU but not a public or private school in Guilford county. To much of a cleanupto the act before anyone will touch him. remember, he works for a principal, and who wants an employee who refuses to be controlled? Do the players love hin? Apparently so, but there is more to this whole process than the players and parents loving you IMHO!

  7. I know nothing just guessing… it depends on what the courts decide about the 3A basketball title..they may just get it back if they determine the administration is wrong in their accusations and opinions….just my opinion…that’s all

  8. When you keep talking about the courts and getting the title back, can we assume you are just trying to be funny? At first I thought you were serious, dreaming but serious, but I am thinking now that you are actually just putting us on.
    Honestly, I don’t think they are even purusing that anymore. Also, Guilford County would actually have to sue. The parents can’t actuallylegally sue for the title back. The county would have to file the suit. If there was going to be a suit, it would have been filed by now. Again, at this point I assume you are just trying to be funny.

  9. Let’s all hope Coach K is coaching somewhere in this area. Let’s not lose another great coach that knows how to win, teach, and prepare kids to play at the next level. Please pick up a June issue of Sports Carolina Monthly as I opened my publication to Coach K to tell his side of the story.

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