NC Colts(Greensboro Gray) take two at the Inner City Classic

The Greensboro Gray came ready to play at the Inner City Classic that got under way on Thursday here in town. Now known as the NC Colts, Greensboro Gray, had something to say and they let their bats do the talking as you can tell as we review their totals from the Thursday victories.

The NC Colts won their first game over LA NORD (Louisiana) 10-1
and the second game over the Virginia Hornets (Richmond) 8-0…..

We will continue to track the NC Colts and any other team that sends us info on how they are doing in the Inner City Classic. The results posted above are the only ones that we received from Thursday’s action. You can see and review the complete schedule at the previous post here on the site that gives all of the games and locations for the Inner City Classic action.

The listing is “Schedule for the Inner City Classic”.


  1. Wouldn’t that be amazing if the Greensboro Gray and the Greensboro Green both won their tournaments?
    Buena suerte! to both.

  2. Good job Greensboro Gray and keep it coming. Gray now (3-0) in the tournament and we’d love to get some details/stats on how the kids did today……

    Just drop them in the box and we will post up later on the site.

  3. hi everyone ,just wached greensboro grey win and its good to see one of the mccann twins play here in the inner city games heard he did’nt go to ind because of football and his job that’s inpressive for a 15yr old.also like the way matt the coach for the gray is playing all his players maybe the coach(wannabe)for the green in ind should take some notes from matt about playing time cause sunday they (green) are going to start getting a taste of there on medacin(beat up on and they need that then maybe he will open up his eyes and see what he has on the bench that can really play.good to see the gray winning and players like gunn and mccann and all these guys play like a team .#11 did a great job on the mound fri. sorry don’t no his name good luck today and beat the bison we will be there .

  4. just wanted to say the catcher for the gray i think it’s the mccann twin is a beast and if he gets his batt going look out he can put on a heck of a power show.and his brother caleb is abig time hitter also would have loved to see them play more in the colt allstars. they are going to go some where and they have three yrs. at n.e to help win a state championship. they are stacked.back to mccann i hope to see you boys really put on a show good luct to gray and the coach ps. im a fan from a team that plays aginst the rams wish i could play for them

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