Changes on the baseball front at Northern Guilford

Johnny Smith will not be the head coach at Northern Guilford for the upcoming 2009/2010 season.

His assistant, Justin Smith, will not be returning and Johnny has been named the assistant Nighhawk baseball coach.

Landon Kimrey, the Northern Guilford Middle school baseball coach, has been named head coach of the NG Nighthawk varsity baseball team.

Good to see Coach Smith staying on board, to continue to help oversee the work he has started at Northern Guilford.


  1. Coach is not on faculty at Northern and there were issuses with the baseball team during the previous season at NG. Johnny Smith can be an asset no matter how he is serving at Northern. He has and will put his time in and help build the program.

  2. Not unexpected in my opinion. I am sure the reputation from PP did not help the assistant situation.

  3. Thee is a rule in Guilford County now where if you are a coach, head or assistant and you coach a summer team of players of the same age of high schoolers, you can not coach within the Guilford County Schools. Justin was offered a position but would have to give up his Proehlific team. That was a no brainer decision since Proehlific will be expanding their teams next year. Justin is the sole force in putting toghether those teams. As far as Johnny, he will be the assistant.
    They had to get a head coach which was on the faculty and this guy was the only person that had coached baseball, he was middle school coach. Him and Johnny are good friends and look for no big changes within the baseball program. Most of their players played either Proehlific or Impact this summer. They should be better. How much better is yet to see. I do not think a high school coach can coach colt if someone from another school is on the team and will not be able to coach all-stars. What a rule.

  4. actually the new policy states that if a coach works offseason in his sport then he must report all assocations prior to the school year and if people start transferring everyone must self report.

  5. Yes, the original policy was reworked. I know several people who wrote letters to the policy committee on behalf of coaches that coach swim, lacrosse, etc. that the original policy would have negatively impacted.

    6. All head coaches/assistant coaches shall complete an Affidavit of Outside
    (Non-School Related) Activities prior to the beginning of each school year or
    prior to assuming coaching responsibilities if they apply for positions after the
    start of the school year. The Affidavit will include a disclosure of every
    potential conflict of interest, including coaching students of the same age and
    eligibility at the club, community, or AAU level, recruiting for compensation by
    any camp, college, program or other organization or other such conflict which
    could result in the appearance of impropriety. Additionally, coaches and
    assistant coaches will immediately complete an Outside Contact (Non-School
    Related) Reporting Form (see addendum) when athletes from their nonschool
    interests enroll in the school.

  6. So this means that Johnny Smith could go back coaching Proehlific in the summer. Is that right. With him, Justin and Buddy and Bob they would have a great staff. They all get along so well.

  7. i heard that although the investigation, players such as david are still trying to make it over there is this true?

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