NC Colts fall to the Bison: Bison vs. Aggies for title on Sunday at UNCG

The Bison just beat the NC Colts in 10 long innings 8-7.

Again, the NC Colts(Greensboro Gray) lost to the Bisons 8-7 in a hard fought 10 inning game………

The championship will be played tomorrow at UNCG between The Aggies and The Bisons -both Greensboro teams.

You guys send us a game time if you get a chance, so we will know what time the title will be decided at UNCG’s baseball stadium.

I believe JB Baynes is the coach of the Greensboro Bison and Ray Crawford is the man in charge of the Aggies.

The Bison won it all last year down in South Carolina……….


  1. IF JB Baynes is the coach of the bison I guess people need to let guilford county school system know because we is the head baseball coach at Smith High school and you all know that he is not coaching his coach from Smith so that means he is coaching kids from other schools. He might be try to get those player to come to Smith plue it is a Dead periord for High school baseball now so if there is any Smith kids on the fields that also should be checked in to by the AD at Smith and the Guilford Courty AD bye all means if it was Northern Guilford it would be all over the new and the paper.

  2. Stop trying to make something out of nothing. Just come out and enjoy the game at 1:00pm. also Lewis Allen is the coach of the Aggie team.

  3. No one was talking about the Aggies I it was about the baseball coach from Smith High JB Baynes was coach a team this weekend.

  4. The month of August isa dead period in high school sports for all spring sports. This means that no coach orassisitant or volunteer can coach or work with players from his team or school. With the new Guilford County policy in place italso means that no baseball coach can coach kids of high school age. Sounds like rules are being broken. I hear that there are 2 GC school basball coaches breaking the rules. Sports fan is right, if it was Northern it would be all over the paper. Someone should pass this along to the powers to be. It is ashame that GC singled out one school and let the others due as they please. Along with this both of the coaches that I assume that are breaking the rules are non faculty.

  5. Who are the coaches in question and from what school? I think I have a good idea but do not want to mention any names until I am sure. If this is true I hope the GCS NAILS THEM.

  6. The rules just went in to place. Coaches were allowed to complete this season. next summer is when you’ll see the changes. Going on your analogy, the all-star coaches for the Green team should not be coaching either. Next season is when we see the changes.

  7. I was told by a principal that they are in effect now. Whether thats true I do not know. I also would like to know how many non faculty coaches there are in Guilford County that are being replaced by faculty. Northern is the only high school that I know. What about Dudley and Smith and Andrews.

  8. If you guys only knew what you were talking about. The coaches can not coach a team for GCS during that time. This has nothing to do with school. You are just trying to be trouble makers. Mind your own.

  9. There were some very athletic kids, but i was not impressed with the level of baseball skill. I cannot imagine what the early rounds were like.

  10. hey lq slick it’s been that way a good while now so think before u put ur foot up ur a#@ ur acting like u know something but u don’t and like wes said it will come out

  11. it’s a non-issue if he doesn’t have a contract in effect—nor is he a staff member—nor is anyone going to transfer in—-even if this all goes against the grain, nothing will happen. just wait and see. this rule is discriminatory and punitive only when the gcs wishws to make it so.

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