Kurt Angle in a tangle with girlfriend and HGH/Jason Powell responds

from www.prowrestling.net:

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was arrested Saturday morning in Robinson Township. According to the complaint, Angle was served with a “protection from abuse” order Saturday morning from his girlfriend, Rhaka Khan.

Khan was at a Starbuck’s morning and claimed Angle was stalking her. She called 911 and he was pulled over in her car. Angle was charged with driving with a suspended license, prohibited-acts possession, and harassment and prohibited acts. Angle had HGH in the car, but claimed he had a prescription for them.

Rich Twill’s Two Cents: This is not the time to jump to conclusions, but on the surface, this does not look good at all. Certain stalking charges are felonies and a felony conviction usually leads to jail time. I’m not saying Angle will definitely be looking at that, but with the other charges, this certainly does not look good right now for him and TNA. No word was given by TNA about this Sunday’s Hard Justice.

from WPXI.com:
PITTSBURGH — Professional wrestler Kurt Angle was arrested in Robinson Township on Saturday morning.

According to a criminal complaint, his girlfriend had filed a protection from abuse order against Angle, which was served at his home on Saturday morning.

The woman reported to police that she was at a Starbucks on the internet, when she claims she saw Angle stalking her.

She called 911, and police pulled over Angle in his girlfriend’s car.

According to the criminal complaint, Angle was driving on a suspended license. Police also found a capped syringe and two vials of “Hygetropin,” otherwise known as HGH. Angle told police he had a legal prescription for the drugs.

The charges against Angle include: driving while operating privilege is suspended, prohibited acts-possession, harrassment and prohibited acts.

Angle is currently the World Champion in TNA Wrestling, and was scheduled to wrestle in a pay-per-view match in Orlando on Sunday night.

The girlfriend mentioned in the complaint is also a wrestler for TNA.

TNA Wrestling had no official comment on Saturday, but was aware of the incident.

from Jason Powell prowrestling.net:
The criminal complaint filed against Kurt Angle pertaining to his arrest on Saturday has been published by WPXI.com. The report notes that the alleged victim claimed Angle took her cell phone and she feared that he was deleting her text messages and pictures that would prove past abuse.

Although the victim is not identified in the criminal complaint, it has been revealed in other media reports that she is TNA wrestler Rhaka Khan (a/k/a Trenesh Biggers). To read the full complaint against Angle, visit WPXI.com.

Jason Powell’s POV: Angle denies stalking Biggers and claims that he has a prescription for the human growth hormone that was found in his vehicle at the time of his arrest. He did concede that he was removed from his home on Friday night after he and Biggers had an altercation.

Angle has been released from jail and the buzz is that he should be at the TNA pay-per-view in Orlando tonight. It will be very interesting to see how Angle and TNA respond to the allegations. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Angle has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Tuesday, meaning it’s likely he will miss at least a portion of the television tapings this month.


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