Kim Strable lands at Greensboro Sports Commission

Kim Strable, formerly the AD at Greensboro College, will be filling the shoes of Marc Bush, who is retiring, as the next President of the Greensboro Sports Commission. More coming soon.


  1. Excellent hire. I hope Demp Bradford decides to stay around. He and Kim will make a great team with Camielle Townsend up front……

  2. Great news for Kim and for Greensboro. He’s a class act who deserved better than what he got from Greensboro College. He’ll never say that, but someone should.

  3. This hire is great news for the future od the Sports Commission. Kim is a class act who represented Greensboro College very well for 20 years. Marc did a fantastic job and he is owed a huge thank you for the wonderful job he has done.

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