The Word on the street: Central Carolina Sports Academy Shakin’, not Shaky

In talks today with a source close to the Central Carolina Sports Academy and he told me that they are practicing at the Spears YMCA on Horsepen Creek Road.(CCSA previoulsy used facilities at Proehlific Park, but no longer do so.)

The practices run somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-7pm and they seem to have a foothold on what they want to do with their football. The CCSA is using the Gold’s Gym on Battleground Avenue for their weight training workouts and Christian McCain(Northern Guilford) was in there yesterday lifting weights.

Chris Jasperse(Page Class of 2009) has also been training at Gold’s Gym and Chris is in the CCSA practices at the Spears YMCA. Players from the Class of 2009 from Southeast Guilford and Ragsdale are also on the CCSA roster. They began practice a few days ago and over 150 potential players showed up, all trying to land a spot on the squad/squads…..

The Central Carolina Sports Academy students will be taking their classes at GTCC and some of the players will be seeking their associate degrees and others will just be adding classes and trying to get back into solid academic standing so they can enter college in the fall of 2010.

There will be different levels at CCSA with high school level football and college level football being offered and you will see a mixture of the two sets of players together on the field at times during the fall of 2009.

The CCSA Warriors plan seems to be coming together and they will not open their season until late in September.

Here’s the word on the head coach Gary Dandridge at CCSA:
Coach Dandridge, aka (Coach “D”), is a former 2-time All-American, 3-time All-Southern Conference and Appalachian State University team captain.

Coach “D” earned 2 Southern Conference Championships under Coach Sparky Woods in 1987 and Coach Jerry Moore in 1992.(1987-1992, a long and steady career at ASU.) Coach “D” was a standout defensive back for the Mountaineers and participated in two football all star games his senior year…the Blue Grey All Star Classic and the East West Shrine All Star Game.

Coach “D” was the 122nd pick in the 1992 NFL draft by the Seattle Seahawks but was placed on injury reserve after suffering a dislocated elbow. The following season, Coach “D” attended the Kansas City Chiefs training camp under Coach Marty Shottenheimer and tutelage from defensive back coach Herm Edwards.

Coach “D” went on to participate as the defensive specialist with the Arena Football League Charlotte Rage under Penn State offensive coordinator – Galen Hall and veteran AFL coach Doug Kay.

Coach “D’s” coaching career began in 1995 at East Tennessee State University in the Southern Conference as a defensive back coach.

Click Here to get more and see the photo of Coach Dandridge.


  1. Great information..I have seen the fellas at Spears…any info on the basketball program?

  2. I think the basketball is still a work in progress although they have named a coach.

    We should have more on this soon….

    One thing that causes me to wonder, is the fact that the CCSA kids go to GTCC and GTCC already has a basketball team, but on second thought, maybe this will give even more kids a chance to play and that’s usually a good thing……

  3. if they use the “club” model, they can go to gtcc, play for CCSA and earn their Associates and still have 3 yrs of college eligibility…Club teams play jucos and college javees…there’s a school in martinsville that does it..if they do a “post grad” model, it is an extra year of high school (with a diploma in hand) with the opportunity to take college courses and/or retake the SAT…

    I met the coach last year, but they were in prolific park then; i know that things have changed since then..please keep us posted Andy..

  4. Reggie,
    You are exactly right about the club model. One of the football coaches mentioned that to me the other day as way they can play and still retain eligibility.

  5. I still feel like there is something shaky about CCSA. Fromwhat I was told by a CCSA ex-football and basketball player, they were not told that by becoming full time students at GTCC that their college/university eligibility would be hindered and they would be stuck at GTCC until they accumulate enough credit hours to transfer. Many of the atheletes probably need the GPA help from GTCC, but I still feel that it should have been something that came out in the very begining. Some of the kids feel like they were sent to GTCC just so CCSA could get their financial aid money.What happened to the fact that on their website they offer that the boys have a choice to either go to GTCC or take classes at the prep school? I don’t understand why parents don’t do more to investigate before major choices are made abou the future of their athelets !!!

  6. Parents please please investigate this program before you give them any money. I made the mistake of paying them money for this program which has turned out not to be as they told us (the parents). I asked all the right questions but I did feel as if something was not quit right but we took a chance and tried it anyway. They are not consistent on what the cost is for this program. The cost is different for different players (how is this fair). Also, the tutoring and study hall is not at all what it should be. They stress academics but the program is not academically sound. My advise to the players, please study hard so you can go to a “real school” if you want to be an athlete.

  7. How many Junior Colleges on the East Coast play football??? I can answer that, 3. I have done a lot of looking into Junior College football. The NJCAA has 68 teams across the country. Roughly 47 of those schools give a limited number of scholarships. The Mississippi conference can only have 5 out-of-state players on their roster. Every NJCAA scholarship school has a limit on out-of-state players. The schools that do not give scholarships rely on the financial aid system and parents to supply the player’s money for tuition, room/board, books and other costly items. You will not find a school anywhere that can do all of this with no scholarship for much less than these people are asking. They have designed a product to help players stay closer to home, play and train. I am not sure if it will work. I am not sure if the staff is on the up and up. But I can tell you that there is a huge need for something like this on the East Coast. I have had players sign all over the country because they wanted to play. However, I have had as many or more stay home…because they did not want to go that far from home for one reason or another. I hope this or something like this takes off. These kids need something to help them.

    As far as the questions about the money…AAU and travel baseball programs all over the country are charge fees like this for only playing. If the group is paying for Tuition, Room/Board and taking care of the kids…what is the issue? Some parents don’t really know how to help their child go to school. These players are NCAA Junior College students. The same rules apply to them as any other NCAA school. It is not a prep school setup(which would scare me). The rules about NCAA Junior college students are clear. Again, I do not know if the group is on the up and up…but there is a huge need for this. I for one hope this works for the kids.

  8. I have been really looking in this subject. Notre Dame College and Webber International both played CCSA this season. I spoke to the Head Coach at Notre Dame College this morning. He had pretty good things to say about the team. They have interest in a couple of players on the team. I then called a former college coach of mine at Webber International. They also had solid things to say about the appearance of the team. I am still looking into the academy itself. But as far as the on the field product…all appears well. I will be back with more.

  9. Look for breaking news on this scam to come out soon. Clayton Banner is writing bad checks to coaches, players are being kicked out of apartments and forced to move into different ones because Clayton Banner hasn’t paid rent.

  10. This area does need a prep program for kids to improve their SAT scores and GPA, however CCSA is not going to do it! I know a parent who’s son played football there. This kid didn’t get to play, the team was centered around a select group of players. They had a schedule but didn’t play all the games. The program is very unorganized, the CEO has changed his phone number and no one seems to know where he is. I think he is trying to avoid angry parents who know he made promises and took their money. I also heard he is setting up programs on the east coast like this one under the name SADA.

  11. The practices run somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-7pm and they seem to have a foothold on what they want to do with their football. The CCSA is using the Gold’s Gym on Battleground Avenue for their weight training workouts and Christian McCain(Northern Guilford) was in there yesterday lifting weights.

    Chris Ja That is a flat out lie about the football ….my son was there at that ghetto scam get up. Banner is nothing but a criminal that need to be put under the prison. They have not done a single thing they said that would take place. At this time all the coaches is gone BAnner is no where to be found. Beware of this SCAM to any parent that is thinking about sending their child there……..;.IT IS A MONEY SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. #

    I have been really looking in this subject. Notre Dame College and Webber International both played CCSA this season. I spoke to the Head Coach at Notre Dame College this morning. He had pretty good things to say about the team. They have interest in a couple of players on the team. I then called a former college coach of mine at Webber International. They also had solid things to say about the appearance of the team. I am still looking into the academy itself. But as far as the on the field product…all appears well. I will be back with more.
    Posted by James PLease do your homework…..CCSA football is a scam and Banner and a few other that work with him need to be put in jail with the other criminals!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am with you James and anybody else that wants to see Banner behind bars! I am also the parent of a player. They haven’t lifted weights or gone to class since before Thanksgiving. I also felt I asked the right questions, but this program was brand new. Things can be shaky and unorganized at first. I thought the kinks would get worked out. Anybody know a good attorney?

  14. Does anyone have more word on what is going on with CCSA? The problems with the football sound awful. Are there similar problems with the basketball program. Are kids going to classes? What’s up?

  15. I would like to speak with anyone who has been wronged by CCSA and Clayton Banner. I have his new phone number and new email address. I also have the inside scoop from an inside source of what is going on at CCSA. I can be contacted at

  16. Beware! My son too was scammed by Clayton Banner and his so called coaches. Banner was telling me the program would cost my son 6k for the year but his business manager kept giving my son a bill for 10k. Even after confronting Banner on several occasions, they never got it right. (Red Flag) They never provided any of the services they promised. We asked for our money back; without being able to produce an itemized list of the services they claimed to have provided to my son, they said we broke even. We are looking into taking them to court. I doubt we will ever get our money back but people need to know he is a crook and should be arrested.

  17. Pado, you are absolutely correct. He took our money also. I feel so stupid. The contract did not even look right. It had misspelled words. Don’t worry. Someone will be able to bring Banner “fat ass” to justice. He should be in prison. He will get caught eventually.

  18. We parent need to rally together and shut Banner scam down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me. apbbless @ I don’t know about you but I’m mad as hell and he need to be jailed for take thousands of dollars and giving no serves. Please parents our kids deserve our action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  19. If there is an attorney that have read this and is willing to help us please contact me …..

  20. My son was prepping at ccsa. As some of you have said, I asked all of the right questions as well, but I never trusted the program from day 1 when I checked out the web site. It was so elementary. Coach Banner hadn’t even thought the small things through. These are the things that fell apart. I had no choice but to try and trust him because my husband and son thought that it would be good to go with him because he had been a scout. Needless to say, I am not surprised at the outcome because Banner is a slouch with no organizational skills. The only thing he was supposidly focusing on was getting paid. I prayed that this was a real passion for him, but of course I was wrong. I am afraid for my sons future because I put it in the hands of such a slouch. I have no one to blame but myself, because I knew from day 1 that it was an unorganized mess! If there is an atty. out there who can help us parents in a class action suite, I would appreciate your efforts. Clayton Banner should be Banned from CCSA! Our children need to be vindicated.

  21. Seems to me that all parents on this blog need to form a collaboration in order to form a committee for representation. Angela Barnes, Outraged Parent, Coach Rocco, Beware, Pado, Kipster, and Parent of a Player all have complaints that need to be addressed. Do not let CCSA go softly into the night. You people were victims of fraudulent business practice. Go seek justice! I am sure there are plenty of lawyers out there who would take this case pro bonum.

  22. This is truly a miss-justice there may be some issues with a new program but there are success with in the program and just because Ms. Barnes feel her son’s needs were not attendant to could be her son didn’t place the proper amount of time in the program. It may not be the sons issue either it sounds like the mother (Ms. Barnes) runs her sons life. However I believe things could always be better. But it is not a scam it is like any new program a shortage of money. It must be hard to educate parents that when you enter into a higher learning program all tuition is paid in advance not used by the parent or family members to pay their own bills. . . I have a son which attends CCSA he tells me a lot of the students, are their own worst enemy they misused their funding but instead of sending them home CCSA has tried to do the best for all the students moving them to a single apartment complex for better control my son also has said a lot of this his friends have seen a lot of improvement. Let not rest to judge. They have also gotten students opportunities to advance their education.

    One Fla. Dad

  23. As a parent of a former student of CCSA who did not misuse his funds, I am very disappointed with the program. Shortgage of money is one thing, but we never knew exactly how much the program cost and never got an ITEMIZED bill. An organization still needs to be ORGANIZED and CCSA was not and thats what the problem is. Scam or not this program was not financially, mentally or physically ready and they took on more than they can handle. I wish them the best in their future endeavors, but at this time I would not advise anyone to send their child there.

  24. From an experience mother of a football player, this program was a “JOKE” they just lied from the beginning. We fell into the trap of having someone to ” so call help” a student out; that has the skills of playing football, but not the grade and only needed and extra 1.5 gpa to go to any school of choice. They lied when they said they would help him pull the gades up. “HaHa” the so called tutors did not even show up for study hall, and they did not have internet service, the food program was a “Joke”. My son will not return to so call “CCSA” program and if possible I plan to consult an attorney.

  25. To the Fla. Dad. I am glad that you and your son are one of the very few people who has gotten something good from the program! Maybe the leaders of CCSA should have educated themselves about how to run and organize a decent school! I am aware that $$$ have been misused, but these are boys who needed and should have gotten PROPER leadership and guidance on what they needed to do and that was not GIVEN to them because the program was unorganized from the beginning. They may have had good intentions, but made wrong decisions with these boys. The negatives out weigh the positives in this case so its not a point of judging its a point of giving credit where credit is due and CCSA deserves no credit from me.

  26. I’m so sorry for the parents that put their trust in what appears to be a con artist. I was almost among these parents, but my husband immediatrly saw through this character, and later I did, fortunately it was before allowing my son to complete registration and financial aid. This was actually one of the reasons I backed off was the continuous calls received from Mr. Banner in urgent tones trying to encourage me to get my son registered and his financial aid submitted. He actually got upset because I kept questioning him instead of completing the registration. This was my clue that he appeared to be more interested in getting the financial aid money than anything else. I started thinking about 6k for my son to share a small bedroom with someone else, not including food, and said no way.
    I think that Fla Dad is Banner b’c he had said that I needed to let my son handle his own education. Yeah right , so that he can be taken advantage of by someone posing as a caring, responsible adult? No, way!

  27. I don’t understand. How can financial aid be given to CCSA when they are not an accredited institution? Isn’t financial aid disbursement in collaboration with the business office of a college or university? How are the payments set up? How does CCSA get their money?

  28. Here is what needs to be understood about CCSA.

    1. They are a club team that provides educational services as an adjunct. They use local community colleges, online courses and Brittain Academy to accomplish this task. They do not recieve financial aid the student does and should use the money for education and expenses.

    2. They do not give out Scholarships! They provide a place for kids who have under achieved in academics a chance to play. Do some research on juco programs for football and you will find they are very rare on the east coast.

    3. They are a first year program that took a chance and did not fully understand what was all involved and made a bunch of mistakes along the way.

    4. They are getting out of the high school prep business smart decision take a look at the prep basketball route in North Carolina and you will find more fraud than CCSA ever thought of.

    5. It takes a lot of money to run a football team so when payments that are expected are delayed or not recieved it ripples down and causes problems across the board.

    What is not being mentioned is that kids from CCSA are moving on to get a free education at bigger schools that do give out scholarships. I beleive if you did the math that a player at CCSA has better chance of getting a free ride than the other option which is nothing in our area.

    Check out tuition at other post grads! I have done my research and know what is out there and CCSA is not perfect. However, they can get it done if they get more organized and become more selective on there admissions.

  29. How you explained things makes CCSA understandable. But why the high price tag if all they are providing is football? I undersatand the cost involved in a football program but what’s all included in the fee? What is the fee anyway? How are parents paying these fees?

  30. There fee covers the following:

    Education assistance and tuition coverage for the program the student needs.

    Housing assistance they share apartments so all that goes with that

    They also provide a food package for each kid not intended to be the only thing.

    Transportation assistance

    Paying coaches and office staff also is a cost. They do have an office staff.

    Football cost is crazy on average at a university it costs around 27,500 to cover one athlete. (uniforms, field rental, travel, equipment, etc..)

    They have tutors to help don’t know how good they are but the day I visited kids were online and in a classroom setting.

    Many of the costs can be covered by Financial Aid and student loans if parent qualify. Remember these checks are made out to the student who is responsible for using it for what it was intended.

    CCSA is a like an investment you make to get a higher return. You spend 5-10K and hopefully your student athlete gets a scholly and returns a 75K scholly. With any investment there is risk and reward.

    8 months for for around 13K is really cheap. Someone mentioned why not send your kid to California Juco’s and the good kids rise to the top. Many do but some get looked over or our public education system does not get them qualified do too many factors. Also California Juco’s are not taking as many out of state athletes plus the cost to send your child there will exceed what you are paying. Not defending them but explaining what I think needs to be said

  31. “Answers”, this is a great explanation, and thank you. I think the CCSA concept was great, and much needed in this area. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it was not managed correctly and this is why I feel this great concept turned sour.
    For kids seeking to futher their sports skills beyond high school in this area, but are below a 2.0 GPA, there is only one residential JUCO that i’m aware of, and it’s costly. So, the CCSA concept should have been a blessing to those kids, who may “fall through the cracks” otherwise, due to the NCAA requirements, UNC system school requirements, and costs. I was really hoping that this program was successful, it would have been great for the kids, parents, and area.

  32. 27,500 per athlete? Where did you get this figure? I’ve coached at the college level for many years and there is no way in heck that it comes even close to this amount in football expenses. So a team of 100 players will cost about $2,750,oo for football only?

    Education assistance and tuition coverage? What are you talking about? These kids are enrolled in the local community college or take online classes.

    I heard that CCSA only played half of their football schedule. What’s the story on this?

    I also heard that all coaches were let go and/or some resigned because they were not getting paid. Something is not right.


    If you have coached then you know that no teams give out a 100 schollies. And yes total cost is around that. Do some research! They tried to help the kids get what education they need to qualify. Yes there schedule was cut short due to money issues. I am stating that yes they made mistakes and funds that were expected didn’t come in. Coach Dandridge was a good guy and I wish that things would have worked he seemed to be a good role model. From what I have seen and experienced this state needs something like a CCSA to succeed too many kids dont focus in the classroom.

  34. Do some research NY times has a great article plus I have helped a couple kids one is playing at the Citadel now. Plus 85 playersfor d-1a is the max and many teams dont carry that many. Even at GTCC going full time for tuition and books is over $2000 a year. I said that money was an issue funds did not come in that were expected and the kids, the team and coaches suffered was it misappropriated i have no clue. I just know that i hope things work out for them and the kids and families. I like Coach D and thought he was a solid role model for the guys but fully understand why he left and I would have left as well. Hopefully they will get it together and help kids move on.

  35. Yes I have coached and yes teams have well over 100 players on their rosters. I don’t need to do research, I’ve been there. Have you ever heard of preferred walk-ons? So let’s just minus the 15 to make you happy and multiply $27,500 x 85. The grand total is $2,337,500 for all 85 football players. Son, I don’t know where you get your information but you have no clue what it takes to finance a football program. You must be one of the CCSA disciples. Interesting that you have such a keen sense of what is taking place at CCSA from the information that you posted. The coaching staff is gone so that leaves just two morons running the show. I wonder which one you are.

  36. Not a moron and don’t work there. Do some research Hofstra justed suspended football operation due to the operating cost were 4.5 million. Apparently, I do know what I am talking about. Unless the newspaper, ESPN and everyone else is at fault. Look at the link. Do you call kids that you coach morons too. Below is some research for you to read and understand. I also know that 2 years ago a coach from Campbell Univ told me it costs around 25,000 per player. I understand smaller schools spend less. The issue here money and inexperience was the problem at CCSA. I really dont think they intenionally tried to scam people or do wrong to kids and families. And all the people talking class action suite need to understand only lawyers get paid with those things and thier is a thing in the law called “DUTY” and both parties have responsibility.

    No sport strains an athletic department budget like football, if only because of body count. FBS programs are allowed 85 scholarships. FCS teams can have 63. That means more equipment to purchase, more mouths to feed and more bodies to fit onto a bus or airplane.

    And the price of scholarships rises almost every year.

    Rutgers’ football budget is $19.7 million, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s Equity in Athletics database. In stark contrast but still a big-ticket budget item, Stony Brook spends about $2.3 million a year on football, athletic director Jim Fiore said. Stony Brook is able to fund 63 scholarships because state-school tuition is cheaper than the cost at private schools like Monmouth.

    “We can do it in a relatively cheaper fashion because we’re a select public institution,” said Fiore, whose Seawolves shared the Big South Conference title this fall.

    The expenses come before facilities, part of the lifeblood of recruiting. James Madison funneled $62 million into refurbishing its Bridgeforth Stadium. Last year, William and Mary opened the $11 million Jimmye Laycock Football Center.

    “Just looking at the economic times, I definitely know it’s a challenge for institutions,” said Bernard Muir, the athletic director at Delaware.

    At Monmouth, the Hawks finished 5-6 this season. McNeil wants about 10 more scholarships.

    “We do need to get just a bit more skill on the team,” McNeil said. “And you can only do that with scholarships.”

    That means more money — a full scholarship costs about $36,000 a year, according to an athletic department spokesman. The department already slashed 5 percent from their operating budget this year, McNeil said. There was a hiring freeze. The school stopped paying to send coaches to development conferences.

  37. How can you compare your program with Hofstra or Rutgers? I have coached at the D-1, D-2, NAIA, and high school levels. An athletic scholarship is for tuition, room, and board. At most schools below the D-1 level very few athletes get more than a half scholarships. The actual amount spent on football is very small, and that includes coaches, equipment, travel expenses, recruiting, office supplies, along with many other expenses. At an NAIA school I was at we had a $115k budget for 120 athletes. We traveled 52 to road games and had 4 guys to a room. We had to raise $35k a year through private donations. Anything over that was added to our budget. Anything less was subtracted.

    What you are doing is basically charging kids to play football. The education is separate. You are trying to run a business for a profit. Unfortunately, it appears as if kids are being misled. A true coach is an educator who serves others. Your role is to use football as a vehicle to help change lives. It sounds to me like you are using football to enrich yours. You say it was mismangement. If so, why are you hiding?

    You are taking money people worked hard to earn. If you can do this and sleep at night… God help you. Like many of the other poster’s this is a noble and novel idea. However, the men involved in this at NC Tech and CCSA are not in this for the right reasons. Kids do need opportunities, and those opportunities aren’t free, but you must be honest with people. It is obvious there are many upset people. Instead of bashing those you have upset, find out why they are upset. Perhaps you are in the wrong field. Not everyone is cut out to coach.

  38. I dont work there for the last time I have visited and sat down with them and understand why and what went on. NC Tech was a complete scam as are most prep schools across this state. And Football is a business! I would suggest you visit them and talk with them. There are things that went do that I will not talk about here. Good luck.

  39. Exactly Coach Bob. You see, Mr. Answers believes the entire BS that CCSA has blown so he is now drinking their Kool Aid. Maybe we should not blame him for being so naive. You and I have “been there and done that” so we are well informed by being a part of many systems. Trust us Mr. Answers, Bob hit the nail right on the head with his response.

  40. Thank you Coach Bob, and Questions. For each two bedroom apt there were supposed to be four football players(2 sharing each small bedroom), the proposed cost was at least 6k each, this did not include any type of meal plan nor the cost for tuition/books, at least not that we were aware of. That’s at least 24k per 2 bedroom apt, of course i’m assuming that some would actually go toward the lease of the apt, the remaining i’m assuming was profit. When I read reviews, on the proposed apts that the CCSA football players would be staying in, by former tenants they were not good, so this was something else that caused hesitation. We were told that Coaches would be living at the complex as well, and would be monitoring, i’m not sure of that really happened though. Once I started adding up the cost it was becoming just as costly as a JUCO, yet I couldn’t see why, it didn’t appear to me that they had alot of overhead costs.
    Again, I feel sorry for the players, parents, and the well intentioned Coaches, any others like Coach Bob said, “if you can sleep well at night….God help you, honestly”. You have kids education/sports futures on the line, as well as their faith and trust. Also, the financial impacts on the parents, and well intentioned coaching staff. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

  41. Here are a few others who are jumping on the Clayton Banner wagon. They are forming an academy in Atlanta called Atlanta Sports Academy. The general manager is Viondi Pate at 678-379-7560 and . They list Fred Baxter, former NFL player as the Head Coach 678-379-7560 and . This information is on the SADA website so it has been made public. Those of you who are trying to contact Clayton Banner may be able to reach him through these people. Josh Resignalo is the head coach and director for one going up in Durham called Triangle Sports Academy. His number is 336-255-6912. This is also public information which has been taken from the SADA website. I believe Resignalo originally was with the CCSA program. There is a Maurice Gravely heading up the West Virginia academy but there is no contact information besides the old CCSA phone number 336-664-1002. Kirk Hendricks is the HC & Director for the Virginia academy and is using the old CCSA phone number. Bernie Kuebler is the South Carolina HC & Director; he also uses the CCSA number. Not sure if any of these people are truly associated with Banner, maybe their information is just padding for the SADA website.

    There is an attorney named Mike Fox who handles cases very similar to this one. He can be reached at 271-5244. Tell him that attorney Mike Barber recommended that you contact him.

    Good Luck.

  42. To all parents that are looking for Coach banner and CCSA, they are having an orrentation sat. January 9th at 2:30 at 7616 B Business park Drive greensboro NC 27409. I will be there, I think that everyone that wants their money back should be there and also to tell others that are going to join the CCSA that this is a scam.

  43. Jamie Boll (anchor/reporter) of WBTV Channel 3 would like to speak with anyone who has information on CCSA and Clayton Banner. He is the one who investigated the NC Tech scam. His email is and his phone number is (work) 704-374-3534 & (cell) 704-401-8568.

    I agree with Parent With Info, everyone should show up to this orientation on Saturday and also invite Jamie Boll. January 9th at 2:30 at 7616 B Business Park Drive, Greensboro NC 27409. I did notice that there was another address listed on this date but I can’t confirm since the website is down. It looks like Banner took down his CCSA & SADA websites? I cannot get access to them.

  44. CCSA could be a good program, but not with the person running it. My son went there for two months, we felt like it would be a good opportunity for him to have a good chance for more college opportunities. To start with we had to pay a 1,500 dollar down payment, then we paid the tuition for his classes and his books and laptop. When it all started they were lifting weights at the YMCA, they were asked to leave the YMCA. Then they went to Golds Gym plus they practiced in the grass median in the Big Lots parking lot. They could not return to Golds Gym so they took them to the Rush fitness. At this time they told us we owed them 10,000 on a monday and it had to be paid by friday, but they did deduct 1,500 for the down payment we made and said we owed 8,500. The worst part of all of it Clayton Banner gave my son 13,000 in scholarships in football and academics. when asked what happened to the scholarships Clayton said, ” We had to take it away because we went over budget.” Be a man of your word do not give something you cannot follow through with. Not all kids lost scholarships. I could see that my if son did something to lose them. He drove from Lexington to Greensboro twice a day, did not miss a single practice, class, or study hall. Which there were no tutors at study hall, which was promised. At this time my son quit because I refused to pay anymore money, and refused to sign over his financial aid check to Clayton Banner. The financial aid check was to cover his tuition and cover his expenses back and forth to greensboro. Clayton Banner deserves to be punished not just for what he did to my son, but all the other young men that he did wrong. Thats putting it Politely.

  45. To Linemansdad,

    Funny you mentioned scholarships. We were told that there were no scholarships at this school. I am both confused and angry now because everyone was not being told the same thing and some people paid more than others and some never paid at all. Do you know if anyone talked to him at the “so called orientation” ? Either way my son has chose to leave and I am glad.

  46. Interesting post about scholarships. There were no Scholarships and there was no set tuition rate. Banner was making cash deals with some parents. I hope you’re reading this Clayton because you know darn well what I’m talking about. It’s amazing what one can do with a cash payment. Whether you had $3000 or $12,000 Banner was letting you in.

  47. I paid $500 deposit on May 22, 2009 toward tuition for my son to attend CCSA. At the end of July, my son came to me and said he fells something just was not right. I talked with my son and he chose to attend another school. THANK GOD!!!! I have been trying to get my deposit back.. I was told by Banner in October 2009 to wait til December when the company do write offs that I should receive a refund. Now the number has changed and the web-site is down. I know $500 is not as much as what the other parents has paid for their child, but I was there last year during the orientation. I saw the enthusiam on these boys faces, THINKING they have a chance to prove themselves again. I thought I was persuading my son this was right for him, but I was wrong!!!

  48. It looks like Bankruptcy is in there future. So no money will be returned. They are now using Veritas and Piedmont Athletic Development as the new front.

  49. I was at the orientation Sunday to find out what was going on . Its going to be called Piedmont Athletic Development that will operate under Veritas Sports Academy Inc.This to is going to be a scam because they said they were going to get new coaches but Clayton Banner would still be there that’s who took the money to start with! All money that was paid in the fall is gone . If you are going this semester you have to pay again. My understanding was that money was for the whole year . I to was told to get back in touch in Dec about a refund . Where did the money go ? Everyone I talked to Never got paid that’s why they moved so much with workouts and living. I also found out that not all school systems honor the packages from Brittain Academy. Nothing has changed except the name as long as Clayton Banner has any thing to do with it. Should have seen the red flags with as many places he`s been . If you do good you don’t move that much If this new group is going to operate as a Christian organization why would they keep Clayton Banner Who has stole from so many????

  50. Read the comments from the following Greensboro Sports:

    I hope all of you who it appears have been scammed, will ban together and Right this Wrong. I truly wish you much luck, and will pray that things work out in your favor.

  51. Do you really want to make a big issue about this? Let the whole coaching community know about what is going on by creating a post on This site is viewed by thousands of coaches across the USA, Canada & around the world. You may not receive legal help but you sure will let everyone know the scams being pulled by Banner and his associates.

  52. Brian- It is true that many coaches are learning what this organization is really about. Regardless, many coaches are not. Until legal action is taken this scam will continue to be pulled. And, guys like the dude from CCSA have given many people a bad name. I believe there is a need for an organization to use football as a catalyst to help develop young men who lack positive male role models. However, their first goal must be to educate and develop the young men, not line their own pockets. It should be the mission of every coach to help our student-athletes improve their lives. These guys should be ashamed for essentially stealing money from people. What they are doing is criminal, in both a legal and spiritual sense.

  53. in the end it was a scam. i was one of their workers. i also attended gtcc. i went to every practice there was. they were suppose to pay me so i could keep my rent paid up. as the end of the months approached the payments kept getting held off and i had to use what refund money i had to pay my rent. til this day ccsa owes me over $400 dollars for working for them. when everything started it was ok til those refund checks started coming out for the students. all they talked about then was making sure the students paid their money. most players quit before they giving up any money, because they felt something wasnt right. as far as schlorships go there were players going there that didnt have to pay a dime! i regret getting involved with ccsa. a paid $100 for a meal plan for the entire year and they only supplied the players and i with that so called meal plan for only 3 months. where is the rest? he is saying he isnt the one that took the money he is trying to put it on someone else. all students and parents please THINK TWICE before dealing with any of his business……….

  54. Coach Banner lives in winston-salem in an apartment complex. He is now working with a company called Veritas at the Triad Conference Center at 7616-B Business Park Drive. He is partners with a Mr. Allan Hooker who is well aware of Clayton Banner’s “ways” and he still has him there. If you show up to that address and make a scene with a Dr. Moffitt ( who is the founder of Veritas) They will shut him down and put him out. Banner’s number is 336.575-3623 for now. He may change it. Hooker’s number is 336.587.6356.

  55. I have been reading your blogs all morning and I am really shocked and concerned about what I am reading. I am trully sorry that you and your kids were “victims” of a shady situation.
    I have a couple of thoughts though: 1. There seemed to fundamental flaws in the management of the CCSA program. It may have been a geniune institution, but looks to have ended up in the wrong hands. Poor management (or shady management) can ruin a good thing. 2. Appears that there was one or two people responsible for the bulk of these issues, and a lot of trusting employees, parents, and players (kids) that got burned in the end. Appears there were a lot of people working in and around the program that were burned as well.
    I am not a CCSA sympathizer, first off. I am upset and angry that anyone would take advantage of kids. However, I do feel, that if done right, these programs could really benefit kids in our communities. I believe the “head” was dead at CCSA. As we all know, if the head is dead, the body will eventually follow. There appears to have been no structure of foundational thinking to speak of. This could have been a really good thing, but poor over-sight and corruption at the top killed it’s promise.
    I am a former full-scholarship STUDENT-athlete at U.N.C. at Chapel Hill. I played football there and got my degree in psychology and later my masters in the same field. I did play some pro ball, but after my playing career I choose to focus my attention on service to my community, specifically it’s kids and their parents. I am now working towards a doctorial degree, and work as a clinician, counseling kids and their families.
    Why am I giving you this? Well, I am a part of a upstart program similiar to CCSA. I have been working hand-in-hand with the guy whose is developing it to help provide, oversight, structure, and help put in place fundamental programs needed to run a program like this successfully. I have procured the help of academic administrator, high school and college level (doctorate level) educator, and passionate, experienced program developers.
    We have come up with a 3 pronged structure approach that includes: 1. Academic, 2. Student Support Services, and Athletics. We are applying to be a non-profit, and our focus will be growing a program that will help kids, and not our pockets. We understand that if we are successful, we will be able to make a living, but more importantly, we will improved the lives of some young people and their families.
    CCSA was an unfortunate situation, and if the accusations are true, those involved in the corruption and “theft” should be made to face the consequences. However, please do not lump of all together. There are some of us out here intent on helping our kids, families, and communities. I will use your comments and concerns to guide my development of our program; We will learn from the mistakes of CCSA and not repeat them; and we will remain focused on our goal of serving the kids, their families, and our communities.
    I will continue to read your blogs and wish you all the best. Good luck to you and your’s.

  56. Hello BIG4DKIDZ, I hope your words are genuine, and if so I hope your program is a big success for all(students,parents,staff,founders).

    It’s sad that a possible genuine program like yours is going to have to do a lot of convincing, and provide hard facts in order to get some students and parents to trust again due to the “bad apple” CCSA.

    Just keep in mind if it’s not true, nor confirmed, please do not use it in advertising, when talking to students/parents, nor on your website. Just be honest.

    Please post the name of your program, and back-up information once it comes together. This type of program is really needed and hopefully yours will be successful.

  57. Foresight,

    I deliberately didn’t post the name of the organization in order to not seem like we are advertising at the expense of anyone. However, I am affiliated with the Atlanta Sports Academy (ASA) and invite your to visit our site for developments and updates involving our program. I also invite you to visit us during our open houses and see the difference. I will post my email later to field any questions or helpful comments you may have.

    I hope we can garner your future support in the development of successful Student-Athletes.

    Take care and I look forward to speaking with you,


  58. Hello BIG4DKIDZ,
    I understand because more than likely that’s just what I would have felt if you had initially responded and included the name of you program. I will definitely continue to visit your site, and may visit during your open house.

    Just know that if the program is sincere, i’m not saying perfect because that’s impossible, then you have my support. There will be errors, which is to be expected with new programs, but as long as you show determination/effort to fix them, it will work out.

    I would like to say to students/parents/Future organizations, make sure there is some type itemization list on paper which reflects the basic expectations/promises such as: cost(tuition,food,housing,equipment), location(academic,housing,practice/workout), transportation(if needed), security(at housing location), academic/sports calendar(showing dates) and general staff responsibilities. This is if those things are said to be included in any payments/cost. Also, you want to know/provide on the protocol for emergency situations(ex. injuries during practice,games,workout).

    For future organizations I would also suggest that you let students/parents know what you expect(behaviorally(on/off field/court), academically), as well as what each student needs supply wise for academics,sports, and housing. Emergency contact, physicals, and insurance info.

    One of the most significant things I would look for in addition to what’s listed above, is to make sure Banner is not related to the program.

  59. Foound on the website….very interesting

    I am a coach that was at CCSA, so I know just about everything there is to know about that operation. Most of the things that have been posted about the program are true. The program brought in at least $150,000 and at least $100,000 is missing. It is believed that Banner took a trip to Russia, bought a house and car with most of the money. It is also believed that he is still sitting on some of it. Most of the coaches that were originally brought in were lured by lies. We were told that all of the facilities were secured, but they were not. We were kicked out and off of the YMCA’s fields because Clayton refused to pay or contact the YMCA administration. He currently owes them $40,000. He was given the opportunity to call them and negotiate that amount down to $15,000, but refused to pick up a phone and communicate with them. That is is mode of operation. He is nothing more than a glorified salesman that will not hesitate to lie, collect and run. Most of the coaching staff stayed on through the season, with hopes of getting the kids that could get out away from the program, but most of them were enrolled in remedial classes that would not allow them to get a transferable credit for at least 3 years. Banner set the program up as a trap to make money. The promises that were made and not carried out are still adding up. He is currently working with and for Veritas, which seems to be just as crooked as CCSA. The new man in charge is Alan Hooker, who claims to be an upstanding and honest business and Christian man, but itis nothing more than a mask and front. He has no concern for the coaches that were caught up in the Banner’s scam in Greensboro. He pleads ignorant, but has been told on several occasions what the situation is/was. Many of the coaches that were affiliated with the program are still trying to figure out what to do. Most are trying to press charges, because they were given bad checks. After trying to deposit his bad check, one coaches account was down to -$800. Another coaches mortgage bounced. These are things that Clayton let happen and has no remorse for. He is looking to do this type of thing again as soon as possible. In addition screwing the coaches, Banner is still going around saying the coaches were let go because they weren’t performing their duties, when the truth is we only got paid once the whole season, but tried to hold on for the sake of the kids. Additionally, Banner is spreading many rumors and untruths about why the program failed. The program failed because he never had the best interest of the children in mind. He embezzled a very large sum of money and all of these things are going to catch up with him.This is a general overview of what went on at CCSA/Student Athlete Development Association/Piedmont Sports Academy/Veritas. At this point I have no hope of getting the money that was lost in dealing with this situation, but I don’t want any other coach, kid or parent to get caught in this trap again. There are over 100 kids that took out loans up to $13,000, that have no clue what to do next. There are still coaches that got caught up in this that haven’t got themselves together yet. It was/is a mess and the man that did it has no remorse. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  60. How is this man able to open another operation? Is he not being criminally prosecuted? If not, why?? Isn’t writing bad checks and embezzlement a pretty bad crime?? Is anyone agreeing to play his “new teams”? Sounds like a district attorney needs to be involved…. I’m sorry for the kids, parents, and coaches that were victimized.

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