Paul’s Pigskin Prognostications week 2

Last week a solid 12-4 mark to start the season.
Now onto this weeks slate

Carolina (0-1) @ Atlanta (1-0): The Hometown Heroes looked bad as a team can look in the opening day pummeling put on them by the Eagles. The Falcons look to have picked up right where they left off last season. If the Panthers stay in the game perhaps they can pull off the upset but this is a team that looks like they have lost their spunk. Plus the run defense has been leaky, bad combo. Atlanta 28 Carolina 13

Vikings (1-0) @ Lions (0-1): This is not the match up for the Lions to break the streak. Minnesota 31 Detroit 17

Cincinnati @ Green Bay: The Bengals got beat by a bad bounce last week. The Packers surprised many by handling the Bears. If the Pack is back then this is one of those games they handle with ease. I think they have and will. Packers 31 Bengals 13

Houston (0-1) @ Tennessee (0-1): The Texans got surprisingly thumped by the Jets last week. Things will not get any easier with a ticked off Titans club on the road staring them in the face. Titans 24 Texans 14

Raiders @ Chiefs: The Raiders came very close to pulling one off Monday night, this week they cash in. Oakland 27 KC 23

New England @ NY Jets: There are serious chinks starting to form in the Pats armor and by seasons end this will be exposed, and the Jets will give future Pat opponents some things to consider. But Tom Brady will pull it out per usual. Pats 28 Jets 24

Saints @ Eagles: McNabb may or may not play. But in the end it will not matter as the Saints just hae too many weapons. Saint s 27 Eagles 21

Rams @ Redskins: Both teams stink…the Skins just a little less so. Plus Washington has a bit of a score to settle from last season. Washington 21 St. Louis 17

Arizona @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville gave the Colts all they could handle in week one. The Cards could have a bit of a hangover from the tough loss to the Niners last week. Couple this with the Cards historic tendency to play poorly on the east coast and it all adds up to my upset special. Jaguars 28 Cardinals 20

Seattle @ San Francisco Seattle looked to have put the nightmare of 2008 behind them while the 49ers took a huge step towards being a true contender. This one should go right down to the wire. 49ers 27 Seahawks 24

Tampa @ Buffalo: The Bucs are just blah.. the Bills let one get away. Not this time. Bills 27 Bucs 17

Steelers @ Bears: Everything tells me that the Steelers just match up too well for Chicago to contend in this matchup. But the Bears will be a little bit desperate to get this one. Desperate teams are dangerous teams. Chicago 17 Pittsburgh 14

Ravens @ Chargers: San Diego should not have pulled it out over the Raiders, the Ravens appear to have more offensive punch that the past. Ravens 23 Chargers 20

Browns @ Broncos: Denver got lucky last week. But the Browns are just bad. But do not take too much stock in the start Bronco fan. Denver 21 Cleveland 13

Giants @ Cowboys: Dallas may have lost their final game in Texas stadium. No way they suffer the same indignity for the official opening of the new one. Dallas 28 NY Giants 21

Colts @ Dolphins: Going with the Dolphins on a hunch . Miami 19 Indy 17

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