A note on Soccer game coming up on Monday

We received this yesterday and it sounds like a really big game and BTW, what ever happened in that Greensboro Day-High Point Wesleyan game????? GDS must have won and they sure didn’t lose, based on their 13-0-2 mark….On to the Big Game:

MONSTER soccer game coming up – GDS @ Page in a battle of the unbeatens. GDS comes in at 13-0-2 and Page at 9-0-1. Should be a great game with alot of people in attendance.

-Game is at Monday the 12th at 7:00 pm at Page


  1. This should be a really good game. I’ll be back in the boro for fall break, might have to go check this one out!

  2. The recent match up between GDS and HPW ended in a 1-1 draw.

    This is going to a really good game.. on Monday! Page needs to beat a solid Grimsley team on Thursday night first though.

    At 13-0-2 GDS has 59 goals for and 6 goals allowed. Thats 3.9 goals for per game and 0.4 goals allowed.

    At 9-0-1 Page has 61 goals for and 4 goals allowed. Thats an average of 6.1 goals for per game and 0.4 goals allowed.

  3. Dudley plays soccer? They need to get one of those boys and train them to be a kicker.

    Surprised Wesleyan tied GDS after all the players they lost last year.

  4. Story on the Wesleyan game — as it was the story in the Providence Day game — and these are the only two “blemishes” on the GDS record — 2 ties:

    Trying to find sync with Alvarez.

    Up until the PDS game, things were clicking well. You add an extremely talented player (arguably the most talented) onto an extremely talented team and it takes a while for everyone to find a niche. GDS did that quite well up until the PDS game. In the PDS game, Alvarez went down 4 minutes in and the players had to try to find some belief — it’s ironic that even with really good teams, when a great player goes out there is some deflation. GDS did well in the following games to find cohesion without Alvarez on the field, and they were clicking on all cylinders . . .

    Alvarez comes back for the Wesleyan game, and now they have to re-determine their roles. It’s an adjustment period. However, the other day GDS defeated FCDS 3-0, and FCDS is no slouch. So GDS seems fine with a full team.

    The Page game is going to be a beast. The ONLY complaint about it is that it will be played on a narrow field — with the talent the two teams have, they deserve a field that is more than 58 yards wide or whatever it is.

    Make no mistake, the Pirates will be ready to play.

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