Bobcats 108, Hornets 101

Tonight at the Greensboro Coliseum the Charlotte Bobcats defeated the New Orleans Hornets, 108-101.

NOR (0-2) 24 17 35 25 101
CHA (1-1) 30 26 23 29 108


  1. Had a great time Andy. Appreciate the tickets. More people there than I thought would be. Funny to hear the crowd boo Henderson.

    And look Andy, please don’t think me ungrateful, but next time you get tickets make sure they are courtside under the basket right in front of where the Lady Cats dance. That’s where ALL the action is…

  2. Mark, will do! Fred Whitfield(Bobcats CEO) owes me and Bill Slayton(former SEG coach) a few favors…….

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