JV Football Tonight

Other scores? WG-Smith, others/more?????

Page 35
Grimsley 0

*****Page Pirates (6-0) on the season.*****

Northwest Guilford 39
High Point Central 12

*****NWG (7-0) on the season.*****

Northern 28
E. Guilford 8

Ragsdale 34
Southwest Guilford 24

Southeast Guilford 22
Southern Alamance 14

Varsity Soccer:
Page 2
Grimsley 1
*****Page (10-0-1 on the season.)


  1. Page is looking very good so far this season. Their defense has stopped any team in their tracks. And on the offensive side they have a nice balance of a running and passing attack. This is the team to watch right now. Don’t be suprised to see them go undefeated easily.

  2. No drop-off for Page in the near future. I heard they have a very large offensive line and that the runningbacks are very strong on their runs. Couple that with the 10-graders Summers and Rogers on Varsity now and the Pirates are a team on the way up.

  3. what about the current jv quarterback for the pirates now…what are your thoughts on him

  4. Haven’t seen enough to make a valid comment. Would like to see them versus Dudley in a few weeks and the SEG team may give them some comp. SEG JV is much better than their Varsity. I need to see more of Page JV, but it is very hard to argue with a group of young men that stand unbeaten.

    It sounds as if Page-NWG would be a title game if they were both still in the Metro.

    Page is for real. NWG is for real.

  5. Haven’t seen him play. I just caught the last few minutes of tonight’s game at Grimsley and did not see alot.

  6. well as soon as you hear anything about their jv qb give me an update because i want to see who follows up after james summers

  7. The Pirate JV team is very balanced, what makes them so strong is that there is not a large drop in talent when the non-starters are in the game.

    This group can expect future success as long as they remain balanced and work together.

  8. I’m with Andy….I would love to see this NWG JV and Page JV team take on each other this season!

  9. Northern Jv looks awesome. They are balanced across the board. TJ Logan…..remember the name. You will hear alot from him in the future. he is a running back with great speed. a threat to go to the house at anytime. Northern JV gave NW a fit. Lost on a hook and ladder play at the end of the game. If they played now, this late in the season, with six games under there belt, I would take Northern by two touchdowns.

  10. I thought we were talking Varsity. I thought the poster I was responding to was talking varsity. Page JV did win. And they are a talented group. But essentially a bunch of soph’s in weight lifting beat a bunch of freshmen that haven’t touched a weight. Page simply wore them down. I’ll be curious how they all look in 2 years. Gillespie has never beaten Norwood although that may change next year. Ragsdale loses a bunch.

  11. Mike,

    Uh, don’t be so sure that Page had nothing but sophomores out there…Page does have some good looking boys out there, but they are not all sophomores…Page had a really good freshmen class to come in…As far as the sophomores go there is the tailback, one receiver, two o-lineman, two d-lineman, and one cb who Page has starting…Granted, that may be more sophomores than what Ragsdale had starting, but it appears that Ragsdale don’t have many sophomores period…I saw the roster for varsity and jv, and there were a few sophomores on each team, but it looks like there isnt a big sophomore class for you guys…

    Ragsdale may lose a bunch of kids, but they will still be good…Norwood is a good coach and has a well established staff…I believe that Coach Gillespie is trying to create an establishment with his staff as well…Coaches knowing each other real well and clicking with each other makes for a much better team, and I believe Page is getting there with that…Either way, Ragsdale varsity owns Page this year, so it isn’t much Page can say…Maybe Page will get another shot come playoff time, and if not, then Page will have to wait until next year…

    By the way, this is not the Page Fan that posted earlier with the Ragsdale score…

  12. Mike,

    I did leave out one safety who is a sophomore…Good player he is…Runs the ball a little too…#28 I believe…

    Overall, starting sophomores are 8 out of 22…Not bad and it gives them a lot of experience before moving up to varsity next year…

    Now, the jv has some tough games coming up…Should be interesting…

  13. I’ve been to all the Page jv games, and I was wondering who #22 at tailback was. I’ve seen #30 and #28 run really well, and I had seen #22 get a few carries in some other games, but last night at Grimsley he was running hard and fast. I didn’t see #28 get the ball at all, which surprises me, but #22 seems to be getting better. I hope he continues to get better, because he looked pretty good last night. It looks like Page has three stable running backs now on jv too. Hopefully, they all three will continue to work hard to get stronger and faster.

  14. #44 for Grimsley is a beast…Now, that kid is about as tough as I’ve seen…He definitely stood out for Grimsley…I don’t know what class he is in, but if he is just a freshmen, then holy cow watch out for this boy…

  15. 22-14 SEG over Southern Alamance. The score was 22-0 in the 4th quarter until a late turnover by SEG on their own 15 yard line that led to one touchdown. Also, a desparation pass with the outcome well in hand led to another Southern Alamance score. Jamal Petty continues to rack up touchdowns. He added two more. The season ending match up versus Page will be big.

  16. great win for NG although someone told me EG was without there quarterback because of a concussion

  17. NWG JV beat Northern JV 36-35 and I think NWG turned the ball over 5 or more times that game. Your telling me that Northern would beat them if they played again! If they couldn’t win the game with NW turning the ball over that many times they wouldn’t win if they played again!

  18. #44 for Grimlsy is a freshman as is most of the players for Grimsley’s JV team, From the roster provided a few weeks ago it looks like the entire backfield for Grimsley are 9th graders as is most of the defense, so it will get better but Page’s JV’s are very impressive

  19. After following the posts and questions about who is who on Page JV – QB is Jordan Putnam, 28 is Savon Wall and 22 is Kahlil Wilson. Page JV is strong on both sides of the ball with a lot of talent coming up from Mendenhall and Aycock. I agree with other comments that Page JV looks strong and has a few tough games ahead – with the great number of talented players – offense and defense – I think they will be tough to beat.

  20. Tommy, I am going to be at the Page-Grimsley game tonight and we’ll have to wait and see how the JV lineup goes, but it is great to see all the JV scores coming in and we appreciate it, plus did anyone get anything(the score) on Western Guilford-Smith from last night?

    BTW, Northwest defeated Southwest 55-30 last week and Ragsdale beat SWG 34-24 last night. Maybe Ragsdale-NWG JV gets interesting next week. Both teams have proven they can score and both clubs will give up some points.

  21. I think but I could be wrong… The NWG JV team has only lost 2 games in 3 years since this new coaching staff came to NWG. They lost to Mt. Tabor last year and to Page 2 years ago.

  22. That’s is correct. Looks like an undefeated season this year and BACK TO BACK Conference CHAMPS.

  23. I think if NWG JV can get past Ragsdale JV they should finish the season 10-0 and take the Piedmont Triad 4a JV title

  24. Page Fan, I realize they are not all sophs. I never said that. Plus I know some of the freshmen. No slight on Page intended. They have a very good JV team. Page has a good team and also an older team. You are correct that Ragsdale has very few sophomores football players period. Not many ever came out. Some of the better athletes in that class are a little soft.

  25. NW JV will take Ragsdale JV. Ragsdale way to young and kids never played together. They hardly know each other.

  26. Is it me or have Grimsley athletics really dropped off (can we say suck?) since Newman became the AD over there? Whats up? Is it really like some people say…everybody plays win or lose? WTF??? i woulda thought you’re playin to win at this level

  27. Observer I grant you I haven’t seen all the Grimsley games this year but I doubt very seriously if Coach Newman has dropped a single pass in the end zone, fumbled the ball, thrown an interception, whiffed on a tackle or missed a block all year. I have seen Grimsley enough to know they’re just not that good. if they were 6-1 would you be giving him the credit?

  28. NWG jv did not beat Northern on a hook and ladder!!! They beat them with a great defensive stand at the end of the game!! The hook and ladder play happened right before halftime. Rigtht after halftime the offense had a mistake free 85 yrd drive that took the wind out of the Northern defense. Without the 5 turnovers (four in the first half) NwG would have crushed Northern!!

  29. rumor mill,
    correct about the ‘swing and ladder’. Great call by NW and there was no hook……any who….turnovers and penalties cost both teams opportunities. NG had the ball inside the 20 w/ 2 minutes remaining down by one. A bad snap cost NG the opportunity to win this game. It was that simple. Crushed is a bit overstated.

  30. i do agree that a matchup between Page JV and NWG JV would be a great matchup. I have seen both teams play but i think page just has a superior defense…page jv has outscored their opponents 214 to 33

  31. I don’t think Page gets by SEG in it’s end of the year match up. Let’s see how that Page defense stacks up against a great SEG offense.

  32. I have to disagree with you Damon. Page’s defense has only allowed 33 points in 6 games. And plus southeast only runs sweeps. Page’s offense has a great run threat with 3 solid running backs and a passing game that can hurt you unexpectedly. Page will be in the drivers seat the whole game.

  33. we are a very talented team if we played NW we would run them up and down the field,our linebackers are amazing, Tyler Brown, Blake Hickman, Evan Roer,and Erik Kelly they would stop their offense in their tracks. if NW stops our running game (which they wouldnt) we could pass is on them our qb Jordan Putnam is a great passer and he has great recievers with Carter Green, Chandler Upchurch, Kemp Young, Kevin Gardner, and Justin Neal.

  34. As much credit everyone gives to NW and SEG…PAGE is the the team to beat. Offensivley and defensively they have suburb players in every position. PAGE JV finish the year 10-0

  35. I love the Pirates, but come on guys, no one needs to give other teams any bulletin board material…Let your play on the field do the talking and not on this message board…You are right, the JV does have some good players, but y’all need to be even keel here and let your play do your speaking…I hope the coaches talk with you about being professional at all times, respect your opponent, and come out prepared. Talking junk does not earn respect, nor does it give you any credibility. Show your play on the field and let that speak for the Pirates…PIRATE PRIDE!!!

  36. We know we are good but i just want to say that if some how we do play NW im confident we will win

  37. I agree with Page Fan. Let’s leave this board for objective talk about the game. There are a lot of great football teams in the triad – and we are lucky to have a lot of talent at all of these schools. Work hard, play your best, and do the work on the field.

  38. how many of u guys have even seen nwg play. come to the game thursday vs. ragsdale. nwg has scored 250+ ponts this year and there offense hasnt even finished any of the games except northern. there defense is strong and their offense hasnt been stopped(and dont expect to be)! #3, #32, #15, #24, #22 are all great players on the field. 3 of the 5 are freshman and have great potential. we would love to play page and have some competition!

  39. SEG beat Grimsley 52-0. Starters were being pulled at the half. I’m not saying that 52-0 is more impressive than 35-0, but we shall soon see. SEG is more than just a team that runs sweeps. Pirate Pride, you’re in one heck of a show. SEG has two fullbacks who are both impressive bruising style runners. The QB, Will, is impressive. He has some big targets out there to throw to. Plus, he’s got a strong leg. He doubles as their PK. Jamal Petty is a physical running back with more than enough speed to take any handoff to the house. The kids has amassed at least 18 TDs on the season, so those ‘sweeps’ haven’t been stopped by a defense this year.

  40. Damon,

    SEG will be a good game, but Page still has Smith, Dudley, and Southern Alamance to play before meeting them…Hopefully, both teams will come in undefeated in the conference to end up with an exciting finish to the jv season.

    Scores like the Grimsley score don’t mean anything though. I’ve noticed Page working on things. They are predominantly a running team and it looked like to me they were working a lot with their passing game. Their #2 tailback didn’t get any carries at all and he is explosive with several long touchdown runs for the season, and it looked like they were letting some of the younger kids get some carries. Their #3 tailback really played well and scored. Page ran pretty much at will, and I feel like the 35-0 score could have been worse, but I liked the fact that Page looked as if they were working on other things to prepare them in the future.

    Either way, jv has been fun to watch. I was never a huge jv fan, but I’ve gotten to enjoy watching them. SEG vs. Page will be fun, but they have to pass Smith, Dudley, and Southern Alamance first.

  41. This has been a fun JV season and the final run of four games will be big for Page…..

    I think that the SEG QB is Will Greene and I remember him from the Southeast Guilford Junior Legion Baseball team from this past summer. Good kid and his grandad is the man we see on all the signs down along Pleasant Garden Road, as Bill Greene is on the campaign trail, running for Mayor of Pleasant Garden.

    I remember the old slogan we used for Will Newman of Page a few years back, “if there’s a Will, there’s a way”…..

    Good luck to all the teams. The finish will be fun and that game at NWG with the Ragsdale Tigers and the Vikings ought to be a good one this Thursday. I almost wrote that they would be in Jamestown, but that will be the Varsity on Friday night…..

  42. 8 out of 22 starters were definitely not sophomores. There were 7 Sophomore starters on defense alone.

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