“The Sting” Guilford County’s Top 15 football teams

1) Ragsdale(8-0)
2) Dudley(6-1)
3) TIE Page(6-1) Northern Guilford(6-1)
5) High Point Central(6-1)
6) Northwest Guilford(5-3)
7) Northeast Guilford(4-3)
8 Western Guilford(4-4)
9) High Point Andrews(4-3)
10) Southern Guilford(4-3)
11)) Smith(4-4)
12) Southwest Guilford(3-4)
13) Southeast Guilford(3-5)
14)TIE Eastern Guilford(1-6) Grimsley(1-7)

1) Ragsdale(8-0) The Tigers topped SWG 35-0 and now host NWG this Friday night in another very important Piedmont Triad matchup…..

2) Dudley(6-1) The Panthers had last week off and this Friday they face the Falcons as SEG comes to Tarpley Stadium….

3) TIE Page(6-1) The Pirates did the job besting Grimsley 42-14 in a game that I predicted would go 49-14 and this week Page visits the Smith Golden Eagles… Northern Guilford(6-1) The Nighthawks made a statement with their 51-7 victory over EG and now the Nighthawks fly to McMichael this Friday to face the Phoenix…..

5) High Point Central(6-1) The Bison barely got past NWG 7-6 last week and now they come home to Simeon to meet the WS Parkland Mustangs this Friday night….

6) Northwest Guilford(5-3) NWG dropped that game to HPC and now the Vikings will make it a point to try and trip up the unbeaten RHS Tigers in Jamestown this Friday……

7) Northeast Guilford(4-3) The Rams were successful in Asheboro winning 21-14 and up next they have Southern Guilford coming to Bill Bookout Stadium in McLeansville this week in what may decide the top-spot in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A….

8 Western Guilford(4-4) The Hornets were 19-0 winners over Smith and this Friday they travel to face fomer WG QB Daniel Barrow and his Patriots at Southern Alamance…..

9) High Point Andrews(4-3) The Red Raiders won out over WS Atkins and this week it’s a trip to Trinity for HPA…..

10) Southern Guilford(4-3) The Storm rolled over SW Randolph and the Big One is coming up this week at NEG. SG could move way up in the standings with a win over the Rams…..

11)) Smith(4-4) The Golden Eagles fell 19-0 to WG and now have a mountain to climb hosting Page this Friday evening…..

12) Southwest Guilford(3-4) The Cowboys had no offense and very little defense in their loss to Ragsdale last week and it doesn’t get any easier as SWG moves on to Glenn this week……

13) Southeast Guilford(3-5) The Falcons won by a feather over Southern Alamance 40-39 in OT and this Friday finds the Falcons in flight to Dudley for a faceoff with the Panthers……

14)TIE Eastern Guilford(1-6) The Wildcats found the going rough at Northern and this week it’s back home to meet the Cougars of Rockingham County….. Grimsley(1-7) The Whirlies took the loss to Page and they’ll take this week off before hosting Smith next Friday night…..


  1. To bad HPC played a tough 5-3 NW Guilford team instead of a bad 1-6 Eastern Guilford and a terrible 1-7 Grimsley squad maybe then they could have won more convincingly and not dropped two spots after posting their 6th victory in a row.

    and by the way yea I know Northern Guilford scored 42 points against NW the question is though how did they give up 27 points?

  2. I think this web site is in Greensboro hpc bison so now we know why Page and Northern moved up.

  3. The slight drop was based partially on the fact that a HP Central Bison fan at the game told me that NWG ran the ball down the Bison’s throat and that NWG should have won this game.

    That fan will go nameless, but it remains that HPC is just slightly below Page and NG and the HPC offense has struggled much of the season and now the defense is hanging on….

    HPC would be #1 in many polls at the end of the year, if not for the likes of teams like Ragsdale and Glenn that are coming up very soon on the HPC schedule.

    I would like to be at that game at the end of the year and see HPC and Ragsdale play for the title in Simeon Stadium, but again the fact remains that many HPC fans are still not completely sold on the Bison……

  4. Polls mean nothing. Games are decide on the field.

    Andy makes a good point. NWG missed an extra point, a short field goal and threw an INT in the end zone late in the game. All things that are part of the game but sounds like NWG sure had their chances.

  5. I have a feeling that this will cause High Point Central to go out and play even harder this week. If this poll gets the Bison’s attention and creates a mindset that they feel like they must rise above and raise the level of their game then we are helping them respond in a positive/productive way.

    I would hate to be WS Parkland come Friday night, because it sounds like the horn has gone off and HPC is ready to put up some points and win by a big margin.

    More power to the the High Pointers, go out and show us something, show us that you have the Fever……..

    The Poll Challenge is on and we are ready, are the rest of you ready? Do you have “The Fever”?????

    Who has “The Fever”?

    (I guess NEWS 2 has the Fever, but that’s a different story altogether!)

  6. Reggie,
    Everyone hates HPC and it’s nothing but discrimination!!!!
    PS. Now it’s been said, and we can move on.

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