The Morning Run

Great weather this week and a great time to break in a new pair of shoes. The previous pair lasted 7 months(April-October) and for my feet’s sake, it was time for a new set of runners…..

The new Brooks shoes will probably turn out better than the Mizunos from last time, but I still wish I could get back to Nike. The only problem is, that Nike doesn’t make the shoes in black hardly at all these days, and black is a priority with all the wear and tear that running shoes will receive.

Good sales job by Dan Dellinger over at Omega Sports on Battleground and Dan also coaches the 7th grade boy’s basketball team at Greensboro Day School in addition to managing the Lindsay Odom Ltd. store on Battleground……

The new shoes always take a while to break in, but with this daily running schedule, you need some cushion and support that old worn out shoes will not provide. Your feet take a lot of pounding over the years and with sprints on Saturdays, I have found that the quick sprints really take a toll on your ankles as well….. Tons of quick steps and hard pounding in that type of running…..

I saw what might have been the sign of the week today, in a church yard down on Edgemnot Drive, which runs between Pleasant Garden and Liberty Roads and it read, “Holy Weenie” on Saturday October 31st. This event advertises Free Hot Dogs(Holy Weenie) and Candy in the afternoon……

New shoes and new thoughts with a new direction on, The Morning Run.


  1. The last asics I had was a pair of Asics Tigers wrestling shoes back in the day.

    Who makes the best shoes for running, basketball etc. MJ would know.

    There was a time when Saucony made the best pure Tennis shoe around……..

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