Did anyone remember Amos Otis? Richard Brown sure does!

Amos Otis(OF) with the Kansas City Royals back in the 1970’s and we asked the question a while back if anyone out there remembered Amos Otis and several people did and among those was Richard Brown and here’s what Mr. Brown had to say about A.O.:

Yeah, I remember A.O. He took me and seven other guys home one night when KC was flooded and we couldn’t get away from the stadium and our parents couldn’t pick us up. That was about Sept 6, 1977. Thanks A.O. That was funny at Jack-In-The-Box on Noland Road!!!! I got a box spring.

Thanks Richard Brown for sharing that Amos Otis memory with us and if Jack McKeon gets around to it, he might have a few AO memories that he could share with us, and maybe Jack McKeon stopped in at the that Jack-In-The-Box on Noland Road back in the day…….