Top Five Backs/Quarterbacks in the County

Someone wrote in about this topic earlier today and here just a few thoughts on this one and I’m sure you have some too…..

Top Athlete:
#1 Keenan Allen-Northern Guilford
#2 Josh Morehead-Eastern Guilford

Top Runningbacks:
Warren Scott-Southern Guilford
Drew Rogers-Page
D’onavan Smith-Ragsdale
Rayshawn Trader-Northeast Guilford
TIE:Aaron Jones-Western Guilford/JR Peterson-Dudley

Top Quarterbacks:
Luke Heavner-Ragsdale
James Summers/Bruce McCoy-Page
Darius White-Northeast Guilford
Alex Moore-Dudley
Drew Adams-High Point Central

Top Kicker:
TIE:Kasey Redfern-Ragsdale/Austin Anthony-Page