Top Five Backs/Quarterbacks in the County

Someone wrote in about this topic earlier today and here just a few thoughts on this one and I’m sure you have some too…..

Top Athlete:
#1 Keenan Allen-Northern Guilford
#2 Josh Morehead-Eastern Guilford

Top Runningbacks:
Warren Scott-Southern Guilford
Drew Rogers-Page
D’onavan Smith-Ragsdale
Rayshawn Trader-Northeast Guilford
TIE:Aaron Jones-Western Guilford/JR Peterson-Dudley

Top Quarterbacks:
Luke Heavner-Ragsdale
James Summers/Bruce McCoy-Page
Darius White-Northeast Guilford
Alex Moore-Dudley
Drew Adams-High Point Central

Top Kicker:
TIE:Kasey Redfern-Ragsdale/Austin Anthony-Page


  1. What Guilford County sophomore starting Varsity quarterback has passed for 68-128-1029yds 9td’s? When you find out, add him to your list. Check he is currently listed with 820 yds and had a few more to add last Friday night.

  2. Is that Mr. Josh Thompson at Western Guilford or Mr. Pawlowski at Northwest Guilford?????

    I will check it out, but the curiosity was killing me?????

  3. Both Josh and Matt will be making headlines for the next two years. So you can keep them off the list this year.

  4. Josh Thompson (soph) – Western Guilford -96 – 156 – 1,425 – 9 TDS
    Luke Heavner (jr) – Ragsdale – 84 – 132 – 1,224 – 13 TDS
    Matt Pawlowski (soph) – NW Guilford – 58 – 128 – 1029 – 9 TDS

  5. Luke Heavner and Josh Thompson are about the most polished young quarterbacks in the area. Nothing against Matt or any other quarterback. Maybe by their senior year things will be different. But for now they have a long way to go. The quarterback at Page is really doing a great job. Dudley quarterback is doing a good job handing the ball off and that is about it. Keep in mind that the rating of these quarterbacks have nothing to do with their team records. Watching their skill set is what matters the most.

  6. I think receivers have alot to do with the success of the QB’S. I have watched all of the QB’S we are talking about and some just throw the ball up and have the receivers who go get the ball. Some of the other QB’S have to put the ball on the money because the talent level is so low on the receiving side. We have some talented kids playing ball right now and I hope the majority can take it to the next level.

    I don’t think we will have to wait for the senior year on the QB’S, next year will be the break out year for this years sophomore’s now that they have Varsity experience. The game should slow down for them next year. (It isn’t all about stats, your correct)

  7. What about the Scarfone kid at Northern Guilford? He is one of the best at quarterback in the state.

  8. They never put any stats for Northern in the news paper on Saturday. I could not find anything on I know he throws alot of TD’S and the team is winning, but have no clue on yardage, attempts, competes, ect..

    Do you have any stats for Rocco?

  9. Not sure of stats for Scarfone. Due to the fact he has split time with Allen at QB
    could explain why he was not mentioned in the top Back & QB’s. I am sure his numbers
    are not what they could have been if he played QB fulltime.

  10. Gino,

    Best in the state??????There are a lot of good Quarterbacks out there.
    If he’s not being talked about in the area, why would he be one of the best in the state.

  11. Nothing against Scarfone, but he is not a top notch type quarterback. He is the beneficiary of having a few top notch athletes on his side of the ball. A team that has a pretty good defense exposes his weaknesses. Arm Strength, Mobility and lack of field vision. It showed when he played Dudley. His numbers may look good because when you have guys who can catch a ball two yards and turn it into a 50 yard gain can be misleading. He does not have the ability to carry a team. As long as he stays in his abilities then he will not hurt the team.

  12. There will be no argument from me concerning the two best athletes in Keenan Allen and Josh Morehead. Speed, Agility, Football Saviness, Play Makers, Multi-talented and cause other teams to have to make adjustments.

  13. From one of my contacts over at “hooked on numbers”, he said they have Marquez Swinton ahead of Luke Heavner in the High Point Enterprise stats roundup this week.

    Swinton is a from what they are telling me, a sophomore, and he has passed for more than 1,300 yards on the season for the High Point Andrews Red Raiders……

    You never know who is going to show up when you start putting those names and numbers out there……Swinton on the move?

    BTW, Adams’ numbers are down, but the team win total is up for Central, with a loss to unbeaten WS Reynolds and the 14-7 loss to Glenn the only black marks on the Bison’s record.

  14. I saw that Pawlowski kid play this year when NW played Northern. He’s a pretty good QB who will only improve as he grows in that system at NW.

  15. Luke Heavner-Ragsdale
    James Summers/Bruce McCoy-Page
    Darius White-Northeast Guilford
    Alex Moore-Dudley
    Drew Adams-High Point Central
    Josh Thomposon
    Matt Pawlowski
    Marquez Swinton
    Let’s see the end of the season stat’s on these guys. Whoops, strike Sophomore -Pawlowski his 1029 yds don’t count since he isn’t as polished as Junior-Heavner. LOL according to FOOTBALL MAN.

  16. Keenan Allen without a doubt is the top football player in this area
    and maybe in the state. He can do it All and I mean ALL.
    He a is a play maker no matter where they put him. I know the NG nation
    don’t like to hear it but it’s true. Without him they would be struggling right now.
    By the way I wonder why he has not announced where he is going to college.
    The list is long of those who want him, but the short list I hear is
    Alabama, Oregon and California. If anyone knows please post it.

  17. Andy, Maybe tomorrow we could talk about the top 5 High school Coach’s? That should bring in some ideas.

  18. footballman,
    Have you ever saw the scarfone kid play. as far as arm strength who do you think throws allen those 50+ yard bombs, which by the way are dead on the money. mobility, he probaly has 500 yards rushing give or take, and as far as lack of field vision, he doesn’t throw many picks at all. The kid is only a jr. and his future may be bright. One more thing , don’t get it twisted Northern is Great with allen, but they would be good without him. Watch the last five games and count how many other people have gotten into the end zone, and how many of them were jr’s or soph’s. Nighthawk nation will be here for a while so get ready.

  19. one more thing……scarfone had the flu vs. dudley. that’s why he only played the first half.

  20. What about Airyn Willis from Southwest Guilford? He has already been offered as a junior and committed to East Carolina. He has over 600-yards rushing and 400-yards receiving.

  21. Willis is a true talent. I think he falls more into the Athlete category. Kind of/sort of, get the feeling, ECU may use him as a WR. Alex Taylor from SWG has done quite well at ECU and Willis will get his shot too.

    From what I hear, Willis’s dad knows more sports than me and Coach Doe put together.

    Hard to rank Willis above Allen or Morehead in the Athlete’s category. Does he play defense too?????

    Top coaches 1-5(Or in that neighborhood), that will be a good one to jump into on Monday. We better give everybody Friday night to see how they do.

    You start looking at it and you say maybe:
    Davis Pursley Norwood Roscoe Gillespie Causey and then on and on and the other numbers don’t reflect any specific order as of yet, but we might be getting warm…..If you are combining current and previous activity.

  22. whoever ranked the top 2 athletes hit the nail right on the head Morehead and Allen are clearly the best athletes in the county where ever they are on the field the make plays and help their team despite Eastern’s record they are a good team watch out to see them make a run in the playoffs- tee hee

  23. Football-lover

    As I heard one coach say Scarfone is a good little Quarterback. Key word being little.
    He is not built to play QB at the next level, maybe saftey but not QB.
    He is surrounded by talent to throw to Harris & Allen would make anybody look good.
    Arm strength I’ll give you that one but at the QB spot size does matter. Nothing
    personal on the kid but be realistic. He’s split time with Allen all season flu or no flu.
    Hey don’t get me wrong if I had Allen I’d use him at QB also. Your right Allen is great,
    and yeah when NG gets up my 40 pts they do start to use other players. But in the close ones it’s ALL Allen All the time. I’ve seen Heavner and Morehead and Adams play as well
    none come close to #21 at Northern.

  24. Hey Guys everybody has their favorites and that’s fine. Nothing wrong with giving props
    to your teams favorite player. but you have to think who will make an impact at the next
    level. we all have watched guys who seem to be awesome at the HS level and everyone just knew they’d make it big only to never hear of them again. it happens all the time. out of all the guys you all are talking about on here only 2 or 3 will on the big stage. and by that i mean acc , sec, big east, pac 10 so forth and so on. people who follow this thing
    know what i’m talking about. everybody else is just on this site bragging on his or her son.
    you guys are’nt fooling nobody. that’s ok but be real we’re talking college football div.1
    where everybody is awesome. they are 5 &6 deep at Qb everbody there is the best where they come from. ask guys who have played and they’ll tell you it’s a whole different world.

  25. Its amazing how some people get on here and just run off at the mouth on what they think they know about some of these kids! Northern is a team no one wants to talk about because they r being successful!! they have kids that can play besides allen!!! Scarfone is a good QB. he gets the job done with very few mistakes. everyone in guilford county just knew that northern guilford was going to have a horrible season so they thought. GCS did everything in their power to assure that that would happen and other people like news-record along with News2 football fever did the same. Take away kids eligibility newspaper coverage as well as local news television coverage is some of the measures taken to ensure the fall of northern guilford. But guess what? it didn’t work. hats off to the nighthawks. keep rolling!! let these clowns continue to think they know all the answers. I have coached high football for 17yrs in guilford county and never seen a local school receive the “COLD SHOULDER” like northern!! Do right by the kids that are there practicing and playing of fridays nights like every other school in the county! Especially if they are 8-1 & 5-0 in the conference( 1st place)!! I am not a northern fan just someone who thinks right is right!

  26. I’m so over the Northern victim crap. You can’t be a victim when the gunshot wound was self-inflicted. Northern isn’t the first or last school to get caught. I’m sure there are other schools in Guilford County who have cheated. Can we move past this?

    I support all GC Schools. I support the success that the Northern Football team is having. I do think that they have had some adversity to overcome that other schools haven’t. I have to give credit to the kids on that team and their coaching staff. I think KA is the best football player in the state of NC. I think Morehead isn’t that far behind.

    People who played football and coached football can have different opinions. I find it laughable when people say that all Northern is nothing more than Keenan Allen. You guys are fostering that T.O. attitude (I am the team). I have played on teams that have had the best athlete on the field. I have coached teams that have had the best athlete on the field. I have also watched teams play each Friday and wondered why is they coach wasting this kid’s talent. Best athlete doesn’t always mean victories or stats. Look at Morehead.

    KA can’t put up numbers without somebody blocking for him. I’m sure the O-line doesn’t just stand straight up at the snap of the ball and watch Keenan do it all by himself. Do opposing defenses stop rushing the passer because KA is in the backfield? Better yet, do defenses feel sorry for Scarfone since he is too short, too small, has no arm, and can’t run? Give Scarfone and the o-line some credit. KA doesn’t have TD catches if this slow, short kid with no arm is laying flat on his back or running for his life.

    KA puts up numbers on defense also, but he’s not the team. What I’m getting at is Northern’s run defense must be pretty solid as well as their pass rush. Both are needed for KA to be in position to make ‘the play’ when needed on the defensive side of the ball.
    This is football not basketball.

    Please stop saying KA is all that Northern has. That’s a slap in the face to those kids who work hard each and every week to be 8-1. They know they have the best player in the state on their team. They, along with their coaching staff, are doing their best to put this kid in position to make plays every week.

  27. Team Keenan,

    You failed to get the point. Take the Summers kid away from Page, they wouldn’t have scored against Ragsdale. Page is a good team. I don’t think anyone on here would say they weren’t. Summers was the best athlete on the field that day and Ragsdale smashed them. There are a number kids in Guilford County this year putting of numbers who will play major college ball. A lot of them are on losing teams. It takes a TEAM. I’m sure if you ask KA, he’ll tell you that. I think you need to study the game more.

  28. This was not aimed at Scarfone. The question was. Who was the best quarterbacks? Is he a next level quarterback? What schools are recruiting him right now? Greensboro College might be a fit and nothing is wrong with that. Remember the quarterback at Grimsley before Zach Maynord took over his Senior year? Zach was a better quarterback then even though he was not the starter and Grimsley advanced deep inot the playoffs. Zach is starting at Buffalo and is having a great season. Where is the other quarterback playing quarterback at right now? This is not personal or a slap to any kid. But reality tend to come to fruition in time.

  29. Football man, you may the the game and that’s great, but at this level if you can’t say anything nice about a kid don’t say anything- stick to the game.

  30. stopit

    There is nothing being said bad. Telling the truth can sometimes appear to be bad when the receiver takes it personally. No need to tell a kid he is fast when he is running a the 100 yard dash in 15 seconds in highschool. Its best to be honest and show them waht may be best.

  31. Guys, You dont need the best QB in the county to be the best, you just need one to execute. Football is about execution. No matter how a good an athlete is, if he does not execute, it means nothing. Scarfone has executed and led his team to a good record..THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH! NO, he is not the best QB in the county, but he is executing.

    To be realistic about Allen playing QB…sometimes 1 player is all you need. I am quite sure there are alot of teams that need that one player to get them over the hump. In HS football 1 player can dominate so much, that he makes his whole team look good. KA is one of the highest recruited players in the state, and that is because of what he can do on the field. In today’s offences, if you have a QB that can do it all, then that will guarantee you wins. Allen could play QB for Northen and they would have the same amount of success. Winning a state chapionship would be another issue.

  32. Football Man,

    I agree with your point completely about the comment ‘ Scarfone being one of the best QB’s in the state’ being way off the mark. I don’t think you were attacking him or the effort he’s put into this season or the Northern. I stay on this board regularly and I all I hear is KA is the team. Northern would be nothing without KA. I know I did take part of a comment you made and used it to illustrate a point, so I apologize for any backlash you may have gotten.

  33. Oppenheimerfund…..Last year SEG had arguably the fastest team in the state at skill positions. Brian Webb, Terrell Anderson, and Alex Harrison all had 4.3 speed. The defensive line was a little small with the exception of James Paguese, but they played great with the exception of the Asheboro game. Go to Youtube and type in Terrance Topps. Watch the video. This kid played QB, DB, WR, PK, Punter, and returned kicks. SEG struggled to block consistently and got outcoached on a regular basis. Most people at SEG will tell you that that same groups of kids had enough talent to win a state title if they had the Ragsdale coaching staff. And People out in SEG land don’t like to use the R word.

  34. True SEG Fan. It’s hard for you to use the “R” word but the “R” coaches could have done more with that talent. A few examples, Tim Romer was all-conference and all- area QB last year. He started out in middle school at nose guard. Who turns a nose guard in to a quality QB? The “R” coaches do a great job at taking less than athletic kids and making them in to something. Look at the “R” o-line. Norwood took smart, hard working kids and made them in to something. And he coaches O-line. Cates weighed 165 when he started out. Luke Sonricker was a twig who didn’t play when he was a freshman. Now look at him. Look at what Boykin did for Sparks and Stone. He played those two as freshmen LBERS late in the year. Now look at what he has developed.

  35. Just wondered if the top kicker is for punting also………….if that is the case there are some younger kickers/punters that have quite impressive stats that weren’t mentioned at all.

  36. On the kickers/punters we were looking at the older players first. Redfern and Anthony both seniors.

    We will be in touch with Don Osborne to see if he has any other nominatons. Mr. Osborne is our kicking guru and I do believe that both Redfern and Anthony worked with Don this past summer on Sunday afternoons…..

  37. Someone further up mentioned about the kids and taking it to the next level……

    That brings to mind my twin brother. He and I attended a high school where basketball was the dominant sport. He was a football player that–although he was quite unheard of, he went on to play at The University of Iowa under Hayden Frye and did quite well. He has football in his blood (even to this day) but more important-he received a great education.

    You gotta understand something I’ve learned through him–Div 1 schools look for talent from certain areas and keep their eyes there from year to year. It’s not really the norm to look so far east (like they did–Mount Vernon, NY to Iowa???–practically unheard of back then!!)

    To sum it up, yes there are some athletes that perform outstanding on the high school level only to get bowled over and shifted out of the limelight once they get to the collegiate level but–the opposite rings true! Maybe not as much but in my brother’s case it did.

    T. Berrie #48 (defense) He played in the early nineties. He’s also the uncle of DeAnthony Brooks (Page’s JV fullback and DL)

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