Special on lessons at the Greensboro Batting Center: Dealing must be done by October 31st


Since June 1st, 2009, The Greensboro Batting has run numerous LESSON SPECIALS to keep everyone taking lessons through this tough economy. We’ve run $15.00 and $20.00 Specials as well as different PACKAGE SPECIALS! It has been a major success! As you know, we can’t run specials all the time or they will never be called “SPECIALS”. Here’s what we want to do…

Any PACKAGE SPECIAL that you have purchased from June 1st, 2009 to now, we will give you a chance to run it again or add on to what lessons you still have remaining. For example; If you purchased 10 lessons at $200.00 ($20.00 per), you can do it again. You can even go more then 10 lessons at the same rate per lesson. We have records of all purchases so we can look back and see the amount you paid and when you paid it. Remember, even if you still have lessons remaining on a current package, you can still add on. The only “CATCH” to this deal is it MUST be done by SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31st, 2009.

These lessons can be used at anytime so this might be a great Holiday Gift. We can even put it on a Gift Certificate or Gift Card.

Go to our web site: www.greensborobatting.com, click on the instruction tab and check out our regular rates to see what a GREAT deal you really got! THANK YOU FOR BEING A LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Alan Ashkinazy
Greensboro Batting Center


  1. I guess this shows that even good businesses run by nice people are certainly not immune to the economy.
    Good luck with your promotion, Al!

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