All-Guilford County Checklist from last week’s games

David Amerson-Dudley with 2TD receptions and one of those was the game-winner in the victory by the Panthers over Page and Amerson was also strong on returns and on defense at his DB spot for Dudley.

Alex Moore-Dudley had the 2TD passes and also ran for 70 yards on 15 carries and executed an all-around solid game plan for Dudley.

Bryson Mcall-Dudley was the backfield from his defensive tackle spot all night long and was able to put pressure on the Page Pirate offense.

James Summers-Page, this young man had a heck of a game for Page going 11-18 passing and rushing the ball for 70 yards and two touchdowns and he threw for the two-point conversion. Looks more and more like a young Randall Cunningham or Donovan McNabb and no longer a young Vince Young…..

Bruce McCoy-Page….Had a great defensive game and was in there on offense at wide receiver. Had an all-around solid performance…..

Jon Spain-Page…..Had 14 tackles and huge defensive night for the Pirates and was also named to the Shrine Bowl team last week…..

Luke Heavner-Ragsdale…..Two more TD passes for the Tiger junior QB and he went 16-23 for 192 yards on the night in the win over Glenn.

Kasey Redfern-Ragsdale…..Key punts to pin Glenn deep in their own territory and had 2PAT’s and a FG and made the NC Shrine Bowl team last week.

Walt Sparks-Ragsdale….Big defensive night for the Tigers with a key fumble recovery late in the game that set up a TD that helped to seal the win for the Tigers….

DeSean Shouse-Ragsdale…. The junior receiver was filling in for an injured Tyquan Roberts. Shouse had only caught two passes all year, but in Ragsdale’s biggest game of the season he caught six passes for 116 yards with a TD.

Daniel Downing-Northern Guilford….3TD’s with 1 rushing, 1 receiving, 1 on a fumble return and he also passed for 31 yards…..

Keenan Allen-Northern….Typical week for KA with 4TD’s on two runs and two pass receptions. Sat out most of the second half….

Rocco Scarfone-Northern…..He had 4TD passes and they all came in with half the game left to play. Rocco sat down with 10 left in the third quarter and took the rest of the night off after helping to put 24 points up on the scoreboard…..

David Ray-Grimsley…..David had a big night at Southern Alamance with 267 yards rushing on 36 carries…..

Torian Patterson-Grimsley…..Torian had 151 yards rushing and 1TD for the Whirlies in the win over the SA Patriots…..

Josh Morehead-Eastern Guilford…..Josh threw for 3TD passes and ran one in for a score in the EG Wildcats’ 33-31 win over Burlington Williams….

Tyrick Reaves-Eastern…..TR had 2 huge fumble recoveries in the Cats’ win over Williams….

Aaron Jones-Western Guilford….AJ had 4TD’s and over 200 yards rushing in the Hornets’ win over Southeast….

Josh Thompson-Western…..Josh ended up with over 300 yards passing in the WG win over SEG and DeEric Baldwin had a fumble recovery for a TD and he registered on his best defensive efforts of the season in the Hornet victory…..

Rayshawn Trader-Northeast Guilford….Rayshawn rushed for 151 yards and three TD’s in the Rams’ 29-12 win over North Forsyth….NEG had 334 yards on 51 carries as a team….

Drew Adams-High Point Central…..QB Adams was 10-18 for 258 yardss and 3TD passes……

Derek Grant-High Point Central…..Grant caught the 3TD passes from Adams and ended up with 6 receptions good for 165 yards…..

LaShuran Monk-High Point Central…..Had a long TD run of 54 yards and right at 100 yards rushing in the night in HPC Bison win over Southwest Guilford…..
(Got the news on the HPC players late last night and had to wait and get it up this morning….)


  1. Andy you cannot leave out Ragsdale’s DeShawn Shouse. The junior receiver was filling in for an injured Tyquan Roberts who was filling in for an injured Luke Sonricker. Shouse had only caught two passes all year, but in Ragsdale’s biggest game of the season he caught six passes for 116 yards with a TD. That TD went for fifty yards and put Ragsdale in the lead they never relinquished.

  2. I just got through reading about DeSean and Barry Brown in the on-line version of the game in the High Point Enterprise. They didn’t have all those stats but they did mention that DeSean Shouse and Barry Brown did step for the Tigers in a big-time way….

    Excellent nomination….

  3. Let’s not forget Drew Adams from HPC, going 12 – 23 for 258 yds and 3 TD’s against SWG.

    Or Derek Grant Who had 6 catches for 156 yds and 3 TD’s.

    It’s nice to see the HPC offencse trying to get it going….

  4. Jon Spain – he had I think 14 tackles in the game and played big defensively for the Pirates.

    David Amerson not only was huge on offense, he was an even bigger threat on defense. This kid does not and has not gotten the recognition that he has deserved. A flat out player…

  5. In addition to McNeil from Ragsdale, Sparks had 14 tackles, Avery Washington had an interception and 2 deflections, and Stone had 8 tackles. But that whole defense they have brings it. They all can play.

  6. Dudley Panthers have steped up all year long and we are so proud of the team(offense/defense). This years team had great BIG cleats to fill when they stepped on the field. Keep working hard, we’re heading to the playoffs. Stay focus and committed to each other and you guys should go far. GO PANTHERS

  7. I got the chance to watch Dudley and Page game which was a pretty good hard faught game. In watching Page quarterback Summers, I came away impress with what he was able to do. He showed great moxy and poise and was able to make things happen with either his arms or legs which is key moving to the next level. He has the size for the position and pretty good arm strength. With a few adjustments with his mechanics, he could be a college quarterback in the not so distant future.

  8. I told someone in the beginning of the season that Summers reminded us of a younger Vince Young and now it is more like he’s a younger Donovan McNabb or a Randall Cunningham……

    Solid prospect!

  9. James Summers is something special, but there is one factor that people are leaving out and that is this kids’ heart. This kid has lots of pride (Pirate Pride) and a heart the size of Texas. He seems to want the ball when it matters most. Him and Drew Rogers make a great sophomore class standout at Page.

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