Coming out of Practice: Greensboro Day School

First day of basketball practice on Monday as we check in with our area coaches and we talked to GDS Bengal coach Freddy Johnson this morning and got the word on yesterday’s workout and how the Bengals are looking after one official day of practice…..

We will try and do this with all of our coaches and also list the top boys in the area as the preseason unfolds….

Coach Johnson on the top five players from Monday’s session:
Top 3
Brandon Dorsett-in great shape, much stronger than last season with solid team leadership…
Robert Kleinmann-overall improved game, much stronger, faster and quicker than last year….
Jordan Robertson-he was hitting the 15-foot jumper in practice on Monday and that is a huge plus for him and an area where he has worked hard in the off-season….

Next 2
Jimbo Brumley-showing team leadership, has hit the weights in the off-season and has become much stronger….
Lucas Weavil-consistency in his outside shooting is his strong-point…Will be one of the best in our local area in that department this season….

Team Strengths for Greensboro Day School:
A)Depth Factor(going 9-10 players deep)
B)Run on offense
C)Pressure on Defense

We hope to have another boy’s team coming out of Practice tomorrow….


  1. I think the GDS boys will be much stronger than they were last year. They will be stronger and much bigger inside and their outside shooting will be much better. Defensively they will be much better than last year. They will score more and not allow as much to be scored on them compared to last year. If you could not score 50 points against them last year, then you may not even get 40 this year. They will blow out a lot of teams this year and make a strong run for the state title (as usually). I have also heard that the GDS girls are starting to get much better and they are actively trying to build the girls program into a force within this area. Do not be surprised to see GDS coaches and interested parties working the AAU and club basketball circuit over the next couple of years. GDS knows how to build a program with good trainers and coach so I would not over look their ability to get the girls that can compete in the classroom and on the court.

  2. joe – do you think GDS just happens to have a great boys b-ball program. this did not happen by accident. freddie was one of the originals in AAU b-ball in this state. he helped develop his reputation and ability to coach in AAU b-ball and via his regular duties at the school. the same is true for nearly all of the coaches throughout the sport locally. most of these coaches have an AAU or club b-ball team during the off season. if GDS wants to build their girls program up, then they need to put their coaches in front of the type of girls that can help them build the program. the normal general enrollment at GDS favors sports such as tennis and soccer. if you do not believe me, then walk into their facility tell me what sports do you see championship banners in for girls. if they really want a girls basketball banner, then they must (and will) be more present within the inner b-ball club circles. good players must know about the program and see that the coaches are worth playing for. educationally GDS is tougher than the average school which makes it even tougher to find better players but a good player that can succeed at GDS can write their ticket to nearly any college desired in my opinion. thus my point is that GDS will continue to expose themselves in more ways throughout the community in order to attract the girls that can handle the school requirements. the coaches and their supporters will work to make sure these things happen and i think the GDS girls program will benefit greatly.

  3. It is called recruiting. The private schools have to do it. How else would they get quality athletes? They can’t just wait for good athletes to show up. It is very expensive to go to GDS so they have to show people that GDS is worth the money. I assume that GDS has money for kids that can’t afford the tuition. I don’t thing anybody is suprised that GDS will try to find good players across the area.

  4. Oak Ridge should not be in any discussion when it comes to high school basketball in this area. They are not even in the same universe. They are just a renegade basketball team, that has been thrown together without any rules or regulations. That is perfectly ok, but there is no need to compare them to any one else because they don’t have to operate like anyone else. Even less so than say a GDS.

  5. Hm,
    I’m not sure that’s a fair statement about Oak Ridge. A friend of mine @ latin said they had petitioned 2 different conferences in NCISAA to become members but were turned down. I do not have any confirmation of this, however. It’s second or even third hand.

  6. there is a reason (or 100) why they were turned down my friend. They are what they need to be right now. No rules, just play gmaes and recruit whoever you want. Whats fair is fair.

  7. Oak Ridge Military Academy has lost ALL of my respect and I have been in the Greensboro Area for many years now. Shame on you ORMA!

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