How much for Butler-Independence HS football tickets tonight? Ebay will say $50.00

4-A power Matthews Butler Bulldogs(10-0) at 4-A legend Charlotte Independence Patriots(10-0) tonight and the Ebay ticket price is at $50.00 and you can see for yourself when you Click Here.

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  1. Joe Barile and I were at the game tonight. Indy had 6 turnovers and still lost by 1 touchdown. I would not want anything to do with Indy in the playoffs. Still the second best team in the state, in my opinion.

  2. Emily,

    You definitely are a supporter of high school football. You got to see the supposed top two teams in the state play, but have you seen Ragsdale play this year? Did you see what Ragsdale did to your Page Pirates? I am hoping that Page gets a chance to play either Butler or Independence. Maybe they’ll get the opportunity to play them both. All three teams seem to be headed to the West and Page has the talent to compete. I think seeing what Page can do against that type of talent will give us all a better understanding of how good Ragsdale’s team is compared to Butler and Independence. Remember, Ragsdale won’t get the opportunity to play the ‘Big Boys’.

  3. I have seen Ragsdale play this year. I think they are a great team with a great head coach. I think they could hang with Indy or Butler for a while but I just don’t think they can match up with Indys speed. Indys size isn’t all that great this year but they make up for it in speed. I also don’t think they can match up with Butlers size or their speed. I love Page and I support them 100% but honestly if/when we play Butler or Indy it will not be a good game. We played Indy in the playoffs two years ago….they play a whole different level of football then and they play a whole different level of football now. I hope Ragsdale kicks butt and takes names in the 4A and brings a title home to Guilford County.

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