Live Scoring – Friday – November 6, 2009

Live Scoring – 10:10 PM/12:00 AM

Dudley (10-1) – 48
at Grimsley (3-8) – 3

Ragsdale (11-0) – 34
at High Point Central (8-3) – 7

Western Alamance (8-3) – 16
at Northern Guilford (10-1) – 48

Southeast Guilford (3-8) – 22
at Page (9-2) – 35

Ledford (6-5) – 0
at Northeast Guilford (8-3) – 53

High Point Andrews (7-4) – 48
at Wheatmore (0-11) – 0

Asheboro (4-7) – 14
at Southern Guilford (5-6) – 9

Southern Alamance (1-9-1) – 16
at Smith (5-6) – 53

McMichael (5-6) – 19
at Eastern Guilford (4-7) – 38

Matthews Butler(11-0) – 31
Charlotte Independence(10-1) – 24

Southwest Guilford (4-7) -20
over WS Parkland(2-9) – 6

Northwest Guilford (5-6)
Western Guilford (5-6)


  1. From what I’m hearing, they have already drew for the 3 way tie (for 2nd) to split up the teams in the Peidmont Triad 4A.

    PIEDMONT TRIAD 4A — Glenn 2nd, East Forsyth 3rd, HPC 4th

  2. Hey Andy- Has anyone noticed that all season long, The News and Record have only posted the scores of the Grimsley Football games but no articles or no stats? The News and Record usually covers Dudley like crazy but today’s paper only had the 48-3 score vs. Grimsley. Why do you think that is?

  3. It wasn’t an important game like Ragsdale-HP Central so they didn’t have anyone covering it. Great season Whirlies. Now it’s on to basketball.

  4. N&R has no staff. They did not have anyone at the Ragsdale game either yet the HP paper had 2 people. N&R got there story from a call in. If Grimsley wants there game reported on then they should call it in. N&R will cover the CONVENIENT and IMPORTANT local games. Simeon Stadium wasn’t local and Grimsley with 3 wins isn’t important. If you want more written in the N&R then you need to have someone on staff call it in.

  5. Why wouldn’t they call in games to get it’s players some press? Especially the ones they won. No one knows anyone on that Grimsley team. Last year you heard Lay Lay’s name all the time. I hope IRATE is being sarcastic because I would hate to think a 3-7 record is considered a GREAT season but the way Grimsley Athletics is going, maybe 3-7 is great!

  6. As far as game coverage, I’ll have to side with “Irate Grimsley Parent.” Their record doesn’t show how much heart the Grimsley players had on the field each time they suited up to play. I noticed some of the scores from Grimsley’s games and it wasn’t as if they were completely shut out every game.

    Come on, give these young men SOME credit. I remember when I first moved here how much of a contender Grimsley was to any opponent.

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this website for this is the only place I can hear/read something about all area high school–ESPECIALLY JV!

    Go Andy! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  7. Emily–

    E-mail me at lovingmeans at a….o…..l…….com.

    Let’s see if that works!!

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