Smith at Dudley now on Saturday at 6pm

Smith and Dudley have now moved their first round 4-A playoff football game to Saturday night at 6pm at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium….

Dudley(10-1…10-0) vs. Smith(5-6…5-5) on Saturday night at 6pm on the Panthers’ home field…..

This should make for a big house and the Golden Eagles were the guests of Wyleed Coyote tonight on 102JAMZ right after they finished their visit to’s Football in Focus Show at Shane’s Rib Shack.

Smith Golden Eagle QB Jeff Sims was named the 102JAMZ Player of the Week……

Smith at Dudley moved from Friday to Saturday and we hope to have that game on AM950 for you with updates here at the site…..

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  1. man we had that game i just feel like i let my team down after i was hurt…never again…get’em this year

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